A recent increase in visitors has seen the trusty Anfield Road server come under more strain than usual.

Unfortunately this has resulted in the site being slow and at times inaccessible to some visitors shortly after we’ve published a story. We’ve also had a rise in the amount of bandwidth the site uses.

We’re not complaining about this, we’re obviously glad the articles are proving popular, but we’re spending more time trying to tweak the server and ease it through each day than we are looking into and writing the next story.

We’ve recently had a couple of people make the suggestion that we add “donate” buttons to the site so that people can help contribute towards the costs of running the site. We’ve never done this before in all the time that the site has been here, but after giving it some thought we decided we would give it a try.

There’s absolutely no obligation to contribute, and at this stage we’re certainly not asking for a fixed subscription. Anything donated will be used towards the running of the site.

If you’ve anything you’d like to suggest or any comments you’d like to make you can either make them them on the Anfield Road forum – – or contact us using the form here –