Downing fee agreed with Reds after Villa winger puts in transfer request

Liverpool’s efforts to secure Aston Villa’s England international winger Stewart Downing are about to finally pay off after the two clubs agreed a fee for his transfer to Anfield.

Downing, 27 later this month, will now undergo a medical for Liverpool as well as officially discussing personal terms. The fee is believed to be worth up to £20m. It’s important to note the words “up to” – that price is understood to include a number of add-on clauses containing conditions that need to be met for the fee to reach that value.

LFC’s statement announcing the news was brief: “Liverpool FC tonight announced they had agreed a fee with Aston Villa for the transfer of Stewart Downing. Liverpool have now been granted permission to discuss personal terms with the player and arrange a medical.”

The Reds are currently out in Asia after embarking on their pre-season tour of the region. They got off to a winning start in the first fixture, a 4-3 win over Guangdong Sunray Cave in China with Christian Poulsen, David Ngog, Andy Carroll and Conor Coady getting the goals. Coady was making his debut for the first team, as was new signing Charlie Adam who came on in the second half.

UPDATE: Aston Villa have also confirmed an agreement has been reached with Liverpool for Downing. Their chief executive, Paul Faulkner, explained that Villa’s decision came after an improved bid from The Reds and also after Downing had put a transfer request in: “I can confirm that we have reached an agreement with Liverpool following an improved offer received earlier today and the submission of a formal transfer request by Stewart Downing, and have subsequently given them permission to speak with the player.

“We believe there are replacements available in the market who can strengthen our squad ahead of the coming season, and we are in discussions as such.”

Downing is believed to have made it clear he was interested only in a move to Anfield and the transfer request was an expected move should Villa continue to hold firm in their bid to keep him.

12 thoughts on “Downing fee agreed with Reds after Villa winger puts in transfer request”

  1. This is not a signing that excites me. He is not of the same quality of the players we should be signing. Like some of the players who won the Euro U21 Championships. Yes, We have the 6+5 rule, But still if you sign young foreign players after a couple years they become “Club-Trained” and hence become part of the “6”. This summer has been a drab and poor recruitment affair. Alot like when Comolli was head of recruitment at Spurs. I remember Spurs fortunes and recruitment drive improve more after he had been sacked.

    FSG, please wake up. You assigned a dud to take care of recruitment.

  2. Caging. Couldn’t disagree more about Downing. He was Villa’s top player last season (not Young!) and will supply crosses for Carroll. That’s exactly why he was bought. Could turn out to be best left winger since Barnes.

    If you describe this summer as “drab and poor recruitment” you couldn’t have been around 12 months ago when we were signing Poulsen, Konchesky and Cole because the then current owners wouldn’t part with any money!

  3. Ray,

    I was around 12 months ago and 20 years before that.

    I expected dreadful signings last season. Not This season. This season has been sub-par considering the new ownership for this summer. Not the January window when they had to show a full of force to convince the fans.

    Downing had the most crosses granted, But crossing 20 balls into the box and not getting one on target is pointless. I rather have someone who deliver one deadly ball and split a defence like Mata or crafty like Diego Capel .

    Don’t forget, Villa had a dreadful season with lots of player unrests throughout the campaign. They were capable of more, But Downing was just playing his usual game. Nothing outstanding just a 7/10 player who is one dimensional. We need better players than him. For me, Its been sub standard recruitment. 

    Maybe for you Ray, Its been good ;-). Just Opinions dude.

  4. Caging,

    I was also around 20 years ago. Actually I was stood on the Kop 30 years ago.

    If Villa had such a bad season how come Manure were so quick to move for Young? A poor team can still have some gems and those 2 were Villa’s best players.

    Okay, so you don’t like our signings. Please tell me who you would have gone for instead? We had Jimmy Traore in defence in 2005 but were good enough to win the CL. It’s not all about having the best footballers – it’s about how well you can blend certain players into a cohesive unit. I think Adam, Carroll and Downing will work well for us.

  5. Downing shone for England in his recent past, I especially liked his keenness for attack. He was a breath of fresh air. One man or even two can never save a substandard side or lift one that is down up to winning ways. Well not unless you are talking about Messi or Maradona. Put a lively game player alongside similar talents and then you have a chance to go far. Did Villa have Suarez, SG, Carrol, Kyut, Adam etc on tap? N O. I also believe Kenny’s plan to use England internationals will pay off big time. Its also a very good moral booster for SG, and will probably mean we will still see a few great years out of him yet. Now is the time for good old fashioned loyalty, passion and pride in the badge and the flag – go Liverpool, go England.
    I dare to dream once more 😀

  6. True We need players to suit with a system.

    Personally, I don’t rate the players we have signed. And that’s my opinion. 

    I already mentioned Mata and Deigo Capel who will give us that extra cutting edge. They are both better than Young and Downing.
    We can agree that we both have varied opinions on players and they happen to differ. 

    Cheers ;-).

  7. Fair enough Caging. We’re all entitled to our opinions. In reality only the opinions of Kenny matter and the enthusiasm he brings to the team.

    Our signings will hit the ground running which hopefully, will bring instant results. Time will tell. 🙂

  8. I hope so. I will be awaiting the season eagerly. That is true though, Kenny can motivate even the lesser players to push above their weight. In this case, It better get us back to Europe! We have alot of competition ahead, Man City, Arsenal and Spurs for the Euro spot :-|, Hence my trepidation with the signings as these teams have an Overall better squad than compared to us. 

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