The Redmen TV on injuries and fashion.

Two new videos for Liverpool fans to watch from The Redmen TV, with a couple more promised in the next day or two.

As always, be aware that the language is – some might say – rather choice. The FA won’t like it, for example.

In other words:


First up is The Redmen TV’s take on Liverpool’s injury worries.

The Redmen TV: Defensive Crisis – Fan Solutions

With the news that Danny Agger is out for the season, Johnson and Kelly are sidelined, and Aurelio is made of glass Liverpool face something of a defensive crisis in the coming weeks.

In an attempt to find a solution The Redmen asked Liverpool fans from around the world for their answers.


Next up is The Redmen’s brand of fashion advice:

The Redmen TV: LFC Players at Ladies Day and Johnson’s Fashion Fail

With the Grand National dominating this weekend’s sporting calendar several of the Liverpool squad took to the stands at Aintree for Ladies Day.

The Redmen bring you the proof, as well as a rather shocking fashion decision from flying full back Glen Johnson – is it a man bag? Is it a clutch? You decide…

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