‘Liar Liar’ raising awareness about lies in The Sun

Stephen Smith, a Liverpool-based singer/songwriter, released a single on Monday called ‘Liar Liar’. The song refers to the disgraceful lies printed in The Sun just a few days after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

All proceeds from the song will be donated to Hope for Hillsborough, the HFSG and the HJC. It can be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes (links below) for just 79p.

As well as raising money for three organisations that help those affected by the disaster, it’s hoped that the release of the song will raise awareness of untruths printed in The Sun that some individuals still seem to believe are true. Some people, even some of the younger Liverpool supporters, don’t realise the depths the Sun sank to that day.

The more copies are downloaded the higher the record gets into the charts and that in turn will see it given further exposure.

If you can, please download it from one of the following links. And before you say it’s not quite your cup of tea musically, it’s still cheaper than what it costs for a crappy cup of tea at many a public venue these days. Do without the tea, buy the single!

Download from Amazon.

Download from iTunes.

This is the promo video for the single:


Stephen was also interviewed by LFC TV and you can see that interview – free of charge – here:

“Why I wrote Liar Liar – Stephen Smith”.

And remember – Don’t Buy The Sun.