A guide to Braga

After Dirk Kuyt got a late winner in the last round at Anfield, Liverpool now face FC Braga of Portugal in the Europa League and Reds weren’t exactly given much notice to go and book their flights, as the game is on March 10th.

If you are heading over to Braga, and are looking to make your own way there, then you won’t find a direct flight unless you are flying from London to Porto, otherwise you’ll have to find a connecting flight in the likes of Madrid or Geneva if flying from Liverpool.

Reds from London will find this trip the easiest, as there are direct flights from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted to Porto.

If you are flying from Liverpool, you can still get cheap flights to Madrid and Geneva; so if you don’t want to spend hours looking for flights, we have compiled a a list of flights from JLA and their connecting flights to Porto and back:

Liverpool to Madrid

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
9/3 1325 1655 EZY7101 EasyJet
11/3 1730 1900 EZY7102 EasyJet
11/3 2050 2220 EZY7104 EasyJet

Liverpool to Geneva

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
8/3 1635 1925 EZY7289 EasyJet
9/3 1635 1925 EZY7289 EasyJet
11/3 1520 1615 EZY7284 EasyJet
11/3 1910 2005 EZY7286 EasyJet
11/3 2120 2215 EZY7290 EasyJet

Madrid to Porto

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
8/3 1840 1855 FR5484 Ryanair
8/3 1955 2005 TP707 TAP
9/3 0915 0930 FR5482 Ryanair
9/3 1440 1455 FR5414 Ryanair
9/3 1840 1855 FR5484 Ryanair
10/3 0915 0930 FR5482 Ryanair
10/3 1100 1110 TP703 TAP
10/3 1430 1445 FR5414 Ryanair
11/3 0630 0840 FR5483 Ryanair
11/3 1145 1355 FR5413 Ryanair
11/3 1555 1805 FR5485 Ryanair

Geneva – Porto

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
9/3 1320 1435 EZY1455 EasyJet
9/3 1350 1510 TP930 TAP
9/3 1725 1845 EZY1457 EasyJet
11/3 1135 1440 EZY1454 EasyJet
11/3 1920 2225 EZY1458 EasyJet

London flights

If you’re travelling from London, then here are the flights from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports:

Heathrow to Porto

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
9/3 0640 0900 TP 383 TAP
9/3 0640 0900 TP 383 TAP
11/3 1935 2205 TP382 TAP

Stansted to Porto

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
8/3 1830 2050 FR8347 Ryanair
9/3 0910 1130 FR8343 Ryanair
9/3 1830 2050 FR8347 Ryanair
10/3 0920 1140 FR8343 Ryanair
11/3 0635 0855 FR8344 Ryanair
11/3 2115 2335 FR8348 Ryanair

Gatwick to Porto

Date Depart Arrive Flight number Provider
9/3 1155 1415 EZY5311 EasyJet
9/3 1415 1635 FR1015 Ryanair
9/3 2030 2245 TP355 TAP
11/3 0955 1210 TP334 TAP
11/3 1130 1350 FR1016 Ryanair
11/3 1445 1655 EZY5312 EasyJet

Once you get to Porto airport, you then can then get a bus to the city centre using bus numbers 56 and 87, or if you arrive at night, the 76 goes to the centre of Porto. A one way ticket costs €1.20.

There is also an Aerobus service, which takes you directly to the city centre, every 30 mins, and costs €4. If you want to get the train to Porto, Line E from the airport takes 25 minutes and costs €1.35

Getting to Braga and the ground

Once you’re in Porto, you then need to get to Braga itself for the game. Trains run from São Bento station at 25 and 45 minutes past the hour, and the train journey takes about 40-45 mins. If there’s a group of you then a taxi should cost about €45/50, so around a tenner each if there are four of you.

The last train back to Porto after the match leaves at 23.28, so if you’re staying in Porto and are planning on getting the train back, make sure you’re around to catch the last train.
Braga is one of the most popular university towns in Portugal, so if you’re spending the night there after the game then you should find a few decent bars and clubs, such as Insolito, Deslize, Populum, Sardinha biba and Sabao Rosa.

Before the match, the main street Av. Central is probably the best place to get a beer, as most other Reds will be round there amongst the Braga supporters.

The usual security information has been issued ahead of the game, such as don’t take alcohol or sharp objects into the ground. Flags and banners are allowed, but if they are on a pole, they should not be more than one metre long. The stewards and Police might want to check banners for anything wrapped up inside it, so be prepared to stop and show them if asked.

Away fans will be asked to stay in the ground for a while after the match has finished, although no trouble is expected with the Braga supporters, so the delay shouldn’t be too long.

The local council have arranged shuttle buses to take fans from the town square to the stadium and back, at a cost of €1.10

Other information

If you need to contact the British Embassy in Portugal for anything; their number is:

(+351) 21 392 4000

The weather forecast for Braga between Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th is expected to be sunny, with maximum temperatures of 15°C.

On the day of the match, it is likely that there will be locals selling drugs, especially near the stadium. Keep an eye out for them, and make sure your wallet and phone are not in easy reach for any pickpockets.

If you want to keep track of what you’re spending, below is a quick conversion from GPB to Euro:

£5 = €5.8
£10 = €11.67
£20 = €23.27
£50 = €58.16

Written by Tony from Travelsupermarket.com.

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