Reports: Kenny could become caretaker

According to an exclusive report in today’s Sunday Telegraph, Liverpool FC look set to remove Roy Hodgson from his position as Liverpool manager before they have appointed a permanent replacement. Kenny Dalglish may well get to take over until that appointment is made, probably in the summer.

The King, KennyThe future of Hodgson as Reds boss was never going to be decided on the back of one result or one set of comments, but the comments he made in the aftermath of the defeat against Wolves in midweek, along with the defeat itself, seem to have hastened a departure that had already been planned.

On Friday it emerged that Fenway Sports Group (FSG, formerly NESV) had started to search in earnest for a successor to the former Fulham boss. The message was that Roy would be replaced as soon as a suitable candidate could be brought in and that although this could take until the end of the season it would definitely be happening as soon as possible.

In the meantime, however, the suggestion was that FSG continued to have sufficient faith in him to manage the club until that replacement was found. Tonight’s report suggests they no longer have even that much faith in him and will install a temporary manager to look after the club for the rest of the season.

Soon after FSG had taken over the club indications were made very quietly that they didn’t see Hodgson, already struggling, as a long-term incumbent.

That said, they no doubt hoped that Roy could at least do what Martin Broughton had suggested he could the day he was unveiled as manager and “steady the ship”. They announced a search was underway for a new CEO; they publicly gave Roy their backing.

A director of football strategy was appointed, but Roy continued to enjoy the support of the club’s hierarchy. Fans were going out of their way to send out the message that they’d no faith in Roy and weren’t even keen on him keeping the job short term, but the club did all they could to show their backing for him.

This backing appeared to weaken when FSG’s two main men, the LFC chairman Tom Werner and principal owner John W Henry appeared on the club’s official TV channel. Speaking about the hugely disappointing result against Newcastle the owners described Liverpool’s results as “unacceptable”.

There was disappointment to follow for supporters that same week. A meaningless Europa League match against Utrecht had been given some significance thanks to a gesture that saw free tickets being made available for children. Hodgson announced Torres would be playing and although an otherwise youthful line-up was expected the assumption was that the side would be sent out to entertain the young supporters making their first or rare visits to Anfield for a match.

Torres didn’t appear, Hodgson suggesting the medical staff had told him late in the day that Torres should be rested. Not just that, the team came out to defend, entertainment was a word nobody used to describe the game.

Bad weather meant Liverpool’s next two league games didn’t take place and so the next game was against Wolves, the match on Wednesday night that saw Hodgson question the support of Liverpool fans. Hodgson was forced to apologise.

A win yesterday against Bolton saw Liverpool move into ninth place, still only six points above relegation with Hodgson suggesting afterwards that he’d have been happy with a draw.

Now the Sunday Telegraph’s report says FSG “are so determined to end Roy Hodgson’s reign” that they are ready to install a caretaker manager until June, when they hope to install the permanent replacement. Dalglish has already made it clear he would jump at the chance of taking on the manager’s role if asked and the report says this news raises “the prospect of an emotional return to the club for Kenny Dalglish”.

Dalglish had put himself forward for the role in the summer, and with the club’s management team at the time fully aware that there were just over three months left before the club had to change hands (even if it meant going into the hands of the bank) it is yet to be explained exactly why Dalglish’s offer was ignored, why Roy was given a three-year contract or why there was actually vacancy in the first place.

The report also says FSG are believed to have looked at various candidates for the role, including Porto manager Andre Villas Boas and the previously-linked Didier Deschamps of Marseille.

Installing the appropriate choice now, mid-season, is likely to be problematic and expensive, but it seems that FSG’s lack of confidence in the current manager means they want someone else to fill in for now and steady the ship in readiness for the permanent appointment.

It goes without saying that The King would walk into the job with the unconditional support of the fans and also that he would be a unifying presence in the role, at a club where divide continues to cause harm.

11 thoughts on “Reports: Kenny could become caretaker”

  1. The trouble with installing King Kenny is that he may become too powerful if he gets us back in the top 6. The board won’t want that.
    I for one love Kenny and want him in now but he needs a good back room and don’t think there is one in place now. Sammy Lee is pretty useless. Things have moved on since Kenny’s time and he needs some coaches who are up to date with training methods. None of this will happen if Kenny is made caretaker as the new man coming in will want his own blood. So it goes full circle. For Kenny to succeed he needs a new backroom. He’s not gonna get them so we won’t see the full effect of having Kenny back.
    From the beginning if Kenny is appointed, and Kenny has to make it clear himself, this is only till the summer otherwise its gonna get nasty.

  2. If we win the 2 games i hand that we have then we can move up the table to 6th place and yet this is what we get from our current manager… “I am extra satisfied we got the winning goal but even at 1-1 I wouldn’t have been in any way dejected because I think today we put Wednesday’s game well and truly behind us”. I deeply want a manager that is disturbed to think of ties or loses! We want wins mate and only wins and think of nothing else and then you might begin to look and sound like a Liverpool manager!

  3. Why wonder what Hodgson could do with Liverpool this year? Just look at last season. Hodgson failed in the league and succeeded in the Europa Cup. And that’s exactly what he’s doing this season with Liverpool. That what he is capable of doing. No more no less.

  4. Jim Boardman’s article in The Daily Telegraph was spot on. He used the very words that I’ve been saying for months. Roy Hodgson just “doesn’t get it”.

  5. To this day, still irks me that the board decided to dismiss RB, appoint a new manager, give a reasonably long contract to a questionable candidate, particularly with H and G’s ownership days numbered. On how many limbs could they have managed to get this wrong?

  6. We are paying for an ill informed choice championed by the inexperienced Purslow and it seems to me that Roy just doesn’t want to adapt his methods. We also seem to start the games with lacklustre and only seem to react when we go behind. We should be all over the opposition right from the starting whistle and force them into making mistakes. Work hard and you will earn the deafening “Anfiled Roar”!

    Roy doesnt seem to undestand the fans and the backtracking after each Royism is painful to watch. We want you to show some spine, spirit and fight and set the team up to WIN. Our stats on gola attempts is 8/9th in the league and that needs to improve quickly.

    We desperately needed all three points yesterday as even qualifying for Europe, let alone the top 4, was starting to run away from us. Hopefully this will kick start Joe Cole’s impact on the team as I had high hopes for him when he arrrived in the summer. Great to see Fernando wake up to the cause and he needs to take a page out of Pepe’s book and show some fighting spirit for the Reds.

    Roy’s methods seem outdated and one dimensional and what frustrates me most of all is the cautious and slow approach to games. FFS we could have the more points with 10 wins out of the 20 matches played rather than “being satisfied with the performances and a draw”.

    It will be fascintaing to see what NESV are really made of in this transfer market as there are some pacey, young attack minded players available in January. If we spend £4-£5Million on potential stars for the future we might as well get Randy Lerner. We are Liverpool not Everton/Sunderland.

    We need some real quality and that will mean spending in the £15-20 million bracket. Remember Henry & Tom, the fans and players needs some inspiration and the squad has had chronic lack of investment in the past 3 windows so can we really afford to shop at LIDL when our rivals shop at Harrods? This is your first opportunity to really strengthen the first team rather than even more fringe players with potential that hardly make an impact and add to the wage bill.

  7. just lets hope its done now at the very least kenny would instill a belief in the players and give the the chance to express themselves also if it was announced that it was only till a suitible candidate was found and that no matter that would be it and not left open to silly interpretation then everyone would understand and have no complaints. so come on fsg act now theres no point in dragging it on please put us all out of our misery.

  8. How about this. Maybe that was G and H’s plan. Maybe they installed RH as kind of a final farewell flip of the finger to Liverpool FC. They knew they were getting kicked out so, like two little kids, they spoiled the pot, so to speak.

  9. Couldn’t agree more mate. And that G+H agent, Purslow is still some sort of ‘special adviser’ to the new owners!!!

  10. If we don’t beat Blackburn Wednesday night LFC need to hire a special forces team to extracate Kenny from his cruise ship and get him back here pronto thus allowing FSG to make him an offer he can’t refuse!

    I don’t see the point in offering the job to this German chap on a temporary basis when Kenny has been watching the team play for yonks – far more than either Roy or the German.

    He’s tailor-made for the job because although he hasn’t managed for 20 years he’s watched the team on a regular basis and will be well aware of what is needed to bring the best out of the current squad. He knows his reputation could be tarnished if he messes up and it’s to his credit he’s prepared to take that chance, putting the club above his own reputation. He should be given that chance by the middle of the month at the latest.

  11. I have become so frustrated by the owners inaction that whenever I log onto a LFC website the only thing I am looking for is (1) Has Hodgson been replaced, as no progress will be made as long as he is there. (2) Has LFC actually bought a player yet who will, for sure, inprove the team, the last 4 have not done a thing for the team.
    I have been an LFC for 65 years and I just long to see some progress, present status is no better than under the previous owners.

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