Thank you to the BBC

Liverpool supporters often feel their views are misrepresented by the media, especially where their feelings about the current manager are concerned.

It seemed to take an age for them to notice that we’d just about had enough of Mr Hodgson and wanted our club to give him a glowing reference and his severence pay as soon as possible.

They noticed on Wednesday. All of a sudden the words “pressure” and “Roy Hodgson” were heard in the same sentence. Maybe the reference to England woke them up.

Better still, FSG (formerly NESV) also noticed – it was enough for them to let certain reporters know that their hunt for a manager good enough for LFC was already underway, that they too had perhaps had just about enough of Roy.

We won today against Bolton. 2-1.

We even came back from a goal down!

A great pass from Steven Gerrard to Fernando Torres and our number nine reminded the doubters why we always loved him. That moment of greatness from two of our genuine world-class players got us back into it, but to win the game it took a goal that might have been ruled out for offside, one that came deep into injury time.

We’re delighted to get three points (although the last time Bolton took three points off us at Anfield was in the fifties) but we don’t consider climbing into the top half of the table and moving a whole six points above relegation as celebration material.

We knew our squad was capable of better than we’ve seen for the majority of this season (after all, we got a glimpse of it against Chelsea). So we just want a manager who can make the squad do its best. Roy can go back to being a manager of a side who think top nine is Utopia, where fans don’t mind being told they aren’t supporters. Where he’ll be appreciated.

So, Roy still needs to go – and the sooner the better

The BBC’s match report (by David Ornstein) seemed to understand all of this. But whoever puts it onto the BBC’s website and finds short quotes to put alongside it must be an aspiring Sunday Supplement panelist:

BBC - net yet forgiven

Maybe we’ll let the BBC off just this once, after all it was probably added by someone slightly hungover and overworked, someone wondering why they got lumbered with working on one of the rare days that more than three top-flight games kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday.

But Roy is far from forgiven.

And we’ve not even read his post-match comments yet.

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  1. If Roy Hodgson had the least dignity and integrity for this football giant club and its fans throughout the world, he would have stepped down. But he is proving himself as a dwarf manager who just care how to lay comfortably on what he thinks might provide him with security, the supposed support he enjoys from the new owners and the players as he claims! But this dwarf manager doesn’t realize that his days are up. This dwarf manager doesn’t realize that the heritage of this club was build up on the fundamental of its fans, “YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!” He has lost the real sense and meaning of what it takes to be a Liverpool manager. He said, “tt has taken me a long while to get to this elevated position coaching one of the best clubs in Europe.” Not exactly right Mr. Roy! This is one of the best clubs in the world not just in Europe and you can no longer be a disgrace and humiliation to its heritage and fans!

  2. Its a dreadful state of affairs when you are wondering if your teams last minute winner, as welcome as it is to a supporter of 36 years and a season ticket holder of 23 years, is going to mean you have to suffer more torture via the prolonged reign of someone clearly not capable of taking Liverpool to the highest level. But thats the worry.

  3. So glad that others have the foresight to see that this, “win” was far from inspiring. A crucial point that hasn’t been mentioned is the, “forced” substitution of Gerrard for Miereles.

    According to our manager, Gerrard was on the bench because he was tired…if Raul had not been injured, when would Stevie have been introduced? if at all!

    Roy lives to fight another game because of an unfortunate injury…Our football is still, largely unattractive going forward and frightening defensively.

  4. How ironic that Hodgson finally won a game today WITH THE POOR SQUAD HE INHERITED FROM RAFA! Two days ago that was a handicap for him, today he thinks we are back with a bang! Even more funny is the fact the J Cole, a player he disowned last week as not his signing gave him the victory. Guess what? All 4 of his signings including Meireles [much better than the other 3 Sunday market players signed] were off the park when we performed best and finally won!!!! Just get lost Roy!!!!

  5. Same feelings here. I was actually disappointed that we won if it meant we had to continue with Hodgson for the whole season. But looking at the way it is going, He may finally be let go without some us thinking along those lines. Well I hope at least. I know I am not alone in thinking this way because most my Red mates from all over the globe was hoping we would be thrashed by Bolton and we would be rid of Roy.

    I don’t know if anyone saw Roy’s post-match reaction. He claimed we dominated for 90 mins throughout. This is obviously delusional and trying to basically thank the players for saving his job for now. We need a young manager with Passion, Vision and Commitment to build gradually for the long-haul with the Academy at its core. Like Arsenal has done. This is only way can compete realistically. We can’t spend like Man City, Even if we had owners that could spend we would be disqualified by UEFA’s new rules that state a club must spend on players based on what revenues we earn each season. This is probably the reason the Qatar i’s are moving in on Man United. As they have all the foundations in place and revenue streams we do not have yet, i.e ; Stadium, Commercial Enterprise and decent amount of young player about to come through.I really doubt FSG have any real money spend. So they will go the youth route, Hence Comoli’s appointment. I did see Comoli’s face tonight on the TV when the camera went on to him. He seems to be trying to figure out where to start was the impression. Anyway, Lets see what happens.

  6. But notice his comments he reports that he made to the owners? They still criticise the fans and he goes back to what he said after the Wednesday game!

  7. I’d like to make apoint about Roy as a manager, not as a scapegoat. Forget what he’s won, or not won, forget how he sets up the team, why doesnt he defend LFC ? Where is his connection with the identity of LFC ?
    Would Alex Ferguson allow some other manager call his best striker a diver ? Would Arsene Wenger allow his players to be mocked ? Would anyother manager worth supporting not back his team when they need it ?
    No, they wouldnt.
    We are in danger of losing the one thing that allows managers of this once great club rely on the guaranteed support of the mass support. IDENTITY.
    You don’t have to be great or win trophies, don’t have to be charismatic or full of wise cracks. But you do need to defend the club and even the supporters against attack from other managers and the media.
    This is what marks out the recent managers of the past, even when supporters had lost confidence in their ability, they stood behind them, because they stood up for LFC.

  8. If it is for the good of the long term future of the club than it has to be accepted. I’m looking long term not short term. The same thing is said and done in Politics, War and Sport. You would be surprised how similar it all is. Alot of us would have done anything to get rid of the previous owners, In the same vein we would do anything to stop the club spiralling out of control in the playing department as well. I respect your opinion, But attacking me and saying I’m not a true red is just plain wrong because you don’t know me personally to make that statement either.

    I know fans of this club who are much older and wiser who wanted the same thing. They were all season ticket holders as well.

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