Soto back, Kelly on bench for Reds trip to Stoke

Roy Hodgson has made just one change to his side for tonight’s visit to Stoke City, and it’s sad to see that youngster Martin Kelly is the one to make way. The good news is that coming into the side in his place is Soto Kyrgiakos, recovered from the bug that kept him out of last weekend’s win against Chelsea and the disappointing draw against Wigan on Wednesday.

Once again this Premier League fixture is one that Liverpool must win and fans will be hoping to see the Reds go out to attack.

Stoke: 1 Begovic, 4 Huth, 5 Collins, 17 Shawcross, 28 Wilkinson, 16 Pennant, 18 Whitehead, 24 Delap, 26 Etherington, 9 Jones, 10 Fuller
Subs: 29 Sorensen, 3 Higginbotham, 6 Whelan, 12 Wilson, 20 Sanli, 7 Gudjohnsen, 19 Walters

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 23 Carragher, 16 Kyrgiakos, 37 Skrtel, 3 Konchesky, 4 Raul Meireles, 21 Lucas, 8 Gerrard, 17 Maxi, 9 Torres, 18 Kuyt
Subs: 1 Jones, 34 Kelly, 28 Poulsen, 33 Shelvey, 14 Jovanovic, 19 Babel, 24 Ngog

Referee: Mark Halsey

Kick-off 5.30pm GMT

7 thoughts on “Soto back, Kelly on bench for Reds trip to Stoke”

  1. Well that sucked. Not the article of course Jim, the performance. The complete lack of an attacking clue. Yuck.

  2. Seem to have gone backwards quickly after a decent couple of weeks. Painful to watch from the off. Gerrard too deep for me, his strength is in attack. I think Merieles partnering Lucas has worked much better in the centre of midfield from what I’ve seen, with Gerrard further forward. Easy from where I’m sitting though 🙂

  3. The sooner Hodgson is relieved of his managerial duties the better! This was a poor Liverpool performance, I think Liverpool had one shot on target all afternoon. Hodgson again got his tactics wrong, I can’t believe how deep the team was sitting, just inviting Stoke pressure. Even after going 1-0 down he refused to change it up, he bought on Babel too late, as well as playing Meireles (a central midfielder as a right midfielder). There are numerous examples of his tactical ineptitude in this game and this season, but this box is only so big….

    Just while I am on the subject of central midfielders, Alberto Aqualani was again man of the match for Juventus at the weekend! Another great decision by Hodgson to let him join Juventus on loan. At the start of the season he stated that LFC were too overstaffed, he know says the squad is paper thin….. If that is the case why get rid of Aqualani (playing amazingly for Juventus), Riera (our only natural winger), Insua (attacking leftback), in the summer! Surely these players could have still played a vital part for the team this season.

    Also when will he give Dani Pacheco his chance to shine, he had an amazing tournament for Spain under 21’s in the summer. It seems to be that Hodgson is incapable of putting out an attacking team. He would rather go out and not lose, rather than set his team up to win a game!

    Mr Henry must know how the fans feel about the manager, he needs to bring in a top quality manager as soon as possible. Even bring in Dalglish as an interim, until a suitable replacement is found.

    At this time I remember what Bill Shankly once said..

    ‘I would like to be remembered as a man who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say ‘We are Liverpool’

    What would he say if he saw the sad state of affairs at the club under Hodgson?

    If Hodgson is allowed to carry on, the mediocrity he exhibits will spread through the team like a cancer. Torres, and Reina will ask to leave, top players will not want to come to Liverpool and he would have effectively turned the once great Livepool Football Club into…….. Fulham!

    Wednesday’s game against Wigan was another blip, but this game simply echoed the fact that Hodgson is so out of his depth he is drowning. If he was bought in to ‘steady the ship’ then he has transformed LFC into the Titanic….

  4. Totally agree mate. Whats the point of beating Chelsea and loosing the next few games? I mean really, I doubt we will beat West Ham and than next is Spurs! Imagine if we loose 2-3 games in a row will Mr Henry act by than? No I don’t think so. If we do loose we will right badk in the relegation zone. He said so himself they are not in the business of sacking managers. But he did hint he might change things come the summer cause there is more time.

    Now, Let me get to the point. These guys don’t understand Football is not Baseball. Our game is fluid and moving all the time. Baseball, NFL, NBA and even the NHL to an extent always has stoppages during a game (For adverts of course) so the games are not contantly moving. Different mentality and preparation, If a rot sets into the game the stoppages help alieviate this. While in Football during a game it can only be done at half time to gather thoughts and tactics. I don’t know if these guys know this. So we have to act now. Hodgson is just not the calibre required for this club and worst of all the mentallity he exudes and brings to LFC is totally Un-Liverpudlian in every way.

  5. As good as beating Chelsea is its the easiest to motivate the players for. League champions coming to Anfield top of the table, any player would be up for it with or without the help of a manager.

    Its the games against the Stokes and Wigans where we should be seeing the managers style and influence and to be honest I think we are seeing it. The problem is his style and tactical know are rubbish. Ronald MacDonald would probably do a better job than Roy.

  6. I have just reviewed the Stoke game. I would not call the game ugly but rather disgraceful. Stoke are more suited to the American Footbal than the EPL. I have never seen so many body checks, bad tackles, flaying arms, backing into players and kicking at oppenents legs. The ref missed a great deal and was conned at lot.

    As a postscript Hodgson has no right to protest the Dagleish chants, the LFC fans have every right to make their opinions known, and after some consideration I too consider the LFC job to be a step to far for the Manager, give Dagleish a go, he can’t do any worse and reconsider the position at the end of the season. I have been watching Bolton and their Manager Owen Coyle who was described as the new Shankly not too long ago, maybe a coser look should be considered.

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