Reds unchanged for trip to Wigan

Liverpool travel the short distance to Wigan tonight for another game that is a must-win. Roy Hodgson has stuck with the same starting eleven that brought Liverpool that important, confidence-building and well-deserved 2-0 win against Chelsea on Sunday.

That means Kelly retains his place at right-back following on from his impressive performance on Sunday, with many people’s man-of-the-match Lucas Leiva given another chance to impress in central midfield.

A lack of one single recognised defender on the bench suggests that Hodgson was limited in terms of what changes he could make, but all eleven starters from Sunday deserved a chance to play tonight.

Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Skrtel, Konchesky, Meireles, Lucas, Gerrard, Maxi, Kuyt, Torres
Subs: Hansen, Jovanovic, Ngog, Spearing, Poulsen, Shelvey, Eccleston.

12 thoughts on “Reds unchanged for trip to Wigan”

  1. Indeed Juan. We are back to square one again. The only difference is certain key players have come to form which helped in us not loosing, Thats about it. If Torres and Gerrard were still in thier slumber and Kuyt still injured we would have lost for sure. Looks like Wigan is a bogey team for Lucas. Regardless he will get better and he has improved alot especially in drawing fouls from the opposition.

    Looks like Roy can’t get a minimum win streak of 5-7 games in a row in the league. Mediocrity beckons for us this season unless others falter.

  2. Hodgson’s lucky streak has come to an end! I’m sorry but the squad that he had at his disposal should have easily seen off Wigan! Especially after going 1-0 up so early in the game.

    I don’t think Hodgson understands the words ‘attacking football’ His negative tactics and substitutions have again cost us all three points which would’ve taken us into 5th position. Can you imagine the likes of Man Utd, Arsenal, or Chelsea sitting back against relegation threatened Wigan. Of course not! That is because they are good teams with good managers! Liverpool have a good team but we have an awful manager, he was appointed by the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reasons!

    I can sit here and write in depth analysis about all the flaws of Hodgson’s tenure at Liverpool thus far! His tactical ineptitude, his negative substitutions, his alienation of players, his embarrassing media musings! By the way…..

    “It would have been harsh on Wigan if we would have won it. And they can even feel the result flatters us not them.”

    Sorry people I couldn’t help myself, I had to throw that little nugget in there, Hodgson again instilling a positive, confident message to the team and the supporters there.

    Okay where was I, oh yes, his tactical ineptitude etc. But to be honest I think its all there for people to see. The sooner he is relieved of his duties the better for everyone. And he can take his Die Hard bad guy looking Christian Poulson with him!

    We have already missed out on Pelligrini (who was my choice from the start) Rijkaard will not wait around for too long before he has a new position! Quality managers do not hang around forever….. So I implore you Mr Henry and NESV, please fire Mr Hodgson now before it is too late! Should we get a new manager in by Christmas, he will have funds to build a squad that plays attacking football and would have the potential to actively allow Liverpool to challenge for the Premier League and European Cup every season……

    Under Hodgson, at best we can expect a top half finish and the arrivals of Lee Bowyer and Carlton Cole in the transfer window….

    Make the right decision now Mr Henry, I am sure all of us Liverpool fans can’t be wrong!

  3. Last season we lost 1-0 at Wigan. In the 2008-09 season we drew 1-1. You have to go back to 2007-08 to when we last won there. 1-0 thanks to Benny. It’s just one of those bogey grounds. Leicester were a bogey team for the Reds back in the early 80s.

    Whilst I’m not the greatest fan of Roy’s he did put out an unchanged side. Would we have criticised him if we failed to win with a changed one? Yes, of course we would! We would have shouted from the rooftops “Why didn’t you play the same side that beat Chelsea???” But I suspect fatigue took over after that great effort against Chelsea on Sunday.

    On paper we should have won but don’t forget Wigan beat Spurs at WHL back in August.

    If we perform poorly against Stoke then I will concede the momentum has been lost but let’s just see how things pan out shall we?

  4. Jim,

    But for the shot by Gerard that hit the bar we could well have won the game and be sitting 5th this morning. I just think the players were knackered after Sunday. We had one day less rest than many teams. City and Utd were responsible for a shambles of a match last night so despite us drawing we didn’t lose any ground to them.

  5. David Maddock is reporting that Reina has officially asked to leave. Roy needs to go before the few top players we have leave first.

  6. We are screwed if he leaves! The next in line is that incompetent keeper Brad Jones. Genious Roy sold off Diego Cavilieri for some reason. And he was a decent back you know.

  7. Agreed Caging.

    The jokes over now Roy has to go before we see this team get torn apart by departures. The top players wont stay under Roy and to be honest who can blame them, he doesnt have any track record in his whole career of bringing out the best in top players.

  8. Juan,

    I’m sure you’re aware by now that Reina has officially denied that report. Maddock has been badly informed and should kick his source where the sun doesn’t shine.

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