Long-term injury blow for Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger looks set to miss a significant chunk of the season after more details of his latest injury setback were revealed by Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson.

Daniel Agger - More injury worriesThe Dane went to see a specialist in London last week where he was told he should avoid training for an unspecified period of time: “Agger could be very long-term,” said Hodgson. “They can’t put a date on it and at the moment he can’t train – he has just got to rest. They are anxious that bone doesn’t form. It’s a calcification issue.

“Training would certainly accelerate the calcification. Now they have to wait and hope the body breaks down the calcifying elements before he can even think about training again.

“He has just got to rest and wait for the next time he goes to see the specialist again.”

Agger’s last game for the Reds was on 25th September as a substitute in Liverpool’s home draw with Sunderland. He picked up an injury in that game but was fit again to turn out for Denmark in their game against Cyprus on October 12th. It was in that match he sustained the calf injury that is now proving so troublesome.

Hodgson was critical of the events at the time, saying: “Agger missed two weeks with the injury he picked up in the Sunderland game but he made a miraculous recovery in order to go and play for Denmark where he got injured again. I don’t know what the state of play is going to be for him yet.”

3 thoughts on “Long-term injury blow for Daniel Agger”

  1. I really feel for Daniel. He’s a quality player and so unlucky to suffer from this condition. My best wishes to him and I hope he can make a successful return to Anfield. The team is poorer without you Daniel.

  2. A bit off topic posting here but congratulations on your excellent work throughout the whole Tom and Jerry affair, you have even received recognition from the mainstream press. I don’t agree with everything you say but I and many fans found your postings here invaluable.

  3. Thanks Warren, it was a mad period of time, particularly towards the end, everyone was fighting to get to the bottom of what was going on at a club full of factions and divisions – and that’s not counting H&G themselves.

    I’m glad you don’t agree with everything I say and it’s good when we can all persuade each other to listen to alternative views on what’s going on.

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