Life is cruel says Roy after another embarrassing Reds defeat

Roy Hodgson's Liverpool in bottom twoEight games into the season and Liverpool have managed just one win. One win. Eight games.

Before this game began the question was already being asked if this could be Roy’s last as Liverpool boss. But it’s the derby, the kind of fixture that is never predictable and perhaps one of the few games in a season where it’s unfair to demand three points.

What isn’t unfair is to demand a performance. It’s the derby. Games are lost because of players being too fired up, referees being unable to cope with the extra pressure, bad luck, the other side being better on the day. We live with that. All we demand from a derby is that the 11 players on the pitch look like they want to win.

That never happened today.

What’s worse is it came days after the conclusion of an epic battle to kill off the epic swindle of the past three-and-a-half years. Uncertainty was gone as far as the risk of administration was concerned. New owners promising new investment for the squad and a massive feel-good factor going around the club and its supporters.

So why did the players look like Tom Hicks had won the war?

That war ended in emotional fashion on Friday evening. Highs and lows had been at extreme ends of the scale until Hicks finally waved the white flag and accepted the inevitable defeat. Fan after fan explained how drained they’d become with it all, many getting little sleep as those final days went on. But when it ended we were ready to take on the old enemy and get back on the road to recovery.

Nobody seemed to mention any of this to Roy Hodgson.

He actually thought the players had performed well: “My immediate thought is how can life be so cruel that we can play as well as that and get nothing from the game.”

We’re getting to a stage now where it’s hard to separate parody from reality when Roy speaks.

Time and time again his response to an embarrassing performance is to big up the opposition. Like today: “We suffered at the hands of an early onslaught, which you invariably do here at Goodison.”

It’s sad to listen to: “They put us under pressure and made it difficult for us to get the ball, but towards the end of the first half we started to do better. But I think towards the end of the first half we were starting to more than even the game out. I thought the shape of the team was good and I thought the quality of our passing and moving was good today.”

And once again Roy was talking about how much better Liverpool were after going behind: “We had plenty of the ball in the second half and we were camped out in their half of the field in the final third for large periods. I thought we caused them plenty of problems, but you’re never going to get the really clear one-on-one chances when teams are defending a two-goal lead.”

Well maybe it’s time to stop giving the opposition a two-goal lead?

Last season Pepe Reina shared the Golden Gloves for the number of clean sheets he’d kept. The season before he narrowly missed out after winning it in previous seasons. This season Liverpool have conceded 13 goals in 8 games. Hodgson puts it down to bad luck, today at least: “We are conceding too many goals and yet today I think we were a little bit unlucky to do so. Even in the good spell of pressure Everton had at the beginning, we weren’t shipping goal chances, but it is a problem that we’re letting in goals.”

The Reds now have a goal difference of minus six after only managing to score seven times in those eight league games. Hodgson said: “We need to score goals to take pressure off the fact we could let them in, especially when you’re playing with the sort of line-up we were at the end of the game.

“Good teams score goals and don’t let many in and that’s what we have got to be trying to do as well. We need to get better in both areas. In particular today, one could argue with all the possession we had in the second half and the time we had in the final third, we should have scored because the possibility was there.”

One could argue that this just isn’t going to get any better. Today should have seen far more fight and inspiration. Instead it was one of the few things that comes close to the embarrassment of a Tom Hicks lawsuit.

With his side in the bottom two, Hodgson was asked if this was a crisis: “I don’t think it is a crisis, I thought the way we played today was not the level of a team in the bottom three but six points from eight games is a very poor return. We need to start winning to climb the table and until we do the word ‘crisis’ will continue to be bandied around.

“We’re not trying to disguise the fact this is a predicament or whatever word you want to use. For any team to take six points from eight games at the start of the season and go through that type of bad spell is a predicament. We don’t in any way try to deny that.”

He also denied that that the players in his charge were low on confidence: “I didn’t see it with Maxi Rodriguez, Gerrard, Meireles or any of the back players. I thought all of those showed plenty of confidence in themselves. I wouldn’t say it is a question of too many lacking confidence, but people are playing under pressure. That’s the bottom line.”

The bottom line is actually just below Liverpool, who are now in 19th position out of the 20-strong Premier League. Liverpool are below Steve Morgan’s Wolves, only ahead of bottom-placed West Ham on goal difference. “We’ve taken six points from eight games and every game we don’t win, the pressure builds up even more. That will affect people’s confidence in the long run.”

And he admitted that he felt one of his players was low on confidence after all: “Fernando is going through a bad time, he needs a goal and his confidence is low. I don’t think he is physically unfit, I think he showed that today, he did plenty of work and we don’t have any injury problems with him. He got battered during the World Cup and mentally he is probably a bit low and he needs a goal or two to get it back. Certainly today I would have no qualms about his performance.”

With a solitary win to show from a manager who claimed his squad was not only good enough but actually needed a little more trimming it’s no surprise to hear Roy still talk up his chances of hitting that top-four target: “There are 30 games to go and 90 points to play for. I don’t know if I would write that off at the moment. It would take a really good run of four to five wins on the spin, but I thought there were signs in the game today and who knows, maybe we can get those four or five wins on the spin. That’s what it is going to take.”

How about a second win of the season first?

The new owners had taken lunch with Roy and his players yesterday as well as turning up to watch today, fans had put their protest banners away to be shown to their grandchildren in years to come and players in the squad could finally picture some new investment in the squad. This wasn’t the false optimism of the summer, this was real optimism. Did Roy feel he’d missed a golden opportunity to use that? “Yes, of course I feel that. This would have been the ideal opportunity to turn things around on the back of the entry of the new owners and the way that has been received by everyone.

“To get a result here and win the game would have been utopia, but I can only analyse the performance and there is no point in attempting to analyse dreams. The dream was we would come here on the back of new owners and win the game, but we had to play a game of football.”

Thoughts of Roy being handed the first big budget of this new era is filling many supporters with fear. Hodgson knows there a long way to go until that happens: “It’s still two and half months off and there is a lot of football to be played, so there is no point in us trying to put all our eggs into that basket. The first thing we have to do is start playing and winning matches. Hopefully if we can do that and get ourselves in a better position, then if the owners can find a way to back us and improve the team in the transfer window we will obviously do so.”

Maybe, just maybe, he knows he’s on borrowed time: “Of course the January transfer window is something that interests us. We’ll have to do our scouting work for future transfers like any other club, but it’s not something that interests us in the coming weeks. What interests me is preparing for Napoli and Blackburn – a game we need to win.”

What interests many fans is how the new owners will react to what is clearly not good enough for this club. Many of those supporters were unhappy with the appointment in the first place, and patience is all but exhausted. Roy certainly wouldn’t have been on the shortlist for the manager’s job at any of the club’s Liverpool fans expect their club to be competing with.

Sacking a manager mid-season is not the way Liverpool usually do things, but Roy’s appointment came at a time when the club was being run almost as if in administration and certainly not under anything like normal circumstances.

Tonight would perhaps be the best time to part company with a manager who – for all the truth of what a nice guy he is – clearly got himself a promotion above his true ability level. A caretaker needs to be appointed and the search must begin for a candidate worthy of one of the biggest jobs in football.

Everton 2 (Cahill 34, Arteta 50)
Liverpool 0

Everton: Howard, Baines, Heitinga (Hibbert 72), Jagielka, Distin, Neville, Coleman, Arteta (Beckford 74), Cahill, Osman (Bilyaletdinov 46), Yakubu.
Unused subs: Mucha, Shkodran Mustafi, Magaye Gueye, Baxter.

Liverpool: Reina, Konchesky, Kyrgiakos, Carragher, Skrtel, Raul Meireles, Gerrard, Cole (Babel 79), Maxi (Jovanovic 84), Lucas (Ngog 71), Torres.
Unused subs: Jones, Aurelio, Kelly, Spearing.

Referee: Howard Webb

Attendance: 39,673

28 thoughts on “Life is cruel says Roy after another embarrassing Reds defeat”

  1. i thought this was an improvement – and that is what hodgson probably means – we were camped out for long periods – but we did not look like scoring – its time to question gerard and torres – and carragher at rigth back – trying to take people on!!! No wonder we are struggling

  2. Agree completely Jim. Roy isn’t the man for us. We need a winner. Time for the pipe and slippers I’m afraid.

  3. is right jim but lets not forget he people who sacked rafa and employed roy they understood better than anyone what difficult circumstances rafa worked under yet they still sacked him and i think we all know it had nothing to do with football and if they claim it was all about football then they should resign based on the result of there only big football desicion. dont forget they also ignored king kennys advice a proper football man. please NESV clear the board and the manager before they cause any more DAMAGE

  4. I fully agree. It worries me, the style that we are playing at the moment and that RH can’t get the players showing any heart or passion.

  5. Rather surprisingly you’ve summed up my own feelings Jim. I thought you might be inclined to give him a little more time but after today’s match and especially his post-match comments he’s clearly struggling with the pressure the job brings.

    A decent man but a promotion too far. If he became available would the FA now consider him for the England job? I doubt it.

  6. @1truered. Agree also. board have achieved their objective by selling club – now time to get back to business of installing a winning manager. Give King Kenny a chance or at least listen to his advice.

  7. NESV regret buying LFC, they’ll be playing championship football next year.

    LFC dont have players or manager, alot of them dont pull their weight and are there just for the huge pay cheques.

    By the time Jan comes and if we have RH or another manager it be a little to late i feel. Wont be able to attract top players if LFC are in relegation zone still 🙂

  8. I keep saying it – the man is a buffoon when it comes to a football match.Time for him to get back to Outer Crumplstein or wherever he built this ” fantastically successful career”! He stood on the sidelines today like a sleep-deprived taxi driver unable to mumble any sort of instructions ( real taxi-drivers pls forgive ).
    He should go but of course he won’t. He will continue steering us down down down. It’s going to be some joke when we see what rubbish he buys in January to replace Torres and Reina…

  9. YNWA,

    Where’s your source? No mention on the LFC site. Must be time for your nappy to be changed!

  10. After those many months, now years, trying to get rid of Hicks and Gillett, Fridays’s result in the courts was like dying and coming back to live again. Lads we breathe again to fight another day!

    Now for NESV to take us off the life-support machine by ridding us of Mr. Stability, who’s proved anything but!

    The problem for us begins and ends with Purslow and the media – including Redknapp and Lawrenson. They couldn’t wait to rid us of Rafa – for all the wrong reasons in my view. And they’ll be loathed to get rid of Roy because they championed him so much when so many of us said he would not be up to it. Like everyone’s said, he’s a nice guy but so’s my local newsagent but he wouldn’t be put in charge of my household budget, let alone my football team.

    I watched today’s game and from the off I could see the players had not a clue what Hodgson wanted from them. And then as the game moved on, Stevie G started roaming around the field like he was playing for the local u16’s team. The lad needs a top manager to get the best out of him. And then, when i saw Roy consulting Sammy Lee about tactics i knew he’d lost. Sammy’s a great motivator, a fantastic club man but ‘tactics’?! I rarely saw Rafa speak to Sammy on the touchline, probably guided by his lack of success at Bolton.

    Time to move on…but please don’t let it be Martin O’Neil.

  11. After those many months, now years, trying to get rid of Hicks and Gillett, Fridays’s result in the courts was like dying and coming back to live again. Lads we breathe again to fight another day!

    Now for NESV to take us off the life-support machine by ridding us of Mr. Stability, who’s proved anything but!

    The problem for us begins and ends with Purslow and the media – including Redknapp and Lawrenson. They couldn’t wait to rid us of Rafa – for all the wrong reasons in my view. And they’ll be loathed to get rid of Roy because they championed him so much when so many of us said he would not be up to it. Like everyone’s said, he’s a nice guy but so’s my local newsagent but he wouldn’t be put in charge of my household budget, let alone my football team.

    I watched today’s game and from the off I could see the players had not a clue what Hodgson wanted from them. And then as the game moved on, Stevie G started roaming around the field like he was playing for the local u16’s team. The lad needs a top manager to get the best out of him. And then, when i saw Roy consulting Sammy Lee about tactics i knew he’d lost. Sammy’s a great motivator, a fantastic club man but ‘tactics’?! I rarely saw Rafa speak to Sammy on the touchline, probably guided by his lack of success at Bolton.

    Time to move on…but please don’t let it be Martin O’Neil.

  12. Ray Proudfoot……………I bet YOU was one of those CLUELESS few, who wanted to give WOY a chance. Well let me tell you something, NO ENGLISH MANAGER is capable of managing a great team like LIVERPOOL. Now go back to your comotose state….Oops.

  13. well it shows the capability of (ROY )to manage liverpoolfc,but its a pity to the new owner and the chairman MR,BROUGHTHON after all their struggle to make sure they save the club from embarassment they were about at the friday date line that was given to them,pls the (NEW OWNER) and our (MR,CHAIRMAN) sack ROY before you people regrette for the struggle that you made the club and for the fans,i always complain that roy has nothing to offer the people of LIVERPOOLFC,he’s a man who doesnt know how to make changes when the match need a good changes,if he’s technicaly sound in the job why did’nt he bring in ( JOVANOVIC-NGOOG-BABEL)in early to make the difference also why did he remove (JOE COLE-and LUCAS)then allowed maxi to continue enjoying himself on pitch without doing anything,what a pity pls i need the email of our chairman MR, MARTHIN BROUGHTHON so that i can contibute my to him.thanks.

  14. The problems seem to be a lot deeper than just the manager. There is something seriously wrong with Torres that I don’t think a change of manager will cure. There seems to be a problem between him & both Gerrard & Carragher at the moment.

  15. Mr Hodgson IS the caretaker.

    Old players, old manager, old ideas.

    Boring, mechanical, and defensive for 2 years.

    An embarrassment for 1 year (count the ties).

    Just pitiful now.

  16. I’ve said this on other boards, but the real problem is that we only have 6 players on the pitch, Pepe, Carra, Stevie, Raul, Joe and Nando, who at least try to, and could, do something. The rest are talentless, lazy and clueless. Unfortunately, so is Hodgson. He keeps saying wait for the Jan transfer window. He hasn’t got that long. If he doesn’t shake it up soon we’ll be dead and buried by then.

  17. Yes Roys time is up.

    Tactically, technically as expected hes quickly turned out to be out of his depth.

    But I do have a huge worry. If Roy goes do the club go back down the “process” route of finding a new manager.

    For me “the process” was the completely wrong way to go about hiring a manager for LFC. Interviewing 30 people is pointless. Its not like any other job where you necessarily need to go through a candidates cv. The board if footballing people should be able to name as little as 3 or less people who they would favour without the need to judge them on interview. And if they cant name 3 speak to football experts at the club who can. I’m not saying give the job to someone without seeing if you will be able to form a working relationship with them, but surely candidates with a top notch track record are know to directors and footballing people the world over. Would Madrid have said no to Mourihno if they didnt feel his interview was the best they had seen, I doubt it.

    My point is the next Liverpool managers track record should be clear as day. They dont necessarily have to be Champions League winners or won consecutive PL titles, not saying that wouldnt help. They should however have clearly demonstrated the ability to create something special under the circumstances they have previously worked. Not just one season wonders spanning 30 years of management.

    Look at the best of the best. If they aren’t free look at the 2nd man on your list. Just don’t go interviewing 30 dead beats for the sake of carrying out a process. I mean Didier Deschamps, I wont even go there. The Liverpool job needs to be seen as a prestigious position. Managers should aspire to the role. There should never again be a situation where half the managers in Europe are invited to apply, track record or not you fear that with one good interview they just might get the job.

  18. Time ti get rid of the players who are also contributing to this farce of a team. Carra is passed it for one, And he goes about shouting at everyone like he is “hollier than thou”. You think any of the younger players will respond to this idiot shouting and calling out everyones mistakes when everyone knows he is the most error prone player now? Of course bloody not. He is the fool who wanted an English manager after being influenced by our beloved Danny “The backward” Murphy who is still stuck in the 1990s saying everyhing english is the best way to go in the game regardless of era and game modernity.

    Don’t forget ever since Carra and Arbeloa fought our team morale dwindled why? Cause everyone (Well the foriegn lads knew) Carra had been deriding Arbeloa all season and for most of the time for no bloddy reason. Alonso knew this, came in at the time of the scuffle and pushed Carra and told him to shut the hell up and cool it. Do you all think after that all the player trust and look at Carra the same way? NO! They don’t! Why? Cause Rafa made one big mistake, He sold Arbeloa and kept Carra! He should have kept them both and benched them for all the remaining games cause in the end both were a disgrace to LFC and thier teamates. If he done that Carra would have no choice but be more humble and realise that even Arbeloa was still kept in the team so its both men’s fault. But as it turned out Carra’s ego got bigger and thought to himself, Look here, The guy was thrown out! I’m the vice-captain big boss man, I’m UNTOUCHABLE, You can’t have that mentality in a teamate, It breeds division and distrust and alot of other things you don’t want to know.This guy for all his merits is a freaking lunatic when he is playing. And now since he is passed it for the style of play we should be playing in the modern era is holding us back as a team and divided the squad as a personality. I wish Sami was still here,cause this ego-maniac will listen to Sami and shut up when Sami would have said cool it. This guy is a known xenophobic person. These elements must be removed from the squad. This LFC and Premier League are global and a GLOBAL business. The players especially senior imbiciles like Carra must understand it. I’ve read pracitically ever interview this clown has done since 2001, and I tell you the guy’s a xenophobe in a team of internationals. Its a very underlyning thing. Torres can’t stand him cause he is such a freaking hypocrite. Mascherano couldn’t stand him. Don’t get me started with Alonso. Alonso would avoid talking to the guy especially the season we finished 2nd and after the fight with Arbeloa.

    So yes we must get rid of the manager. BUT, we must fix the insurrection witin the team.

  19. Sunday’s game has only highlighted that the takeover by NESV could’nt have come much later than this weekend for the game displayed just out of touch LFC has become. The midfield are playing far too deep, Gerrard should be much closer to Torres as he is just not getting any service, LFC has no wingers worth the name of winger and the crosses are mostly waist high. Tactically and technically we are not just competing.

    LFC has never replaced Alonso and that gets ever more obvious, his tacticale skills and his ball distribution allowed both Torres and Gerrard to play together up the field. The first thing to be done in January is to find a suitable replacement for Alonso and a suitable midfield defender to breakup the opposition. Cole has not yet produced anything that is worth noting. Konchelski is beginning to look good. Poulson is too slow and Mierelles has been very indiffeerent, but may come good, he is supposed to be a penalty area to penalty area type of player but, as yet we are not seeing that.

    There is no question at the present time that the game plan tactics are not working, they are more defensive than attacking and there is very little balance in the team.

  20. agree with everyone, or just about everyone, that roy needs to go. he was a terrible appointment.

  21. We cannot afford to get it wrong again. The last 3 managers have been a disaster for the club. If we are to replace Roy and I’m afraid he has sealed his fate on that one then we have to make sure that this time we get Hinnick. He is the best in the business – I know he’s employed at the moment & does’nt break contracts but this is a huge opportunity for him & we need to get him.

  22. Frank Rijkaard is the man I would go for. Used to handling the pressure of a big club as well as the egos of star players. He would have the respect of the likes of Gerrard and Torres straight away – respect that Roy doesn’t seem to be getting from Torres.

    New owners should start a new era with their own man. Roy was only ever brought in to steady the ship and I wouldn’t trust him with money to spend in the transfer window – you only have to look at poulsen and Konchesky to see why. A new man should be brought in now so he can have a couple of weeks to assess the squad before the transfer window opens.

  23. I’m a Liverpool die heart fan, supporting Liverpool since 1985. Back then, the only access to English Football is via match of the days highlight shown on RTM1 (a Malaysia local tv channel) or FA Cup semi final or final. Since Liverpool is the “in-form” team than and most of the match highlight is about us and therefore it is much easier to adopt Liverpool to be my team.

    Over the years, we always support our manager, through thick and thin but I don’t think Roy Hodgson is suitable for us because:

    1. He is just not good enough. We employ him based on his last year result at Fulham, especially at Europa Cup. Please take note Europa Cup is played in home and away systems and if you analyse their performance, they reached the final by graining out results based on the systems, especially on home match. It is not enough to show that Fulham is a good team even when you compare them with Everton or Aston Villa, which are playing much better football are therefore he is not much better than David Moyers or Martin O’neill. Similar comparision can be apply to Liverpool team of year 2004-05 and 2008-09. Team of 2008-09 is much better than 2004-05 team even though we won our fifth European Cup at year 2005, also due to home and away match system + one magic night at Istanbul.

    I also strongly doubt if he remains at Fulham, they are able to match what they achieved the year before.Year 2009-10 is just the year they punched about their strength, when Bobby Zamora and are playing the best football of their life, + luck, much like year 2008-09 for Liverpool when most of the decision fall in favour to us.

    2. His preference tactic. If you look at the 10+ matchs we player under him, we always win our matchs (even though against some mickey mouse team at europe) when we play on the ground. However, he preferred to play two bands of 4 to stop opposite team. By doing so, he isolate Torres up-front alone, chasing high ball punch from defenders. He also preferred to play “hard-man” at back, removing the only one defender we can pass properly, Aggar. As such, Torres fell fastrated due to leck of support and lost concerntration. If we want to keep Roy Hodgson, we “need” to sell Torres (to recorp as much money as possible) and buy either Heskey or Peter Crouch + one or two traditional winger, who is much suitable to his preferrence systems.

    3. His age. I’m not against him based purely on his age, but rather than since he is already 63, he won’t be here to build the team, like GH or RB. He is a short term solution, and he himself know that. As such, he brought in player like Christine Paulsen and Konchesky, who he think will do a specific job for him but not in long run. He is also too old to learn new trick and therefore not able to find a new formation or playing style to suit his players’ strength (even though it is in short term) but rather than ask Torres to play like Zamora and Gerrard to play like Danny Murphy.

    When we play against Everton, the first 60minutes we are crap, because Everton pressing us at our own half, forcing us to played long ball to the Fernando “Isolated” Torres, much like Fulham. The last 30minutes we played like a strong team, after Everton allow us to pass and run, showing that our current players are much more suitable to play on ground and not over the top.

    4. Decision making. One of the main reasons people don’t like Benitez is because of his timing of subsitution, always at 60 min. But against Everton, Hodgson’s first substitution is at 70min. Other than force by injuries, he substitution come in much later than Benitez, regardless of score line: Bermingham (76min, 0-0), Man U (62min, 0-1 since 42min, 0-2 since 59min), Northamton (91min, 2-2), Sunderland (62min, 2-2) FC Utrecth (89min, 0-0), Blackpool (60min, 1-2).

    Also take note that he never remove his star player, Torres and Gerrard in any matches (except injury) and continue to play them even their form is not good (Torres vs Ngog). This indicates that he is a fan’s manager, never make any controvisy decision to anger the fans like Benitez, even though he should earn his salary to make such decision.

    A manager should know better than fans. As fans, we paid money to Sony or Xbox so that we can make team formation and select the player we want but the manager earn their money while making such decision. If he can’t make a correct one, why is he here? I can safely said he is making more mistake than correct decision, based on not only the results, but also the performance.

    p.s. even though we might not understand some of Benitez’s dicision, he shows that he is willing to make them and most of them are correct. The press usually said he is lucky when he decided to replace Gerard with Lucas against Everton and he won’t us a penalty but quick to jump into comclusion that he placed too much focus on CL when he replaced Torres with Ngog. By doing so, they totally ignore the fact that Torres was cleary not fully fit but Ngog almost win us the match when his strike hit the post.

    To me, the major difference between Sir Alex, Jose Mourinho, Anchelotti and Arsene Wenger and Benitez is all of them have the money and/or squard to support their idea but not Benitez. They play the strong team in every matchs while rest key players but since RB doesn’t had that resources and had to “rotate” players (with weaker one) and the results suffer due to that. After he build the first XI strong enough to challenge Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea, the fund suddenly dry up for him to build the squard.

    However, Hodgson was never close to them in decision making, let alone in the same rank.

    5. Past credential. When GH come to Liverpool, we knew he is the man behind Frence’s world cup victory. When we replaced him with RB, he just won two La Liga with Velencia (in 3 years) as well as UEFA Cup. He is one of the two most high profile yound manager at that time, together with Jose Mourinho (CL winner with Porto).

    GH brough modern knowledge and concept to Liverpool, change us from mid table (4th-8th) to a Cup winner. He lost his magic towards the end (after his heart operation) and replaced by Benitez, who slowly improve his team from UEFA regular to Champion League’s regular. His team always stronger than their sum and punch above their weight, (CL winners with players like Igor Biscan, Treore, “Injury” Kewell and Milan “Head-down” Barros, who are all signed by GH and more suitable for Cup compotition).

    When his team finished 2nd with record breaking points, we “believe” that the Championship are there for taking. It was his mistake that cost us our holy grail since we are too negetive with two defensive midfielder, Machesrano and Alonso (who suddenly become the best play maker of the world when he went to RM), even though we scored most numbers of goal at EPL. We totally ignore the strength shown by CR7, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Vidic when Man United won 28 out of 38 mataches played and won the Championship with 90points.

    However, when his team lost form in year 2009-10, due to high expectation, injuries and lack of fund (Barry shall be at Liverpool in year 2008 and we can either keep Alonso or replaced him with player like Kaka if we are as rich as Real Madric), we placed the blame on RB and replaced him with Roy “Stady-ship” Hodgson.

    Hodgson come in with 2 Championship winner medals at the 70s, 4 Championship at the 80s (all with Swedish club) and 1 at 2001 (Danish club) and of course, Europa Cup’s runner up medal. We are changing from La Liga and CL winner to Swedish, Danish Championship winner and of course, Europa Cup’s runner up, then what will we expect to get….

    If any of you think we still need to allow him more time to lead our team, think of Blackburn at 1998. They won 1 in their first 12 league matches. We still have 4 more matches to go. Some Valencia players claims they play much better under Benitez, 6 months after he joint Liverpool. We only need 6 matches to know that, but for some of you, maybe 6 weeks, 6 months or relegation….

    p.s. I’m not saying we should bring back Rafa, but someone who is in the same rank, who willing to take chanllange. We don’t mind few step backward in short term, but will bring us back in glory in long term. Hodgson just doesn’t give me that feeling and confidence.

  24. Lee….” If we want to keep Roy Hodgson, we “need” to sell Torres (to recorp as much money as possible) and buy either Heskey or Peter Crouch + one or two traditional winger, who is much suitable to his preferrence systems.”

    Is this a strategy that you would really advocate?

    Heskey has single handedly created the only non-scoring striker role in football history. He did well for us, but he had Owen in the prime of his career operating alongside him to make the system work.

    Torres is not the problem here. Something is not right both in his attitude and recent form, but on form he is exactly the type of player we need and his goalscoriong record for us proves it.

    The supply lines to him are not right and he has lost a yard in pace. Whether that is a fitness or an attitide problem, I dont know. His mind seems elsewhere which really worries me.

    I would have played himV Napoli as match time (and potentially a goal) is exactly what he needs to regain his confidence.

    Either way, i dont think Roy is playing his cards right at all. I would be the first one to be happy if he proves me wrong as it is LFC I care about.

    Sitting in 19th position (oin goal difference) says it all.

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