Liverpool Football Club has new owners

New England Sports Ventures have replaced the Old Epic Swindlers.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have been hurt more than they hurt us. But they can hurt elsewhere.

Remember this day. Remember this time. 4pm, October 15th 2010.

They’ve gone. At last. We can finally move on.

To our new owners:

Welcome to Anfield.

We’ve a lot of questions for you. A lot of suggestions. But they can wait.

Tonight we celebrate!


Here’s a song for you to learn.

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7 thoughts on “Liverpool Football Club has new owners”

  1. Well done to everyone who worked towards this moment. Jim without your posts many of us would not know the half of it. Cheers. Firstly, let this set in and then we can listen to what NESV have to say and we in turn can hopefully let them know how important this club and city is to us all. YNWA

  2. Incredible news. Good riddance Tom & George.

    Hopefully we can get back to focussing on winning again.

    A new chapter begins………

  3. Hicks must be kicking himself, he could have made a handsome profit about 18 months ago by selling to DIC. Finally he was reduced to scratching around for a buyer and ultimately made a sizeable loss.
    He more than met his match in Martin Broughton, Lord Grabiner and the English High Court.
    Good riddance is a massive understatement and far too polite.

  4. The former world has passed away. We enter a new one filled with faith in the new owner and hope of a return to the glory days so familiar to the club.

    Welcome to our club John Henry. We hope you do us proud.

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