Goodbye Tom and George

Goodbye Tom and GeorgeThey said it would be a big day. And it was a big day. Very big.

Yes, there are still a lot of questions to be asked. No, it’s not the end of all our troubles.

But right now it’s time to celebrate. The questions can wait, at least for now. And the answers to the questions will help us deal with our troubles.

All those efforts from all those people have all paid off.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have gone.

There’s an outside chance they’ll launch an appeal – but there’s little chance they’ll win it. So that means in the space of a few hours Liverpool should have new owners.

We went to bed still under the reign of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, a club that wasn’t in administration but had to be run as if it were. RBS saw to that, until they saw the chances of LFC paying their interest charges were looking more than a little flaky.

Tonight we’ll go to bed, we hope, knowing that those days are gone.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have gone.

They’ve gone, and they can’t come back.

Keep saying it. It’s hard to believe we can.

What we need now, to avoid even the slightest whiff of a repeat, is a return to one old-fashioned value that has been lacking from Anfield for far too long.


It doesn’t take any explanation to understand what means. It’s not to do with little white lies about the fitness of a key player ahead of a big game; it’s about being straight with each other.

That’s club to fan, fan to club and fan to fan.

We can take bad news. We take it better when we don’t have to unwrap layers of nonsense to get to the truth. We’re not greedy, try us.

And we need to show we’re not greedy by listening to that bad news – if it comes – and taking the explanations on board.

We might even be able to help.

But that’s something for another day.

Tonight we celebrate.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have gone.

Keep saying it.

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Tom and George”

  1. Lets try to keep Martin Broughton as chairman. I think he has proved he has old fashioned Liverpool values. I think Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre have also done the club a great service.

  2. Glass raised to you my friend, Its great to be Gillette free, looks like its back to the old cut-throat. Come on you reds. Goodison were coming.

  3. Just need to sack Hodgson now and get Kenny or O’Neill in and make sure we finish more than 9 points ahead of the bitters and their relegation battle.

  4. Just saw another twist on SSN. John Henry arrived in London for Liverpools board meeting. Done deal.

  5. Hicks has launched a lawsuit via a Texas court, seeking $1.6 billion in damages against directors of (RBS), Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow, Ian Ayre, NESV and Philip Nash and trying to block the sale.

  6. Ste…
    Can we give up on the Kenny D, MO’N sh**e? Please? What we need now is the same as in 1959; a manager with ambition and vision. If he comes from a lower division, so what? I’s rather build slowly than go for the quick (and inevitably shallow) fix.

  7. Can everyone stop living in the past and keep calling for Dalglish to manage.

    He was a fantastic player, he is a great person, a legend and a true ambassador not only for Liverpool FC but for people with dignity and honesty everywhere.

    He wasn’t a fantastic manager and hard though it is to say – in my opinion, at the time and even now, I believe he bailed out when he realised his team was too old and he couldn’t see a quick rebuild. He had the title bought with Blackburn but couldn’t keep the momentum and went and similar scenarios since.


    Liverpool fans need to show their famed patience and footballing understanding and extend that to the owners. NESV seem to have nothing but positive feedback about their commitment to their investments but I don’t want or expect an overnight change that will last a couple of years we need to build again.

    Talking of building and again I guess I’m not making my first post into a popularity win for myself, but now to the ground.

    We need to groundshare on Stanley Park. It makes economic sense, and we need to consider economy. Here’s my idea:

    One ground – crosses two postcodes or the Council allow the ground to have a different postcode at either end keeping both Anfield and Goodison’s.

    Either end starts in Red or Blue and as they work towards each other the colours fade\merge into the purple that the two colours make in the same way as the Merseyside United top Everton produced. What a fitting way to show community spirit, set an example for fans everywhere and have a world class no skimping multiuse stadium for the benefit of the city, both clubs and cost savings to all.

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