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Liverpool face Trabzonspor in the Europa League Qualifier 2nd leg on August 26th, and one question on the lips of most fans that go to the away games is “how do I get there?” The short answer is: with great difficulty.

Everyone knows Trabzonspor are based in Turkey, but the town of Trabzon is one of the most difficult places to get to without spending an arm and a leg.

Having explored many different routes and avenues including flying from most UK airports to cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Barcelona then looking for connecting flights, the easiest way to get to the game is to fly to Istanbul, then on to Trabzon.

Flying to Ankara then on to Trabzon was also considered; but it seems Turkish Airlines have got wise to Reds booking on flights and hiked their prices up, a one hour internal flight is coming up at over £350 – beyond a joke! Most other Turkish airports don’t fly directly to Trabzon, they pretty much all go through Istanbul.

It is also possible to get a ferry from Sochi in Russia, but flights to Sochi are just as hard to come by and have been averaging around £1500.

Driving is out of the question as it means driving through 8 different countries, covering nearly 2800 miles which includes many toll roads; so factoring in petrol and toll costs this would easily be over £500 each way, plus the driving time and stopping for refuelling breaks.

After trying and failing miserably to get an easy way to get to Trabzon, below is a list of flights from the UK to Turkey, along with internal flights from Istanbul to Trabzon.

Flying to Istanbul, then adding on the internal flights has worked out around £350-£400 depending on what time of the day you look, as the prices have fluctuated throughout the day. The internal flights to Trabzon from Istanbul are still fairly cheap, so the advice is to book them as early as possible:

Manchester to Istanbul:
Outbound – 24/8

Dept Arrive Flight number Provider
1600 2205 TK1996 Turkish Airlines

Outbound – 25/8
Inbound – 27/8

Dept Arrive Flight number Provider
1120 1725 TK1996 Turkish Airlines
1250 1505 TK1995 Turkish Airlines

Gatwick to Istanbul (sabiha)
Outbound – 24/8
Return -27/8

Dept Arrive Flight Number Provider
0630 1230 EZY5461 Easyjet
1255 1455 EZY5462 Easyjet

Heathrow to Istanbul
Outbound – 25/8
Return – 27/8

Dept Arrive Flight number provider
0655 1245 TK1988 Turkish Airlines
1125 1715 TK1980 Turkish Airlines
2230 0420 TK1984 Turkish Airlines
0805 1005 TK1979 Turkish Airlines
1900 2100 TK1983 Turkish Airlines
2030 2230 TK1987 Turkish Airlines

Istanbul to Trabzon airport:
Outbound – 26/8
Return 27/8

Depart Arrive Airport Flight number Provider
0440 0620 Istanbul TK2822 Turkish Airlines
0705 0845 Istanbul TK2826 Turkish Airlines
1045 1225 Sabiha TK7226 Turkish Airlines
0200 0345 Trabzon TK2823 Turkish Airlines
0705 0855 Trabzon TK2839 Turkish Airlines
1300 1455 Sabiha TK7227 Turkish Airlines

Additional information
A £10 ‘Visa fee’ must be paid on entry to Turkey, or 15 Euro. If paying using GBP, don’t use a £20 note as you may not see any change from it

Average temperatures : High – 28 °C, Low – 21 °C

The liveliest place to go is Ataturk square, however hotels around this area may be expensive due to their location. Hotels nearer the port will be the cheapest; however some also operate as brothels so there may not be the best clientele around.

It is also worth noting that the match is during Ramadan, so you may struggle to get food/alcohol in some places during the daytime.

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  1. it;s easy enough getting there. Pegusus from Stansted to Trabzon was only £73 when i booked it. you have to be a bit more imaginative getting home though.
    we go from Trabzon to Istanbul on Friday Morning. on to Bucharest Friday afternoon then back to Luton on Sat morning. assuming the airport strike allows us out of the country.

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