Yahya Kirdi. Fantasy island, without the planes.

Gillett and Hicks smile with KirdiAlthough a number of names have been put forward as frontmen for potential bids for Liverpool Football Club only a couple of them have actually gone on the record to admit any involvement. The most assertive in declaring his interest isn’t Kenny Huang of what is now known as “the Chinese bid” but Yayha Kirdi of what is now known as “the Joke bid”.

Of course it’s not being played out as a joke by Mr Kirdi or his advisors, but it’s becoming more of one by the day.

What he hasn’t said is who specifically it is he’s working for, other than some unnamed and therefore mysterious Canadian and Middle Eastern investors.  This of course means there’s a fair bit of speculation about who they might be, at least from those who are giving him the benefit of the doubt that he actually has got some backers.

One name put forward is that of Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasim. He’s the 71-year-old ruler of Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates, and has been linked with a move for the club before.

What isn’t clear is where this link between Sharjah’s ruler and Yahya Kirdi has actually come from, given that he is keeping quite tight-lipped about his backers. George, on one of his Saudi Arabian juants for the camerasIt seems most likely that this link has been offered by a certain George Gillett. Anfield Road reported last week that Gillett had apparently been to RBS to tell them he had a serious bidder lined up in what seemed an attempt to stall the process that Martin Broughton is running to sell the club. That is the process the owners agreed with RBS as a condition of getting a further extension to the finance.

There’s always a possibility that this link has come from adding a few clues together to come up with an answer.

Those clues could have come from claims back in April when Kirdi’s name was first publicly linked with the club. He was described as a former international footballer for Syria and it was also claimed in some reports that he’d played and managed at Al-Ittahid Kalba, a club from the UAE state of Sharja. It’s the kind of claim that can add credibility to the idea of him being a trusted contact of some wealthy backers from the Middle East and it also gives out an impression that he’s got a strong background in the game.

But reports this week have thrown that particular bit of credibility out of the window. It seems he didn’t play for that particular Al-Ittahid club after all. The term “Al-Ittahid” means “The Union” and is used in a similar way to how the term “United” is used with British clubs. There are a number of teams called Al-Ittahid around the world, and that includes Syria.

Former footballer
Kirdi’s former club was actually Al-Ittahid Aleppo, a club from the city of his 1966 birth. He also played for Oruba Club from the same city. All this was back in the 1980s, and as for his international career, it now transpires that he played for “the national youth team” rather than the senior squad. Added to the question marks over his links to the wealth of the UAE are doubts that his experience in the game isn’t quite what it was built up to be in those earlier links with a takeover of Liverpool FC.

Searching for information on Mr Kirdi earlier this week, after excluding any link to Liverpool FC, threw up blank after blank. But he was eventually interviewed by the Canadian media from what turns out is his current hometown of Laval, a city in the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada.

The Canadian Press confirmed Kirdi was Syrian-born and said that he’d arrived in Canada eight years ago, in 2002. He told them his ideas on the club and the much-needed new stadium: “I want to build Liverpool. I have a new plan which I have given George Gillett. This one is not only a stadium but also a stadium and hotel, five star, and shopping centre.”

Straight away any hope he had of being seen as a credible option took a bashing. Finance is going to be hard to come by for a new stadium, but at least there’s planning permission for one. And to make it more viable there needs to be some investment in the local transport infrastructure because without it the city council will not allow a capacity of more than 60,000. The plans first shown to the world by Hicks and Gillett three years ago, for a stadium supposed to open this month, were for a capacity as high 76,000 by the time it opened. The owners stated that they hoped to have overcome those local infrastructure problems by the time the build was complete.

Getting planning permission for a five-star hotel might be possible, but getting the go-ahead for another shopping centre so close to the city centre and the new Liverpool One project seems a bit of a stretch. And that’s before we get onto the question of how much money all this is going to take.

Fan power
But that was nothing to the distance from reality of another part of Mr Kirdi’s “plan”. Although the reports didn’t actually quote him on it, he’d clearly told the reporter that “the facility would also include a solarium to generate solar power, which would be provided to Liverpudlians.”

In a part of the country where it has certainly rained every day since St Swithin’s day that doesn’t exactly sound a viable plan – and that’s before we get clarification of how a sunroom will generate solar power to be provided to Liverpudlians, or whether that solar power will have to be shared with Evertonians.

On Wednesday Kirdi had claimed his vague group of investors were in “advanced negotiations” with Hicks and Gillett (notably not Martin Broughton, the club, Barcap or RBS) and that “agreement has been reached on all major terms including the purchase price, repayment of the existing bank debt from RBS and Wells Fargo and financing of a new stadium in Liverpool’s Stanley Park. A formal purchase agreement between the parties is in the final stage of negotiation.”

Something jumped out of that statement straight away. Wells Fargo now encompasses Wachovia, one of the banks used by the owners to refinance their debts related to the club in 2008, but the club’s last accounts said that finance commitments with Wachovia/Wells Fargo had now been settled. It’s always possible that Wells Fargo do have an involvement in the club in some way, but it’s not clear exactly what. Perhaps this is a sign of how closely Mr Kirdi and his advisors have looked at the club’s finances and how serious they are about the idea of owning Liverpool Football Club.

There were also claims in this week’s reports that “he has worked as a senior consultant with AIG in the Middle East”. We contacted AIG this afternoon to see if they have any record of this and will report back if we hear any more. It’s not clear when he did this work for them, if he indeed did.

Another of the claims that seem part of an aim to give Mr Kirdi some credibility was that Kirdi is “still active in soccer as a coach and has many contacts through his playing days and work with FIFA.” We’ve also contacted FIFA this afternoon to see if he is known to them in any capacity.

The planes, boss
6 CRJ1000 passenger jetsPerhaps the biggest effort made to show him as a man of means, or a man acting for other men of means, was that he had been “recently negotiating to buy six CRJ1000 aircraft from Bombardier.” Elsewhere a claim had been put out that he’d actually put pen to paper on those deals and with the aircraft in question – passenger jets made by Canadian company Bombardier – costing around £27m each this was clearly a big deal he’d done. Yet there was no mention on the Bombardier company website for what would be £162m worth of jet plane, in his or anyone else’s name, in the time frame that had been claimed.

We contacted Bombardier to ask if they could confirm the order and explain why it was missing from their website. Isabelle Rondeau, Bombardier’s Director of Communications, told Anfield Road that if the order had been made it would have been on their website.

We contacted Mr Kirdi’s representatives to ask about this, they didn’t respond to that particular question.

One UK newspaper made a worrying suggestion about where Kirdi’s money could come from. The Daily Mirror reported that Kirdi was “backed by Montreal group Gameday LMC and, apparently, Syrian businessman Rami Makhiouf.”

Rami Makhlouf was described in a 2005 BBC report as “one of the most powerful businessmen in Syria”. He runs the country’s mobile phone network, SyriaTel and “with friends at the highest level in government, Mr Makhlouf, who just happens to be a cousin of the president, is a very powerful man. It is said that no foreign companies can do business in Syria without his consent.”

In 2008 he became the subject of sanctions from the US government. Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence said that he had “used intimidation and his close ties to the Asad regime to obtain improper business advantages at the expense of ordinary Syrians”. The order saw any of his assets under US jurisdiction frozen and it also forbids US people or entities from doing business with him.

Kirdi’s representative in Canada, Dan Diamond, told Anfield Road: “I don’t know the name Makhiouf”.

However Mr Diamond was also unaware of major aspects of Kirdi’s relatively recent business history, suggesting that he’d not been told the full story about Kirdi’s background. And that background suggests Mr Kirdi is a long way away from being an associate of anyone with the kind of money required to win the battle to take Liverpool Football Club over, however that money was raised.

Mr Kirdi had claimed this week that he was well-travelled, suggesting he’d flown the world before deciding to settle in Canada: “I’ve visited all the world, believe me.” Anywhere specific? “North, South, Africa, Europe, the United States, Middle East,” he revealed. Then he found home: “I like Canada in general and Quebec especially. When my airplane arrived at the Montreal airport, I opened my heart because this is my country.”

And, it seems, shortly after opening his heart he opened a shop. A public records site in Quebec contains details of Mr Kirdi’s business activities since his arrival in Canada. It shows quite clearly the businesses that he had until 2008, after which there is no record of him being in business.

In 2002, which is of course the year of his arrival in Canada (according to this week’s reports) he began a business by the name of “Kirdi Pour Vetements” (presumably a clothes store) and another by the name of “Rasoya” (no clues as to what that might actually have been). Both of these businesses are recorded as having ceased trading in December 2006.

Where Yahya did pizzaIn 2004 he began a business called “Pizza Kirdi” and as the name suggests that was a pizza outlet. That business came to a close in April 2006, but it wouldn’t be the last time Mr Kirdi was involved in the pizza business. In December 2006 the records show that he began an enterprise called “Pizza Madona”, and this ran until September 2008. It’s now under new ownership with the name of “Pizza da Tony”.

He also had a business called “Dépanneur Monaco” for 10 months in 2006, which was what in the UK might be called an off-licence.

Assuming that Mr Diamond would have been informed of his client’s background, Anfield Road asked for an explanation of how someone with business credentials seeming to consist of owning a couple of pizza stores was supposed to be seen as part of a credible approach for Liverpool FC. We wanted to know why we should feel confident that Yahya Kirdi could bring the good times back.

Mr Diamond said: “Let’s deal with facts. Our group’s interest preceded the hiring of Martin [Broughton] and BarCap. We were one of a number of parties who had expressed interest who the current owners held out of the Broughton/BarCap search for new buyers. The owners excluded the parties on this list from BarCap’s territory. So we were ‘grandfathered’ and were never directed to do anything other than negotiate with the owners. That said, we hope to win the support of the LFC Board based on the strength of our bid.

“Kirdi and his backers are football men with experience as team owners at a much smaller scale. They recognize LFC as one of the world’s most important clubs. Their bid is based on the perceived value of an LFC with solid management, money to be active in the transfer market and an appropriate modern stadium. And they have the money to buy the club, clear its debt, hire top management and acquire quality players and get that stadium built. And they’ll do this without rhetoric or promises of instant success. They understand ‘The Liverpool Way.’

“Kirdi has worked on behalf of this investor group for more than ten years but has never been involved in a high profile project like LFC. The pizza story is nonsense. Funny and slightly insulting, but nonsense.”

“Corner shop”
So perhaps Mr Diamond didn’t know about the pizzas. We sent him the proof, he replied saying it was, “frankly, news to me.”

Despite being caught off guard Mr Diamond was still good enough to respond in some detail. “Owning a depanneur (which is a corner shop that can sell beer and wine) and/or a pizza restaurant are travelled paths for entrepreneurial immigrants to Canada (and I suspect the U.K.) from the around the world who come with some cash, little language skills and a desire to create paying work for members of their family, Mr. Kirdi has made local investments while looking for bigger opportunities for his overseas investors.”

Yahya Kirdi – credible or not?
Whatever Mr Kirdi claims to be, it really doesn’t match up to what it seems he is in reality.

The solar-powered solarium is funny, the downgrading of his football experience is only a minor concern. He hasn’t ordered those six planes and that immediately puts a huge question mark over his integrity. His business empire was still impressive enough on an individual basis but it’s certainly not something that would put him in contention to take over one of the corporate boxes let alone the whole club. Only two names have been suggested as his potential backers – one of them is the ruler of an emirate he has absolutely no discernible link to and the other is someone that George Gillett and Tom Hicks are legally unable to do business with.

Whatever the truth turns out to be about the other possible candidates for the ownership of Liverpool Football Club, Mr Kirdi clearly isn’t a credible candidate.

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  1. This has the stench of Hicks and Gillett all over it. It still remains the joke bid in an effort to up the anti for Huang. The clowns need to to take their circus elsewhere now. YNWA!

  2. Love the bombardier digging!

    Seems there’s a lot of ‘pretending’ that people have money!

    Broughton has his work cut out. Seems the choices are between this pizza boy and Huang’s thinly disguised leveraged buy-out attempt.

    Future looks rosey!

  3. Jim – back when Kirdi first got connected, Qatar Airways was meant to be buying some of those very same jets. Only they didn’t. One wonders whether Kirdi’s mysterious Middle Eastern backers change with the weather.

    One thing I will say is that I’d never buy anything from Marc Ganis though….



  4. Great reporting, Jim. The “pizza surprise,” denial, and subsequent awkward reaction from Dan Diamond (seriously, is that a real name?) are hilarious.

    Or, at least, they would be hilarious of the entire future of LFC weren’t caught up in what appears to be a bunch of con men scrambling over each other to become the new Hicks and Gillett.

  5. I read in a recent article that his son is training with our youth team, heard anything about that?

  6. Fantastic read, this Kirdi fella sounds more like a Del-boy, just have to hope Broughton isn’t going to be a Trigger ! Whats this about Huang and a LBO any truth in that you know ?

  7. Is that midget shyster Gillett taking the Pizza, or what!!?? Would prefer a Chinese myself, any day of the Week.

    Keep up the good work Jim!

  8. The whole sorry saga doesn’t get any better… It makes you wonder whether these clowns really want out or not. May be they need to generate some excitement for the fans and players… Make sure Torres doesn’t leave? May be its in their interests if he does leave, ie big pay day – who knows…?? There are so many sides to the propaganda war it is difficult to see what’s is fake and what is real.

  9. I read that one of his mysterious backers happens to be one of the Hickletts offspring.

  10. Its just amusing that the one “bid” that doesnt add up out of all the 6 or 7 offers for the club is the one that is apparently being dealt with directly by the owners.

    It does look like Kerdis offer is a complete red herring.

    Saying that with everyday that passes it seems possible to poke holes in every bid that has gone public. Huang has gone from somebody that has backers with cash to dwarf Roman or the Sheik to someone who story has changed by the day.

    Realistically if Huang had backers with the types of funds that he has officially or unofficially being claiming then why did he need to go public at all. All he had to do is convince the board of his wealth and then let his spending do the talking to get the fans onside. I’m getting very dubious about these guys who talk a good game

  11. Fantastic article again. I’ve only started keeping an eye on this site for it’s excellent research. Please keep it up.
    Would anyone else be surprised if Mr Diamond is actually Kirdi sitting in his room with a hotmail account trying to look important?

    I really hope we accept the best bid for the club that also ensures we leave these two scrotes with not a penny from the club!

  12. Another fab article, I still think The Huang bid has credibility or at least I hope it has and is not just looking to be made good by this clown and his “mates” (H&G). Anyway all should hopefully be revealed in the next week or so if, as it has been reported the next stage is for the bidders to show the board the source of their money. It would also be interesting to know how much truth there is in the reports that H&G can mount a legal challenge to any takeover they seem unsuitable, how the courts would see that, and more importantly RBS, who seem to hold the cards now if infact Wells Fargo/Wachovia don’t have any major financial interest.

  13. Great article. Anyone, and I mean anyone who comes recommended by Gillett and Hicks stinks of dishonesty and foul play. While Hicks comes across as the stubborn bully and liar, we Liverpool supporters should be more wary of Gillett, who in my opinion, is the bigger liar. Gillett is the conniving one and a bloody forked tongued snake. Think Wormtongue of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and you have Gillett. One look at Kirdi and he looks kinda shifty in the mould of Gillett himself. The planes issue already show that we cannot trust the Syrian. If Liverpool is sold to the Syrian, we’d be in the same mess as we are in now with the H&G liars. In any case, the next owner should not have any links to the Yanks. Can’t wait to be rid of the lying American clowns.

  14. Now I’m really begining to get worried because I don’t believe the Huang bid at all either, too much publicicty loud mouths never really works for me. It’s embarrasing seeing all this spread over the cheap tabloids. Let’s just pray that there is some real bidder in there that want’s & can afford the club without having to show off in the media. Broughton was running the process lovely up to now, serious business should not be known about by the “Sun” until it’s all rapped up. I would have hoped that if Standard Chartered were prepared to pay that price for a sponsorship package that they might have been interested in taking us over, steadying the ship for a year or two until we are in profit again & then selling us when things pick up a bit. Deep down that’s the sort of a deal that I hoped was going on behind the sceens. There would be no one better that SC to promote us in the far east – where they have a fantastic reputation themselves. Actually that sounds like a great story, jesus, maybe i’ll get a job for the daily mail just making stuff up & I could be the frontman for the bid.

  15. Awesome article again, Mr Boardman.

    As a note, every time I see your name I think of the very famous UK alpinist Peter Boardman. He was not only one of the bravest and most devoted men in sport ever, but he did some excellent writing as well.

    As you do. Keep on writing, Jim, and you will never walk alone.


  16. Excellent article Jim. Well done on a very timely and well researched piece. A thoroughly enjoyable read and surely a Pizza shop owner is not serious about bidding for the club? His association with Tom & Jerry already spells trouble and I smell a rat in the pizza kitchen.

    I sincerely hope we are reaching the end game now and that we can have a change of ownership to Huang et al in the next 2 – 3 weeks. Hard to make sense of it all as we have been here so many times and we all remember the Yanks promising the world when they arrived. Hopefully Huang will be true to his word and it really will be exciting times ahead.

    It is sad to see football go this way though…………but the money in the EPL is stratospeheric compared to nly 6-7 years ago and it is the only way we can compete at the highest level.

    Hicks has taken the Texas Rangers to bankrupcy and we can only feel for their fans as he is a leach that truly knows no depths.

    I will celebrate like its the Millenium NYE when they leave!

  17. Excellent piece, as always.
    In depth pieces like this is an absolute must for us supporters to understand whats really goin on around LFC.


  18. The 2 so called bids from the Syrian and the Chinees seems like a load of hot air. The lying, greedy butt munching yanky owners are more likely behind the Syrian bid to stall the banks. There are serious offers that have come in the past and will come in the future but those blood sucking , greedy usless, Americans won’t sell unless for masive profits. Hicks owned a Brizilian club, got them relegated, lack of investment, look at his interest in texas and the bankruptcy. This man should be banned or even put in prison for what he has done. He goes around destroying what is a city of peoples passion, be it football, baseball, icehockey. Thats what these American blood suckers do and they do it to make money. I hope they can see what damage they do, doubt they give a sh!t. SCUM GET OUT OF LFC.

  19. Brilliant article Jim, a fantastic piece of journalism. And hilarious reading too – until you remember its LFC we’re talking about.

    Keep up the good work mate, people like yourself are all doing your bit.

  20. It is interesting to read some of the articles about what Hicks & Gillet paid for the club verses what they want to sell it for. The numbers being quoted are that they paid 237Mil but, most of that was borrowed, in all probability they only paid out about 25% of their own money the rest was borrowed and LFC paid every cent of the Banks interest and charges. I can think of more colurful terms that leverage buying and just where do they get 600 or 800Mil from only knows, they have run the club down and not added 1 cent to its value.
    GREED, GREED, GREED is the only word that comes to mind to describe these 2 YANKS. And that word also well describes them.

  21. Jim,

    Opinions on this:-


    I’m not convinced about any of the candidates, including Huang. Especially now it’s been denied by his people that CIC aren’t backing the bid completely. They said as well that they’d ‘invest equity into the new stadium’, is that the same as building it completely? Let’s hope the selling of CIC’s stocks to the tune of £350m means they are the silent backer – but I’m not convinced.

    If this Kirdi takes over ill never step foot inside of Anfield again.

    Jim – do you think there is 5 men on the board and only 3 need to approve / veto q bid? I’ve said this to you before, but how can it be that 2 owners have to sell to somebody against their will if they own the entity itself?

  22. The Kirdi link is starting to become worrying. It also seems another of the potential investors the Sahara group have pulled out.

    The process seems to have gone down the toilet and I’m starting to doubt any of the bidders have to money necessary to take us to where we want to go.

  23. I hope Broughton, Purslow and Ayre have been sent a copy of this? After Moores inability to research Hicks and Gillett we’d better make sure the current board know everything about Kirdi.

  24. I have my doubts over all the investors that went public but the article in the link by the above poster sounds like it has been written by George Gillett himself.

    Whether it proves to be true or not it definitely seems like someone been trying to dig the dirt on Huang.

    They are even questioning whether he qualified from Colombia University. Surely that would be very easy to find out.

    I’d be very dubious about that piece.

  25. Jim,

    Interesting piece. Trawling through your posting and a little research on all the other characters leaves me very worried about our club.

    I reckon Mr. Kirdi could even be a front by Gillette to keep control of the club. Would we trust one of his associates after all that has gone on before. I am very worried about Mr. Kirdi. However, eventually he will be proved not a serious investor, or a backer for real wealth. With this meaning he moves out of the public light to reveal the real investors who wanted to keep anon.

    He really hope its the latter, although with our recent luck it probably won’t transpire. I was hopefull the Chinese bid would come to something real. But, I have severe doubts that it was all a publicity stunt, just like the Indian bid.

    I just hope everything is resolved for the interests of the club to be considered first, and the ideals of Shankly to be preserved. The club’s core values are being destroyed. The spirit, the humour, the pass and move, the atmosphere, everything is getting poisoned.


  26. I now live in the US and was born and bred about 45 miles from the Liverpool region. I have supported LFC passionately all my life or at least since the point of being old enough to understand the game. Liverpool have been my only team and I will support the club until I die.

    I sincerely hope the G&H’s saga is coming to a close. They are nothing but scam artists and not very good ones at that. Gillette has sold off his sporting investment interests in the US for a huge loss. Hick’s went into bankruptcy with Texas Rangers and this asset was just sold at auction, again for a huge loss.

    These guys are complete failures with any sports investment venture. They should not be allowed to operate in any deal or venture involving a sporting investment. It is not just LFC that they have run into the ground, it is several major entrreprises across several sports now that they have made a huge mess of.

    The value 600 – 800 million pounds they are placing on LFC in this ecconomic climate to agree to a sale is staggering and a joke. What they are really doing is using LFC as a pawn to recover their losses from all of the other failed sporting investments that these chumps have had a hand in.

    They basically want to turn a huge profit from the sale of this great club to help recoup the massive losses they have expereinced elsewhere.

    Some basic principles that you can apply to any business is that you have to invest into the venture, make it grow and the profits then will increase. These morons, have ran us up into massive debt, refused to put one single dime into the new stadium which is the investment path to our future and have used staggering interest loans to fund the operational expenses on the club. Now, they expect to walk away with a huge profit for the zero investment made in LFC since 2007 and a ton of broken promises.

    I would love the club to go up for auction, just like Texas Rangers in the US. I would love it more if G&H’s walk away with a loss and not a profit from the sale.

    But..most importantly, we need to ensure that we are not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with any of these potential new owners. We need dedicated investors this time that do have first and foremost a passion for taking this great club forward and building for the future. Owners that will build us, that in the short term will put money in with a long term vision of making the club highly profitable. A new 60,000 stadium or even bigger capacity would bring in revenue and help keep in the black versus operating costs. Marketing of the club could definately be better across the world with increasing audiences. This would pay for spend on new players, pay back over time for the new stadium and dare I say it, this club could be in the black and making a profit and return for any investors in less than 5 years. After that, the profit and return can be long term for investors.

  27. Fantastic article which gives every LFC supporter some insight into what is actually going on behind the scenes.

    I’m sure we all long for the days of John Smith or David Moores as chairman now, rather than these two clowns.

    JS or DM weren’t perfect, but at least the club had stability.

    The Syrian bid is a farce, and will be revealed as such over time. I am equally sceptical about the credentials of Kenny Hyang & “The Chinese Bid”

    Do we really want to end up like Arsenal and have the ‘Chickhen Chow Mein Stadium’ replace Anfield.

    No, me neither.

    Steve Morgan and DIC have been the only credible candidates to express interest in recent years, both walked away because of the ludicrous valuation placed on the club by men who have a track record of business failures in the sports industry.

    Whether we like it or not, and I doubt anyone likes it – we are stuck with Tom & Jerry for the forseeable future.

    I genuinely believe these bids are a smokescreen created by H&G to provide some kind of reassurance to RBS.

  28. I see the Kirdi bid is gaining some speed this morning and it worrys me greatly. If H&G are eager for this deal to go through then it can’t be good for the club. I fear we’ll be right back in the same position within a year.

  29. Kirdi isn’t being seen as credible outside of the Hicks and Gillett circle.

    All bidders will be subject to far more in-depth scrutiny than last time the club was sold, but Kirdi won’t be pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes when it comes down to the decision making.

  30. Lets hope that all the seemingly positive reports about Ken Huang are true, i was very sceptical when i read that that the pair of Dallas cowboys had tapped up kirdi, if Huangs bid does evolve than i would think we are in safe hands and can look to the future with some confidence.
    My opinion is that our current chairman and board members, who can out vote the cowboys, and let them get nothing will let this happen to the benefit of LFC and not those two blood sucking tossers!!

  31. I live in Vancouver Canada and as an avid ice hockey fan as well as as a football fan (I was born in Liverpool) I can tell you that Gillette was, until recently, owner of the Montreal Canadian hockey team. Coincidentally, Kirdi is from Montreal as well.

  32. mmmm! i’m not a true liverpool fan but i cant understand why there hasnt been a queue waiting to buy this club, even with the debts they have liverpool much be one of the top clubs world wide and with correct investment THE top club. confused!

  33. Jim
    Where do you think Christian Purslow is in all this. Surely he has to be behind the Kirdi bid as he is just a pupet for H&G. What do you think? surely he will link up with those 2 tits to shaft us yet again and this is why they sacked Rafa. They knew Rafa would go to the media in Spain about their dirty dealings.

  34. @ Kevin

    He’s def not to be trusted if you go by past stories on this site & will side with Tom & Gerry because he’s a puppet

  35. CP hasn’t been acting in the owners’ best interests for some time, in my view, and for all I’ve been critical of him I don’t think I’ve ever suggested he’s carrying out the owner’s wishes.

    At this moment in time I’ve got a lot of confidence that what’s best for the owners is a long way down his priorities. Even so, for Broughton and for Purslow the chance to be part of a decision that turned out to bring about the financial recovery of LFC is something they must see is going to do their personal future careers no harm.

    If it’s a close call between any bids that are finally made then there may be some disagreements in terms of what they individually see as “best” for LFC. But if there’s a bid that is head and shoulders better for LFC then I am pretty certain the three English board members will go for it.

  36. Jim,

    Paul Kelso at The Daily Telegraph has reliable information that tomorrow’s board meeting has been cancelled.


    Are your sources saying the same? How does this leave things in your opinion? If I’m honest I think it’s best a rapid sale didn’t go through. Look what happened last time someone made a quick decision!

  37. Short answer – why hold a meeting on Thursday specifically to discuss offers if the deadline for firm offers isn’t until Friday?

    Even after Friday there’ll be a period of time needed for professionals (probably at or assigned by Barcap) to assess the validity of the offers and for Martin Broughton to look at whatever they report back. Then the board can discuss it.

    Not time to panic yet.

  38. This is a very well carried out investigative documentry and all credits to Jim. YNWA boy.
    Kirdi always looked shady and with links with Gillette and Hicks, its quite obvious that kirdi is just a fake front put up by these two american goons who after trying to destroy our sacred club still want to remain involved with the club and destroy it further.
    We fans need to wake up to everything. Long live revolution. Long live liverpool. YNWA..

    This should reach eyes and ears of each liverpool fan around the world. KIRDI IS A FAKE!!

  39. Maybe no bids isn’t the worst case scenario, maybe its actually the best case scenario. Is it possible that if there are no bids then come October the club falls into the hands of RBS and out of the hands of H&G? Even better, if that happens, is it possible that Share Liverpool could have a real opportunity to get the club into the hands of the supporters?

    Yeah I know, very niave and wishful thinking, but seriously, if there are no bids, what would happen?

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