Gerrard: Yes, I’ll be at Liverpool next season.

Gerrard, on England duty for the World CupLiverpool fans have enough problems trying to decipher the truth from the never-ending speculation and off-the-record whispering that fills the back pages on a regular basis. Hints are made, but those doing the hinting haven’t the courage to put their names to their suggestions about their enemies. Or perhaps in some cases their contracts prevent them from just coming out with it.

That’s why it’s always good to see some actual quotes. Obviously it doesn’t mean the speaker is being honest but at least we know what the speaker really said.

Except, it seems, when it’s the BBC reporting the quotes. Only they can say why they missed out a vital couple of answers from their exclusive interview with Steven Gerrard, on duty with England but finding himself being asked about his Liverpool future.

Their online report of what Gerrard said in an interview with their senior football correspondent, Ian Dennis, differs in emphasis from what supporters actually heard when it went out on Five Live this afternoon (2:08.26 in).

Of course there’s no saying Gerrard means what he said today, but he certainly seemed very much taken aback when asked if he’d still be at Anfield next season: “What do you mean? Well I’ve got three years left so I will be, yes.”

This wasn’t the sound of someone answering diplomatically; this was the sound of someone who meant it. And perhaps that’s why it was completely dropped from the online report of what he’d said.

The interviewer started out by asking the Reds captain how is season had been so far: “For Liverpool everyone knows – it’s been well documented – it wasn’t good enough,” he said.

Moving to get the interview back to matters relating to the World Cup, Gerrard went on: “As a team and as a squad we’ve underachieved and we’re certainly not happy about it, but now we’re here with England and the training’s started I think it is important to park club issues and focus on the job in hand for England.”

The interviewer was sticking with his Liverpool questions though, asking him if he was personally hampered by injury during the season: “I’ve suffered a few injuries during the season and stuff, and struggled to gain form really quickly after those injuries but I think that’s just searching for excuses really. I think as a whole squad, the whole Liverpool team have underachieved this year.”

Briefly back to England matters and Gerrard was asked how fit he was for forthcoming trip to South Africa: “I’m fine. No problems, really looking forward to the World Cup, excited and hopefully I can remain fit and push on and do well.”

And did he see this as the last chance for the ‘golden generation’? “Maybe it will be,” he said. “For me I’ve got to realise I’m coming up to 30 years of age and these big tournaments come round every four years, so maybe it is going to be my last one, so I have to be conscious of that and try and make the most of it and do well.”

And back to Liverpool. The interviewer asked: “Like four years ago in the build up to the last World Cup there’s speculation about your future, is that a distraction to you?”

A little pause from Gerrard to think about it, suggesting he hadn’t really thought about it until then, before answering:  “Er.. Not really. I think it was [a distraction] four years ago, because I was going back to my hotel room and driving myself mad and stuff but this time round I won’t make the same mistake. What’s important to me now is going to the World Cup and focussing on the World Cup. If people want to speculate about my future, that’s up to them, I can’t control that, I can only control what I am thinking myself and I can guarantee everyone my focus is on doing well for England.”

And on to the questions omitted by the BBC’s written report of the interview: “Where does your future lie?” asked the reporter. “What do you mean?” replied the captain.

“In terms of, you know, will you be at Liverpool next season?” clarified the reporter. “Well I’ve got three years left so I will be. Yes.” replied the Liverpool club captain, without any ambiguity at all.

But it won’t stop the speculation – even though he’s made it clear the speculation can be a distraction. And with senior sources so readily willing to fuel speculation to anyone who’ll listen, Liverpool fans know they’ve got plenty more to sift through yet.

21 thoughts on “Gerrard: Yes, I’ll be at Liverpool next season.”

  1. Gerrard a great player he is… can be fickle at times, Jose going Real giving Gerrard the call, i wouldn’t put money on him staying!

    I really hope he stay though

  2. Great news! Lets hope Rafa and Nando feel the same, and that Rafa can clear some of the dead wood. All we need is to get rid of the surplus rubbish, bring in a half decent striker as a replacement for nando when he’s injured, and we’re sorted for next season.

    Oh, and investment in some bubble wrap and cotton wool for Nando, Stevie and Aqui when not on the pitch would be alright too.

  3. The truth will out. Great article. Now all we need is Nando to say he’s staying and we are on.

  4. Gerrard has and always will be my football hero. Should Rafa stay at Anfield then I sincerely hope Gerrard leaves. I honestly do not wish to see Gerrard ends his career on a miserable note!

  5. I agree with Jojo, Gerrard may well go to Madrid, after flirting with Chelsea a few seasons ago, I can’t se him signing for any premiership club now, if he leaves Liverpool.

  6. Absolutely disgusted with the BBC. I never trust them when it come to politics etc but you would think they would be more truthful when it came to sport. Articles like this can serve to throw the light on some of these mischievous journo’s.

  7. What an astonishing and disgraceful piece of reporting. A large portion of news sources have jumped on this and twisted it any number of ways when surely any reporter worth his salt knows the full set of quotes.

  8. Pepe Reina says Fernando Torres has told him personally thge he’s staying with Liverpool and Gerrard has also said he’s stsying at liverpool!!!

    Ignore the papers we’ll see tem both in August..!!!

  9. Great article.

    Daily Mail seem to be following the BBC with the quotes as do any other source, its dissapointing but atleast this helps clear it up a bit.

  10. If anybody doubts the accuracy of what you read in the papers or indeed on the like of the BBC web site well listen to this because they have good reason to take ANY journalists story as “accurate”. Both the News of the World and the BBC web site carry stories about an interview with Steven Gerrard in England’s Austrian training camp. Apparently everything said by Gerrard is reported accurately to the questions asked in these articles EXCEPT probably the most important question of the lot. The question was: “Will you still be at Liverpool next season”. Gerrard’s answer: “Yes, of course, I will still be at Liverpool next season, I still have 3 years to run on my contract”. Gerrard then fended off all other questions about Liverpool because he is in the ENGLAND training camp and wants to focus on England for the forthcoming World Cup and went to great pains to explain that he doesn’t want any speculation to ruin is focus on the job in hand. Funnily enough the BBC and NOTW both omitted this answer! Why? Personally, I trust journalists as much as I trust this CONDEM government – as far as I can throw them. They are gutter snipes of the lowest order!! Think what you like but Gerrard is going nowhere! That is from the horse’s mouth but our great media moguls refuse to report it!

  11. Ian Dennis and the rest of the cundits at 5 Live are a joke .. well done for this article – unambiguous is right until the bollox, bullshit corporations slide their greasy hounds down their own pant … ian Dennis, Mark Pugach, Danny baker , that annoying bacon bloke – 5 Live is sliding down the pan ..

  12. BBC was ridiculous there. i used to think it was better than the rest. obviously not.

    believe me whether you want to or not, but i KNOW gerrard is going to leave lfc after the world cup. i have a friend who knows people at the club. simply put he has fallen out with rafa, the coaches and several 1st team players and been stroppy for most of the season. i’m disgraced with his attitude and i kind of hope he goes from what i’ve heard

    i probably sound like an idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about and making up rubbish, but i’m not. it’s your choice whether you believe me or not.

  13. Noone can blame Stevie if he goes, Rafa has destroyed Liverpool and everything the club stands for, Stevie, Jamie and I honestly think Nando have held this club together, inspite of Rafa’s best efforts. What we should be discussing is getting rid of the little short toothed fat spaniard Rafa, then we may retain the services of Benyoun, Babel, Masch, Nando, Gerrard, Reina etc etc. Give us a new manager, somone who will do these lads proud!

  14. im disgusted with the beeb.. our licence fee pays for these muppets to continually report absolute rubbish, There should be a law about poor reporting. the british press are simply as low life as you can get. as for the NOTW should we expect anything better as they are directly linked to the sun.. (need we say more?)

  15. Any Good observer & proper Liverpool Fan knows well that Stevie G is one of the best midfield player of the World.
    The Guy is complete.
    One bad season is possible also for a Super Man like Gerrard: We’ve been poor this season, under-achievement, and the exceptations were high: a mortal mixture which has demoralised our players but hopefully next season things will be better and Gerro will back to his high level of performance.
    Rafa had two good meeting with Broughton: good things to be come. Keep the faith mates and don’t trust to the typycal propaganda of Londo based press.

  16. am so thankful to you for this article.i’ve been sick trying to think where my hero is heading to, now that i know he is all ours,i can get up from my sick bed and screem’ll never walk alone.

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