South African Wave

You’ll have to be quick, but for a chance to win a trip to this summer’s World Cup Finals tournament all you need to do is wave to your webcam for a few seconds.

Sony Ericsson have launched the “South African Wave” and if it replaces the distracting “Mexican Wave” we see at far too many international games these days then I for one am all for it. They hope to create “the longest online stadium wave on record”.

In Sony Ericsson’s own words: “The South African Wave, which will run until the end of the World Cup on the 11th July, asks football fans to submit their own recreation of the wave that became famous at the Mexico World Cup in 1986. All fans need to do is head to, upload their video or film it there and then via webcam, submit and share it for the chance to win tickets to the FIFA World Cup Finals this summer.”

The site also has a leaderboard; at the time of writing England were in front with Spain in fourth place,

Sounds like a bit of a laugh, if nothing else, and the bonus is there’s a chance you could go and see Jamie Carragher, Fernando Torres or Javier Mascherano fighting for their countries instead of us in South Africa.