LFC: Broughton-Purslow-Benitez summit “constructive”.

Photo from fOTOGLIF

The meeting between Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez, new chairman Martin Broughton and managing director Christian Purslow that took place earlier today was described as “constructive” and the first of what is intended to be a “series” of meetings.

A Liverpool statement said: “We are pleased that the first of what is intended to be a series of meetings took place today between the chairman, managing director and the manager.”

“The meeting was constructive.

“The chairman shared his views about plans for the future of the club. There was an exchange of views on issues of concern to both the board and the manager which were either addressed or to be picked up in forthcoming meetings.”

It remains to be seen what the true outcome of the meeting was and whether Rafa Benitez got the assurances he sought, namely that he be able to re-invest any money from sales this summer into new purchases. Chances are that only one of the trio will be forced to answer questions on the meeting at a press conference, and that will be at Rafa’s regular pre-match meeting with the media later in the week.

And it hardly sounds like the trio were about to head off for a few celebratory points afterwards.