Result: Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

Result: Premier League

Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

It was a case of ‘what might have been’ today for Liverpool as they went down 2-0 to Chelsea in a game that neither side particularly deserved to win. That said, Chelsea took their chances, Liverpool missed what few chances they made.

Nicolas Anelka got the opener for Chelsea – a player who spent six months on loan at Anfield before inexplicably being let go by Gerard Houllier in place of El Hadji-Diouf.

The second came from Florent Malouda, nearly signed by Rafa Benitez before Chelsea made the most of the snail’s pace in the Anfield boardroom at the time, a pace that played such a part in Rafa’s anger at the hierarchy at the beginning of the storm that still goes on between the owners and the fans. Whether it still goes on between the owners and the manager is a point that might be under scrutiny again tonight.

Blame will be thrown around now, and plenty of those on the pitch should be able to find fault with their own performances, but this isn’t the time to fight with each other, it’s the time to make sure everyone is working together, working for the same side. Unfortunately it’s also time for another international break, meaning few of the squad will be together at all in next couple of weeks.

Chelsea: 40 Hilario, 2 Ivanovic, 3 A Cole, 6 Carvalho, 26 Terry, 5 Essien, 8 Lampard, 13 Ballack, 20 Deco (15 Malouda, 76), 11 Drogba, 39 Anelka
Subs: 22 Turnbull, 35 Belletti, 10 J Cole, 15 Malouda, 18 Zhirkov, 21 Kalou, 23 Sturridge
Booked: Essien
Goals: Anelka 60, Malouda 90+1

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 2 Johnson, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 22 Insua (12 Aurelio, 83), 20 Mascherano, 21 Lucas (19 Babel, 76), 18 Kuyt, 8 Gerrard, 11 Riera (15 Benayoun, 67), 9 Torres
Subs: 1 Cavalieri, 5 Agger, 12 Aurelio, 16 Kyrgiakos, 15 Benayoun, 19 Babel, 24 Ngog
Booked: Gerrard

Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistants: David Richardson, Phil Sharp
Fourth official: Steve Bennett

Attendance: 41732

Match Stats: (Chelsea – Liverpool)
Possession: 48% – 52%
Shots on target: 8 – 3
Shots off target: 4 – 9
Corners: 5 – 8
Fouls: 14 – 17

21 thoughts on “Result: Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0”

  1. Looks like the old fashioned way of playing 2 strikers up front proved itself again.

    “We created chances.” said Rafa.

    Change the bleeding record, its time we started taking them eh? Some help for Torres might be a start. Kuyt aint a winger or a midfielder.

    For once Andy Gray was right. Benitez manages by numbers. Same time for the substitution, same player coming off, its so predictable and shows that when things dont go to plan he has no bottle and no plan B.

    “We had our chances.”

    And he still wont take responsibility for the total and utter bollocks against the Italians. Aurelio in midfield, surely not.

    One good thing is that this time last year he would have rested Torres before the international break, which hes not doing these days.

    To the players i say keep trying. We the fans believe in you. Not only have you got the opposition to beat, but youve got to contend with being played out of position and the ever predictable tactics and severe lack of fire power up front(Torres the exception). We dont blame you, you can only do your best.

    I know its hard but keep your chin up lads. We understand your frustration.

  2. great news guy we finally found our man. the so called manager to replace the great Rafa!!!!!!

    Its Cantos

  3. @ everyone……. jim included,
    on a diff note…………………………………….we will never win the EPL unless an investigation ala calciopoly in italy is done, every year if becomes clearer that utd have a total control on the refs and the FA in some cases, very similar to juve!!!!!! dont you agree guys?????

  4. Jesus wept…..Cantos in charge????

    There were positives in yesterdays game, shame about the result.
    I felt sorry for Masch because I thought he was on fire!

    It would be nice to see Aquilani get some minutes v Sunderland if we’re up by a few goals toward the end.

  5. Eh come on i wouldn’t be that bad.

    I’m sorry to keep moaning guys, but LFC is a big part of my life and i just want us to do well. Its as simple as that.

    Ive got behind Benitez over the last five years, even though i disagreed with 70% of what he did and continues to do. Ive sung his name at the grounds around the UK and I’ve sung his praises.

    Its just i don’t see things getting any better in the near future. I wont harp on and on again, but please respect my views. I love the team and the club as much as the next man, but i need to vent my anger somewhere and I’m sorry but i always start here. Anyway it would be boring if we all sung off the same hymn sheet. So sorry.

    Malta, you got a good point about UTD. No team can be that lucky over such a large period of time, its just not right.

    I think Alan Wylie is the best Premier league ref and had a decent game at the weekend. Ferguson is a wanker. Remember it was Wylie that took charge of their game against us last season when we destroyed them. That’s the real reason he dislikes him as well as the fact that he cannot intimidate him as he does to the others.

    Hate the international break, particularly as I’m Welsh, and we really are poor, lol.

  6. cantos, do like me, start siding with spain well i m from malta so it cannot get worse then that at least walsh have giggs haha,

  7. Malta, he’s now retired. Bellamy is our only hope. Here’s to the euros in 3 years time.

    I will be 100% behind the Spanish though.

  8. The forums fecked (site not working), our team is fecked, our goddamn custodians are fecked. I think that sums up our situation quite well?

    Sorry for the rant. Just needed to get that off my chest 🙁

  9. Juan // Oct 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm
    Is the forum going to be down temporarily or is that it gone for good?

    Juan, seems as though the forums database is buggered for the time being. Quick fix would be for Jim to reboot the server. If that fails, then he’ll have to fix the database.

  10. Gurdeep I suppose first he will have to realise its down! Haha looks like the forum could be out of action for some time to come 😉

    I dont mind going back to posting on the .com site

  11. Its back up and running boys

    MALTA, CANTOS & EDWARD how come you havent signed up to the foruum? Be good to see a few more faces on it?

  12. Dont worry Cantos I get sick myself moaning about the Americans but sure we have to be able to vent it somewhere

  13. Boys,

    Is there anything in the injuries to Gerrard and Torres or is it just the usual con of avoiding the mid week game in order to be fully fit for the weekend?

  14. what is this international hoodoo,
    all injerd
    and kuyt maybe is ok

  15. Just seen the line up for todays game at Sunderland.

    Not good. Shows how shallow and inexperienced our squad is. 6 Years in charge and our team looks so weak with our two main men out.

    I am expecting the worst…..

    But you never know.

  16. you were right our bench is not that good but babel plays with holland, beny playes with israel, kuyt holland, luca brazil, johnson england agger danmark our team was full of international players how many international players did sunerkand have?? maybe two, if it was with a top side i would blame the bench because yes the top sides have better benches then us but not against a team that maybe has two int players and i cant blame rafa iether what i saw was lack of comitment, shellow and weak.

    and yes cantos 6 years, but i would realy want to know who is his mirical man of yours. I m sure if rafa had the money w would have a much better bench.



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