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As promised, a rather belated chance to win the companion to the Match Annual we offered as a prize in a competition last month – Match Best of the Eighties.

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Simply answer the following question:

Q. Liverpool beat Real Madrid 1-0 to win the European Cup in 1981 – which city was the game played in?

a. Rome.
b. Paris.
c. London.

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Closing date: Midnight (UK time), Wednesday 17th December 2009.

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Simply answer the following question:

Q. Who did Fernando Torres score against for his first Liverpool Premier League goal?

a. Man Utd.
b. Chelsea.
c. Arsenal .

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Closing date for both competitions is midnight (UK time), Wednesday 17th December 2009.

88 thoughts on “Competition: Win Match Best of the Eighties”

  1. It’s becoming clear to me that the only reason this website is still active is to support the forum.

    Jim, are you not able to give any reason why you have ceased posting here? It seems most odd for a professional journalist to cease with no explanation.

  2. Would love to know where Jim is?

    We should have despatched of Preston much more easily than we did but it seems with had absent friends in Keano and Babel who were poor in different ways today – but at least Babel had a hand in the final goal.

    Keano’s confidence must have been shatterted after missing so many clear cut chances, being subbed and then watching Torres score in the final minute.

    Robbie K must be wondering what the rest of the season holds for him, now Torres is back?

    Having said that, Robbie’s failure to shoot at goal at the end of the first half presented problems for Xabi who got injured as a result . I hope Robbie’s confidence gets up and running soon.

  3. Midlands i agree with you in full.

    But my how the game changed when Alonso was forced to make way for the ever so ineffective Lucas. The tale of two halves. The first half with a great midfielder where Preston had no play, the second with a midfielder who really should not be wearing that shirt, where Preston were in control.

    The difference speaks for itself.

  4. Come On Cantos – Happy New Year, by the way – even you can’t lay the blame at Lucas’ door?!

    The problem was the inadequacies of keane/babel who kept giving the ball back or giving away free-kicks – and, yes, Xabi’s at the top of his game so he would be, and was, a massive miss.

    Lucas didn’t do too bad spraying the ball around when he came on – but by that point we’d lost a little momentumm and allowed Preston back into the game.

    Tell me, how can you so easily have forgotten the Newcastle game – when Stevie G, Lucas etc were A class – and so readily criticise them now?

    I think the bigger picture is working here for Rafa and the back-up team will continue to prove their worth.

  5. Midlands, Happy new year mate.

    I just dont rate the guy. He never performs. I went and had a great time, but he was rubbish. Keane was not good enough and Babel as you say was careless and at times selfish. Babel keeps moaning about his apperances yet when he does get the chance, rarely puts in a place keeping performance.

    You are right, Rafa does seem to be getting it right, and it was good to see a full strength team on the pitch.

    But Lucas, no.

  6. Happy New Year Guys!

    I’m steering clear of the Lucas debate. He pissed me off massively against Arsenal but I recognise that he has a really really important part to play for us in the second half of the season, particularly coming on as a sub toward the end of games in which we’re cruising. So I wish him all the best!

    Babel – No comment (I honestly don’t know what to make of him anymore!)

    Keane – I’m not his biggest fan to begin with and I’m blue in the face from saying that he needs to take his opportunities when he gets them. THIS IS NOT SPURS!

    Anyway, overall it’s difficult to be too critical. Keep up the good work L.F.C.

  7. Guys,

    I’m tempted to join the forum is only to start a line :What to do about Jim?

    This web page has gone down at least twice in the last week and I’m beginning to wonder whether we need to start a new page somewhere – otherwise if Jim pulls the plug at anytime we’ll lose our little community.

    Something to think about or, preferably, something for JIM TO COMMENT ON?

    ps We’ve got some real important, significant games coming up. Not only against a resurgent Real Madrid, but in the Premier League. Hope Xabi’s injury’s ok, Stevie G was not a naughty boy and that we have all the luck prospective champions need in 2009! Walk on!

  8. @ midlands-red, as to signing up to the forum please do! We are a friendly bunch over there and as to Jim were mystified! You have a good point about losing our little community thou, I mentioned your comment on starting a new page in one of my lasts posts, food for thought!
    But back to the footie and what away to start the new year and you can bet its going to be a long up hill struggle all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good one.
    LFCFL & COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!

  9. So guys are we joining some forum or what. Dont want to risk the site going down, and our banter disappearing!!!

    I await the group decision.

  10. @ Cantos, midlands-red, Edward, Ray Proudfoot and LFC Malta, please do come over to the forum your input would be very welcome by one and all!

  11. Iskoppa,

    Don’t worry about me. I visit the forums regularly and have posted a new topic today on Rafa’s press conference.

    I haven’t posted much recently simply because I’ve not had much to say. You can only say “It’s nice being top” so many times. 😉

  12. Iskoppa,

    I’m just trying to measure whether i should go on the forum because those things could become addictive!

    My main concern is that the site has failed to stay up – this week in particular – and i don’t want us to lose contact if Jim can’t be bothered to maintain the site. I think we might have to consider setting up something elsewhere.

    @ Ray

    Being top is fantastic but as Rafa says we’ve got to take one game at a time – so we’ve always got the next game to look forward to/comment on.

    Stoke tomorrow will be interesting. Hopefully we’ll win. But I’m so keen – forgive the obvious! – to where he plays Stevie G, with Alonso injured, and what the implications are for Keano. I’m hoping he plays Stevie in midfield and allows Keano to play in the hole behind Torres. If it works, and it should, it provides options should Xabi not make it back against Everton.

    Loved Rafa getting on the front foot against Fergie. He could do with smoothing his english to emphasise his points even more – not that I can speak Spanish (or write in English) – but as it stands he’s telling Fergie he’s not the only only big fish in town – and he’s telling the players don’t have an inferiority complex.

    No where near a ‘rant’ – though I will start ranting soon if Rafa’s contract’s not sorted out and soon. Talk about unnecessary incompetence by the Americans or Parry!

  13. Ray Proudfoot,

    Glad your already over there!

    Nice to see yeah back thou and being top does feel good!

    I’ll see you on the otherside.

  14. Interesting to read Rafa’s rant on Fergie – Fergusson does himself no credit when, each year he starts his mind games against his oponents – This suggests that he has no confidence in his own players and needs to try to affect other teams players – Football used to be about sport Fergie and not trying to cheat your way to the top. Don’t forget Fergie with Ronaldo he has got enough ego for the whole of the team, and written off car costs ONLY one weeks wages, now that some it all up.

  15. Good spot Midlands concerning Rafas comments!

    Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t going to dictate and manipulate the title run-in. There’s a new game in town and he better get used to it.
    It also keeps our boys motivated in the early New Year! Good work Rafa!

  16. We didn’t get the luck, unlike United when they played them, but we didn’t deserve it either.

    To say I’m disappointed is it an understatement.

    The result is one thing but the performance was poor.

    Chances were at a minimal and it’s like we forgot that we are at the top and Stoke are near the bottom.

    We got dragged into the sort of game they wanted us to play. High balls. Kick and rush. Lacking the precision pass.

    I then started thinking of all the players we’ve been linked to and I couldn’t imagine any of those that would have made a difference today.

    I would have liked to have seen Stevie G drop into midfield and let Keano play in the hole but it’s almost as if Rafa said ‘so long as we’re ahead at the end of this weekend that’s all that matters’. I then wondered what IF given that we’re playing Everton next in an unpredicatble Derby.

    ‘Unpredicatble’ is how I’d describe the season so far. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, therefore!……….at least we’re top whatever happens.

  17. I didnt want to add any comments yesterday because i was so upset and mad, thought i would leave it until this morning and look at things with a fresh perspective.

    However, i just watched the early edition of MOTD.

    There is nothing good to say about yesterday at all. The team selection was wrong, the tactics were wrong, the substitutions (as ever) were laughable and the overall performance by the players was a joke.


    How many times over the last 5 years have we been held or beaten by a bottom six club. MORE TIMES THAN IS acceptable.

    Benitez struts in with a huge lack of respect again and gets done. This should have been a got to win game. We could have gone 6 clear. Pull out all the stops and win, but no. Too negative, too defensive and two holding midfielders. Please tell me whats going on somebody please. It is unbelievable. This game was crying out for 2 strikers. Both their top scorers were absent so a straight 4-4-2 would have been more than adequte.

    LUCAS is useless, another poor, poor performance as last time, but he will no doubt keep his place in the squad as Benitez tends to overlook his performance. He must be fantastic in training!!!! The bloke is a championship standard player who offers us nothing! Fact.

    I know im going to get slated for saying this but i hope Lucas picks up an injury before our next game so he is forced to miss it because the fella is an utter liabilty. Ive never know anyone as bad at tackling or anyone who gives the ball away so much.

    Just an awful performance all round. But i think the players are tired of the same old tactics and instructions. ITS NOT WORKING BENITEZ IS IT!

    Lets start looking as though we want this title, lets start going for it from the start. Noboby ran at Stoke with the ball. Anybody can pass it back and forth along the back four all day. We got no idea.

    And its been the same over the whole of Benitez’s time in charge. Moments of brilliance, some great victories, but same old story when it comes to bread and butter games. He will never change, Just think we could be 15 or so points clear by now.

    Yesterday should have seen both Keane and Kuyt up front with Gerrard and Masch in the centre. We would have walked it if we had something for the players to aim for up front.

    Yes we are top. But if Utd win their games in hand we are a point behind.

    Missed Insua yesterday and i understand he will be away with his country for a 4 week period. He’s been excellent and will be a big loss.

    Carra and Martin should have played central yesterday as well, after all we have a strong enough squad, dont we, OH NO WE HAVENT REALLY HAVE WE.

    New contract for Rafa. I can see why they are not in his office putting the pen in his hands. Im not a great supporter of his. He’s done well and will never be forgotten, but his transfers have been without question a disaster. He has bought so much crap its laughable and got rid of some good squad players. Crouchy we miss you lad.

    If we fail in winning the Prem this time Benitez should go. Hes had long enough and with the top four letting us off the hook time and time again this season we should be running away with it.

    Benitez is just not good enough, he’s too negative/cautious and has no sense of adventure. THAT WAS A MUST WIN GAME YESTERDAY AND HEY GUESS WHAT, WE DIDNT WIN.

  18. @ Cantos.

    Some of what you say is agreeable but largely it misses the point.

    We beat Newcastle 5-1 in the last EPL game and everyone was saying how great we are etc..

    We draw against Stoke – and remember United got a late late winner against them – and suddenly we’re going nowhere.

    They can’t both be right.

    So let’s go with the facts: We’re top of the league. You don’t get there through luck.

    Yes we’ve dropped points and the whole performance yesterday – not just from Lucas – was poor.

    But as we must understand – the season is not going to be plane sailing. Chelsea lost its home record this year ( to us, I add). United lost to a team in the top four at present (us). And we’ve been without our top marksman for the whole season and yet we’ve still managed to be on top.

    It’s great being an LFC fan(atic) but the season’s not over yet. We’ve got many crucial 6 pointers to come and so have our rivals.

    Yesterday was not a must win game but it was certainly a game we should hope expect to win (like Chelsea v/s southend and United v/s Derby were games they were expected to win).

    People talk about our players not having the experience to see the season and winning the EPL through. I think some of the fans haven’t got it either. Let’s hope this doesn’t transpire itself down to the manager and the team.

  19. Midlands – red

    Chelsea vs Southend and Utd vs Derby cannot be seen in the same light as they are not Premiership Games.

    I hope your reference to fans not having the experience to see the season through was not aimes at me.

    i am not going to go into my attendance history, but i have held a season ticket and followed the club both home and away for nearly 20 years now so i do not take kindly to it.

    I have more experience in title races and cup runs than most of the players who turned out for us yesterday. ( from a suffering perspective).

    Yes and have i suffered. I probably am more touchy and anxious than at any time over the last two decades because its so so close. I want this title more than anything. I just think we got the team and the manager to win it, but Benitez just aint being aggresive enough.

    Forgive my outburst it is personal for all of us i know, but im just not as understanding as the rest of you. I want it so bad.

    Fingers crossed for the draw this afternoon.

  20. Oh yeah,

    are any of you boys thinking about going to Real Madrid with the Reds?

    Thomas Cook are doing a day trip from Liverpool, inc flights, programme, transfers and ticket.

    £248.00 all in. There and back in a day mind, but thats the fun of it. Trying to convince the missus at the mo myself.

    Good luck.

  21. Utd batter Chelsea and look the dogs bollocks. I fear by next Monday we will be a point behind them.

    Stoke not a must win?????????

  22. Hi Guys, In my opinion in the games against Bolton and Newcastle we had a player that gave us a better dimension, you might not agree but INSUA WAS MISSED big time, apart from that I agree with you MIDLANDS That you could not picture someone that could have unlocked the game, but I don’t see Lucas as being the right substitute for Xabi, we missed his long range passing and it would have been really needed on Saturday, I see Lucas as maybe being a sub for Mach but not for Xabi, when Xabi is missing Steve G should be dropped down to midfield as he to can strike some good long range passing, and Keane can take his place in the hole.
    On Saturday I think Rafa should have gambled a little in the second half by putting in Babel as a right winger, we were very poor there and raira should have been left on the pitch.
    I would have opted for just to Substitutions.

    Torres for Lucas and Babel for Benayoun. That would have given us more creativity and more unpredictability which was the most thing we lacked in my opinion.

    All things said, I still think that Rafa is doing a wonderful job, Just look at how much money he spent over the last three years and look how much MR Chewyy (Fergy) has spent and we are were we are.

    I think if there had to be chart for the clubs who spent the most money we would maybe be in 7 or 8 place.

  23. My wife called me mad the other day for caring so much about our club…………don’t worry guys, we’ll be divorced soon! 🙂

    I just heard another fan saying how he supports Rafa but 5% of the time he could strangle him. I can understand that.

    Rafa has been, and i hope will continue to be, excellent for our club.

    He’s got us in contention for trophies our budget suggests otherwise (@ LFc Malta, I agree with you there) – look at Spurs for a club that is struggling to get out of the bottom 3 despite spend todate, and he’s got us believing we’re close to winning the league, inspite of those American charlatans and the chaos at CEO and other levels.

    Yes, timely decisions need to be made around team selection and tactics and substitutions during games but the number of times he gets these wrong are few and far between. Ok – some may point to dropping points at home against so-called lesser teams – and not winning against stoke this weekend – but we are at the top, and will in and around the top, as we get to the business end of the season. We were begging/praying for this at the start of the season and we’re up-there now – despite injuries to key players and even the manager.

    Now is the time for cool heads and supporting all the players, even Lucas (for some of you!). The team needs us. Slaughtering one individual will affect the team.

    Stevie G’s performance against Newcastle and Preston were in contrast to his performance against Stoke. His first performances were based on high energy, adrenalin rush after being in the jailhouse desperate to get out and now I’m wondering whether the reality of his court case affected him against Stoke as he was slower, mis-placing shots and passes – very un-Stevie like. The same of course could be said for all the team but as our talisman I was focussed on him a little more.

    So how am i feeling after the weekend. A little deflated for sure. Particularly after United hammered Chelsea. But a little realistic as well. After we took apart Newcastle we were the real deal, now United destroyed Chelsea they are. Next week or the week after it’ll be someone else. I’ve got my fingers-crossed it will be our turn just as the title needs to decided!!

    PS I tease, by the way, in case she’s reading this, about divorcing my wife. I could no sooner divorce her than give up on our club, like the rest of you.

  24. Hi guys,
    So what if United go a point ahead of us?

    Maybe even we lose to Everton……..
    What happens then?
    Do we fall apart ?
    Season over ?
    Rafa out ?

    Then again, that guy (is it Torres?) might………

  25. Never mind the Premiership title.
    Still no contract for Rafa; why not ??
    What happens if Hicks & Gillett cannot pay off their loan of £350m in 6 months and no other buyers have appeared in the meantime ?? I’ll tell you what happens, we’re up shit creek.

  26. @ Jofrad and Edward, couldn’t agree more.

    We live in interesting times. Just glad we’re there or there abouts given the turmoil at various levels in our club.

    Listening to some of the commentators after Rafa’s comments you’d think they all agreed…….until and after the results this weekend. Experts they are not!

    PS Given that an earlier post was up for ‘moderation’ and subsequently not posted, does that mean Jim’s back?!

  27. Already guaranteed to be regarded as one of the season’s most influential players, Xabi Alonso’s reputation enjoyed a hefty enhancement on Saturday. Nothing of the sort could be said about any other Liverpool player – including the benched Robbie Keane – in a disjointed and guileless 90 minutes at Stoke that only served to highlight the Spaniard’s worth. With the benefit of hindsight, it was no coincidence that Liverpool lost their zip at Preston a week ago in the immediate aftermath of Alonso’s enforced substitution.

    The replacement of Alonso’s creative output with the more prosaic offerings of Lucas Levia made the confinement of Fernando Torres and Robbie Keane to the substitutes’ bench all the more baffling. Having already recorded five stalemates, it is not difficult to identity Liverpool’s weakness yet Torres was only introduced after an hour and Keane not at all. Nobody, it seems, is questioning the wisdom of paying more than £20m for Keane in the summer more than Rafa himself but the Liverpool manager’s refusal to introduce the Irishman begged the question of what exactly was the point in naming him as a substitute. Even if Benitez does not rate Keane, it was impossible to fathom why he rated Yossi Benanyoun, an average player flattering to deceive, worth 80 minutes.

    (taken from football365)

  28. Midlands, just seen your post. Not heard as yet.

    Is this news or just paper talk??

    Could be a blessing for us. I think no matter how good the deal that he will reject it as he wants out, and its an easy way to put the blame on the owners.

    As i said months ago, he has balls-ed up to many games with outrageously bad team selections and tactics. He knows we should be well clear of the pack, but alas we will be behind utd on Sunday.

    He wants the Champions league more than the Prem anyway.

    Are you ready to stand in Sammy Lee???? Cos your next mate.

  29. Er, Sammy Lee?!

    I love the little fella, just like you Cantos, but even he knows this job is too big for him. No pun intended, honest 🙂

    First thing first – Rafa goes, then we really do have a problem.

    Secondly – while i want Rafa to stay, I am a little queezy over him having total control. We could have lost Xabi – if that were the case. But having said that as, he says, the club and him lives and dies by his footballing decisions. And his record to date ain’t been too bad, despite the criticisms.

    Finally – what is it with our club at the moment and contract negotiations. We can’t sign up the Boss and Agger, we can’t get rid of Pennant – who clearly wants to stay to make more money when his contract runs out (the hand of Sky Andrew) and who can blame him – and who knows what’s happening with Arbeloa et al.

    Top of the league, for now maybe, but can’t sort things out behind the scenes. What a last two years or so our club has been through……..yet, we’re not doing too bad, aye Cantos?! 🙂

  30. Yeah were doing alright. And i would have taken all this last year.

    I dont want the boss to go at this moment in time, but im not a huge fan. He is so frustrating and has been since his arrival. When you add up all his errors they far outway the good points.

    I appluade the man for what he has done and given the club, but if he had been more orthodox in his approach we would be miles out in front.

    He has done some stupid things in his time just to prove a point. His intentions im sure are without doubt totally in the interest of LFC, but he does like to be at the forefront of the press himself.

    The club is too big for sammy i agree.

    I hope and prey we play an attacking 4-4-2 formation on Monday. I bet we dont. We have to go at them.

    I would like to see Masch and Gerrard centre with riera and Kuyt wide, and Keane and Torres up front.

    Lets go for it. We cannot afford any more defensive approaches with 1 up front.

    If Rafa goes, i wont be sorry. But that doesnt mean i dont respect him or thank him for the great work he has done. And if he wasnt so stubborn, had bought with a bit more brains and played the obvious game instead of trying to be clever, he could have been one of the greatest.

  31. @Cantos one small question its clear you dont like Rafa! Can you name two people who you would see fit to take his place??????

  32. @ Cantos

    ‘When you add up all his errors they far outweigh the good points’!! You’re joking right!!

    Trophies, top of the league, Torres over Baros, Alonso over Biscan, (our) Sammy Lee over Pako……..I think you’re on the wrong line of the argument!

    For the rest of us, the issue is whether Rafa is posturing to leave or that he really wants to stay. If he wants to stay, the owners are in a bit of a pickle.

    With Man City and Villa breathing down our necks for next season, they can’t afford to have a manager who does not guarantee them a top four finish (and neither can we). On the other hand, Rafa knows Real Madrid, in their current turmoil and with election promises around the corner, would love him back. But would he get half the control he currently gets, never mind what he wants. It’s interesting dilemma for all……while we’re trying to win the league, beat RM in the champions league, oh and there’s the small matter of trying to sell the club!

    It’s great being a fan, right?!

  33. If he wants to stay…, shouldn’t that be ‘If he wants to leave’……aaah, yes, the latter! 🙂

  34. In response to the overwhelming Rafa support, i will concede the fact that there is nobody else that springs to mind when a replacement is talked about.

    Im not saying he is a crap manager, im saying that his stubborness makes him vunerable to mistakes, he does not like to lose face.

    Take for example the outrageously bad rotation policy of last season. After a while he could see the error of his ways, but he kept it up in order to save face and attempt to prove himself right. On that you have to agree.

    I think hes doing the same this season with regards to tactics and with regards to snubbing Keane. He paid alot of money for the guy and we (including the boss) know what a superb and dangerous player he is. So for gods sake play him. If hes out of form, dont take the piss out of him and leave him on the bench and replace him with an untested kid whos yet to score in the prem(Ngog) or an equally out of form striker (Kuyt). Now that doesnt make sense. When we are crying out for a goal, dont leave him on the bench. Utter madness.

    And why in the last game, when Torres is still recovering from injury, does he get brought on late in the second half when he is cold and could easily have pulled up again. Surely a sensible man would have started with Torres after a full pre match warm up, got the goals and then have subbed him. You cannot fully warm up on a cold day from the bench by running up and down the line for 20 mins.

    Goals then subs Rafa.

    We now need to win against Everton on Monday. At 4.45pm on Saturday i thought that god was smiling down on us again and Utd and Chelsea were going to drop points. But alas no, they kept on attacking and played til the death, another lesson learnt. Its not in our hands anymore.

    Chin up though, a good showing on Monday, a decent run of results and who knows, it might just leave the game of the season at Old Trafford for us to take the title, WHICH WOULD BE SO SWEET.

    So maybe the big guy is smiling down on us after all.

  35. And i forgot to mention,

    Rafa was forcing Alonso out of our club pre season. Thank god he didnt get his way. By far one of our best players so far, no???

    He blew £7 million on Dossenna(outrageous) when he had Insua???? Madness

    £20 million on a player he never uses, even when a winner is a must.

    And look at Lucas, Benayoun and Babel………Not even average.

    And yet his latest moan is that he wants full control of the transfers in and out. I can see why the owners dont like that.

    He still has around 18 months left on his contract yet he airs his dirty washing in public again at a crucial time of the season..

    Please can someone else agree with me that this behaviour is a little odd if nothing else. I know that no ther contributer to this site will say a bad word against Benitez but please fellas he aint totally chocolate now is he..

    And i wont even mention his treatment of STEVIE FINAN who never put a foot wrong in his time with us. His treatment of CROUCH who was outstanding for us and his now treatment of AGGER who has to put up with a place on the bench.

    And MR PARRY please give Agger a rise, thats all he wants, cos there are plenty of clubs out there that will pay him double what he is getting at Anfield.

  36. As Jim’s not posted for the game against Everton tonight surely that means he’s lost all interest in this site, if we didn’t think it already?!

    Keane plays tonight. No monster. No Lucas. Does this mean Rafa’s picked a team leaving critics little room for manoevure, or will the absence of Babel for Kuyt cause doubts re. Rafa’s selection policy?

  37. Just got in, been to the game tonight.

    Please, please, please can someone, especially one of you Rafa die hards, explain what the hell goes on in that mans head.

    Keane is sacrificed as usual and replaced by a very average player in Benayoun. We go one up before the change can make any difference. We then hold the game and frustrate Everton who do not look like scoring.

    He then takes Torres off with 5 mins or so to go…..Firstly why? 5 mins isnt going to make any difference what so ever as far as fitness is concerned. Brings on the shitest player in our squad and goes for an ultra negative formation.

    Is sitting on the thinest of thin 1 nil leads a good idea??? Is playing without a front line at home a good idea??? Did he think how we would score a further goal if we indeed did go level???

    How negative can we get. We deserved that. We cant complain. Awful tactics again. He will never ever learn. And the defending was awful. Zonal marking again shows its faults.

    The groan of the crowd was so loud when Lucas came on he must have heard it……The guy is just awful. He kicked everyone, he cant tackle, hes just so bad.

    Why did Benayoun make that challenge??? He is also poor and contributed nothing when he came on.

    Benitez you cocked it up again. Thats 6 home draws this season. Laughable, all too lower table clubs.

    We dont want to hear about your contract Benitez, especially now. You have handed Ferguson the title on a big fat negative plate.

    Well done, you should be proud.

  38. Cantos, I think that you’re way off.

    Granted it’s a disappointing result, especially to concede a goal so late at home.

    What I disagree with however is that you seem to constantly reinforce this notion of the invincibility of United.

    It’s January we’re level on points at the top of the league, Calm Down!

  39. This ‘Rafa die hard’ didn’t get to the game but watched it at home – in total discomfort – sending texts to friends at the game saying, at 1-0, that we were absolutely poor defensively and that we would concede a goal.

    Skrtel wasn’t at his best today. He gave the ball away so many times.

    Keane has totally and utterly lost confidence. He seems a man devoid of producing anything at the moment.

    Taking Torres off was precautionary. He wanted to prevent his muscles seizing up and causing an injury so late in the game when your body is tired. Hamstring’s often go at that stage in a game after being away for so long.

    The Lucas change baffled me too. Thought he’d bring on Babel to stretch the game. But the change did allow Stevie G to push further forward.

    All in all. We were poor all game. Didn’t deserve much out of the game and in the end we got what we deserved.

  40. I have previously described Keane as a chicken with its head cut off because, of the way he runs at breakneck speed achieiving nothing. Last night against Everton, I would describe him as the invisable man, I saw him line up at the start of both halves but apart from that he was not to be seen except for brief glimpes. Only once has he had a good game and scored 2 good goals. As you can see I have never been a fan of Keane but, Oh how I wish he would make me change my opinion of him and start to conbtribute to the teams needs. How long can LFC continue with his below par performance, he is looking more and more like Pennant every time he plays.

  41. Rafa has picked a fine week to open his boca. 2nd in the league and still in the European and FA Cups we maybe but our club is a fine mess. A return to the days where we all pulled together is long overdue but I can see no sign of it.

  42. Torres didnt need to come off, injury or not, 5 mins wouldnt make any difference at all. Its just back to being over cautious.

    Negative tactics = negative result, yet again.

    Come on Jim lad!!

  43. To sum up RAFA’S mentality, i would say he plans ahead to the next game without finishing and getting the results from the game he is currently playing.

    I hope i get to eat my words but i just think he has thrown away our best title chance for almost 2 decades. 6 home draws to lesser teams aint good enough.

  44. Stories abound again about our future ownership: continued American ownership or their sell-out to Kuwaiti’s…….is this just part of the current narrative re. de-stabilising our club or true fact towards greater medium-long term stability?! We can only hope.

    What a month we’re having!

  45. I’m presuming because the “pressure” is now off, that we’re going to chew the Toffees this weekend?

    I’m really looking forward to it!

  46. Cantos I think your wishes will soon come through as by summer Rafa will be out by mutual agreement.

    Guess who one of the candedates is???

    Mr No 7 king kenny

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