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As promised, a rather belated chance to win the companion to the Match Annual we offered as a prize in a competition last month – Match Best of the Eighties.

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We have five copies of the book to give away, courtesy of Pan Macmillan publishers.

Simply answer the following question:

Q. Liverpool beat Real Madrid 1-0 to win the European Cup in 1981 – which city was the game played in?

a. Rome.
b. Paris.
c. London.

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Q. Who did Fernando Torres score against for his first Liverpool Premier League goal?

a. Man Utd.
b. Chelsea.
c. Arsenal .

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Closing date for both competitions is midnight (UK time), Wednesday 17th December 2009.

88 thoughts on “Competition: Win Match Best of the Eighties”

  1. Why does Chris Bascombe get the stories he does??

    I’m not sure about you guys but I think Bascombe’s become part of the story, and not just someone who breaks them.

    Today’s story about the Kuwaiti who seems to have pulled out of any deal to buy the club is good for his CV but also the position of Gillett and Parry.

    I don’t like what I’ve seen of Hicks so I want him to go to…..although I wonder about that old addage ‘be careful what you wish for’! I’m still not sure whatr I want to do about Parry, though I want Gillet to go too.

    What I do know is that Bascombe’s stories tend to favour the Gillett and Parry camp. (Still can’t believe we’ve been forced to think of the club in terms of ‘camps’) Today’s story would push the publicity shy Kuwaiti’s away and put a nail into the coffin of any plans Hicks and his minnions within the club had of strengthening his position.

    People talk about the battle on the pitch, but with July re-financing deadline just around the corner the PR battle for the owenership of our club is far the hardest……and sadly most decisive blow to our campaign and club!

  2. Not too fussed, great to have Torres back. I just hope now that he can remain uninjured for the rest of the season. Interesting though when Rafa was asked whether Keane was:

    a) Injured
    b) rested
    c) not selected

    He chose c)

  3. @ Edward

    Thought the same as you about the result. An unusual feeling as I’d normally expect them to win and nothing else would do. But getting players fit and getting our shape back with Carragher in central defence is key.

    I heard the Rafa interview re. Keane and thought it surprising that Rafa was so open and honest about the situation.

    I like Keane as a personality, or as least as much as you can garner on TV. But even he has to admit that his performance against Everton was dire, in fact the worst I’ve seen for some time for any player (and that includes Lucas!) So where do we go from here? Tough week ahead with decisions to be made. Ngog over Keane shows there appears to be only one door open and that’s to leave. If so, let’s hope we get most of the money back.

    What I’m finding interesting about the whole situation is that with Crouch and Kuyt, Rafa stood by the players. In this insistence he doesn’t appear interested. Suggests he wasn’t a Rafa priority signing and may again hint at the problem between Rafa and the money-men and CEO at the club. Who knows but we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. I am so, so confused.

    Again he plays a single striker at home(even though that striker is not fully fit). He leaves his big summer signing out of the squad completely and he hasnt learnt a thing from the first game??????

    All in all Benitez is showing the world that he is a terrible manger. But nobody can be that bad, nobody.

    It is obvious to me what is going on here. He is tormented by the owners of the club and continues to air all the bad blood in public. I suspect that Keanes signing was a board decision and not Benitez’s, he did not get his own way as far as signing Barry was concerned and is frustrated that such a great tactical genius like himself( i jest) has no new contract to sign.

    So he acts like a child, refuses to play Keane and put himself before the club to make a point to the owners.

    The game today was crying out for Keane in the last 20 minutes. It was stale and needed someone up front to change things and add a little zip to the game….bring on Keane, but no, not even on the bench. Utter, utter madness.

    Benitez is not bigger than the club or the owners. He is employed by them, so stop throwing your dummy out every 5 minutes and get on with the job you idiot.

    The sooner he is gone the better. He is notoriously bad in the transfer market, he treats players like shit and tactically he is clueless. He is letting us down now with this childish idiotic attitude to all things mentioned above.

    I really hope he goes this summer. We could have added an extra 3 milllion to the Keane price tag and got Villa for gods sake.

    We wont win anything this season under Rafa whilst this bad feeling continues between the board, himself and the owners. He is always trying the one up, its backfired and now he has egg on his face.

    If we had played two up front over the course of the 6 home draws im sure we would have won a few, even if being brave had meant one or two defeats we would still have had more points at the end of it.

    Come back Houllier all is forgiven.

  5. Cantos, I think that you’re rapidly turning into Rantos 😕

    I urge you to pause for a moment and reflect on the casual Genius of Torres’s flick.

    I also mention the Character that Stevie G has shown of late in the face of personal difficulties.

    These guys mean business.

    Get behind the team and the manager!

  6. @lfc malta. rafa and lucas and benayoun and ngog and…..wait for it……the amazing VORONIN and Gonzalez and Leto and Barragan and Nunez.

    You must be in hysterics by now Malta, theres enough clowns there to make anyone laugh.

  7. @ Cantos
    Lucas was much sort after – although I’m sure Rafa would have like the 18m for Hargreaves or 15 mill for Anderson and Carrick instead of the £6m for Lucas.

    Benayoun the same, although if rafa had the united cash he’d have preferred Ronaldo or Chelsea’s-ex Robben.

    As for Ngog, he cost 1.5m compared to Tevez at 30m and too many strikers to mention from Chelsea who cost more.

    Now for Keane – even you in your earlier comment said that Keane was probably imposed on Benitez by the board (opr should that be Parry). I think, Rafa wanted him but at a lower price than what Parry agreed to pay, swallowing up Rafa’s budget for Barry.

    As for Voronin – he was a free. And we’ve probably made money on him as hes out on loan. Name me a ‘free’ signing that our rivals have had to rely on

    Gonzalez was bought for 2 mil (?) – and sold on for profit.

    Leto’s on loan and making the club money…..I could go on.

    The wider point is that the Club has not been giving Rafa money which he’s wasted. He’s having to take on our rivals on a shoestring budget with the odd £20m capture – or should that be 2 in Torres and Keane.

    The game yesterday showed how poorly Keane’s been playing. He’s not opened up defences regularly and yet Torres and Gerrard have shown in two matches what sort of partnership is required.

    Having said all that, if Keane can’t be sold for a realistic amount then he’ll get his chance again but he must step-up or go back to being a middle-order player.

    I get the impression that we’re in a mid-term slump (without the losses which is good) but we’ve got to hang in there because the real crucial games are to come….and as for having two upfront, as`in the good ol days! – isn’t that what West Brom have and look where they are!!

  8. Midlands spot on, as for the 4 4 2, that is old fasioned in football at this age (predictable).

    I think cantos will be more happy to see us lose games with a 4 4 2 formation then drew oe even win with one upfront

    Italy won the world cup with one up front, spain won against germany in the final with one up front and utd played most of the games last season with no 4 4 2 formations.

    I would like to ask a question to all you guys.

    Do you think that if Rafa had the same budget as Chelsea or Manur for the last five years he would have at least won one PL?

  9. Malta, budget or no budget, you have got to remember that this manager for the last couple of years has constantly played players out of position and until this season has rotated the squad to death.

    Rafa has also been on a steep learning curve and i think at last he realises that the English league is so much different from the rest of Europe.

    Look, i hope he does well and goes on to win us the title, but he’s got to stop with all this media bickering and get on with the game. He has got to be more positve at home and attack the opposition and kill games off.

    But time is running out.

    I have no doubt we will out play and probably beat Chelsea next week, its the lower teams that he has a certain lack of respect for who seem to always get the better of us.

  10. It’s not that Rafa has a certain lack of respect for lower ranking teams. It’s more to do with the oppositions tactics and the wide players (including defenders) we have at our disposal.

    Our full-backs aren’t like Uniteds and Chelseas. In addition our centre-halfs, besides Hyppia, are not getting their share of goals when attacking at set-pieces. It means we’re reliant morfe on open play and intricate passes through 9/10 men.

    Rafa identified the problem and expected Dossena to be the solution. But he’s not deliverd to date and gone are the days when the fans were patient!

    We’ll never learn, us fans. But we’re there or thereabouts this year compared to previous ones. Discourse in the boardroom and elsewhere must not be allowed to disturb it if we’re to be in with a realistic chance.

  11. Well done Midlands! Talking a lot of sense!

    What I liked about the Everton game was the positivity of Torres & Gerrard. Go out there and express yourselves lads!

    I further agree with the point regarding Keane. Head up, chest out and dispatching goals every week is what I want to see. None of this negativity and f**k off everytime he’s on the bench or substituted. This is Liverpool, step up to the challenge!

    I further further agree with the idea of a mid-term slump but think it’s positive that we haven’t been losing. I think that there’s two ways that things can go from here, Up or Down, and I’m hoping that the Everton game was a turning point of sorts (Green shoots of Spring?).

    I think Gerrard and Torres represent the way forward in terms of their attitude and again I’m hoping that it infects the rest of the squad and that we get some momentum again.

    The key though is to remain positive because we’re still in a fantastic position in all competitions.

  12. I agree midlands, The problem is wide areas and if you want to play 4 4 2 wide areas are curtail, this shows this season in which the team improved a lot with the inclusion of riera and I stress again and again when insua played those three games the difference was obvious, figure out if we had someone like riera on the right.
    For the rest in the middle we are set great, players of the likes of skrtel, carra, agger, mash alonso, gerrard, torres can match anyone in the world.

    When in the last game keane was subbed F….. O…. showed very clear on TV and knowing that Rafa watches every game on DVD dozens of times I am sure he did not like kenos attitude and I think that is why he was watching the game from home.

    Guys??? I been noticing that Kenny dalglish is more and more commenting and been asked questions about Liverpool seems like the guy misses the game, I would not be surprised if he was to be offered some sort of position in the club.
    I would ent mind seeing him take Perry s place; HEHE he definitely knows what the PL is all about,

  13. Midlands i just re read your piece on the players that i highlighted. What is your point….

    All you do is point out how they have made money for the club. I want Benitez to win titles and trophies, not make money. I dont want a business man in charge, but a football manager.

    Why can you not admit, at least in the terms of football and on the pitch performances those players you mention should never, never have pulled on the red shirt. They are awful players.

    Voronin in particular, yet he won more favour with Rafa than Keane ever will.

    The way Benitez is treating Keane is horrible and i dont blame Keane if he just wants to go. I know i would. He did it to Crouch, who never put a foot wrong and was so loyal to the club and he did it to Finan.

    With regards to his circus media play and his contract, after the hash he has made with transfers over the last 5 years i dont think anyone in their right mind would give him full control in the buying market, they would be crazy.

    And its got to be said above all else, i pay nearly £800 for my season ticket and i want to see fast attacking football at home, i wanna see us try to win games, not the over cautious rubbish im seeing at the moment.

    I dont wanna see us struggling to hold a draw at home, and for gods sake the games we have one at home have been that way just with a last minute winner thrown in. His football is as negative as we played under houllier.

    He has had long enough now, he has got to go for it. We are now looking up at united and being caught by the rest when we should be clear. Even if we had lost 3 and won 3 of the home draws we would be 3 points better off.

    Finally when i think about it his treatment of all the players has been questionable, when you can give 100 percent on the pitch, have the game of your life and still be dropped the following week for no reason. Tell me where is the incentive to continue to play well.

    There is a large section of the Kop who are growing tired off Benitez and his stupid ways and rants. his year should have been our year, we got the players but i dont think we have the right captain steering the ship.

  14. Rafa seemed relaxed and in good form during his latest press conference. Another positive!

    Cantos, Arsenal play “pretty” attacking football, don’t forget about character though.

  15. @ Cantos

    Rafa wants to win trophies to. And has done.

    Rafa doesn’t want to be the business man. He wants to manage. But our budget – and other troubles – doesn’t allow. Thus the turnover and type of players he’s bought.

    United and Chelsea don’t have similar worries. Arsenal are being a little more prudent – although they’re willing to bid highly for Arshavin. And as for Villa and Spurs they’re blowing almost everyone out of the water.

    No-one wants Keane to fail, not even, or rather especially, Rafa. But no-one can reflect on the games against Preston and Everton and say he was in any type of form or, and worst still and unusually for him, his effort was appalling. That’s not the Keane i know and suggests he’s feeling the pressure – he’s previously denied. I hope he’ll now kick on. We all do, as we could do with the real robbie k standing up!

  16. Just finished watching the highlights and Sunday’s game against Chelsea now has takes on even greater significance for the title race. If we win that it could kickstart the confidence again.

    I am confused by Rafa’s approach to the last 10 minutes. Why take off Gerrard and keep Lucas on? Gerrard needs no introduction as a player that can occupy defenders and change games. Surely worth keeping him on for another five minutes?!!!

    Why give Keane only 7 minutes to make an impact? Although Keane has not been at his best he is a proven performer in the Premiership and with the way he has been handled, we are not even seeing a fraction of his potential. I hope he is given a fair and proper chance. at the club.

    Rafa was clearly frustrated in his TV interview and the Reds are suffering from confidence at the moment.

    Sublimely taken goal by Benayoun and I thought we would push on after the breakthrough.

    As ever, Lucas frustrates the life out of me. I cant see him getting into any other top Premiership side., so why is he starting so many games for Liverpool? His poor shot when he had the chance said it all. No where near good enough at the moment and we would be better to send him out on loan.

    Hopefully with another game under his belt, Torres can make an impact in the second half of the season.

  17. P.S. Why did we sell Sissoko as he offers so much more than Lucas.

    I feel very frustrated after tonights game as we have thrown points away again.

    But I live in hope for Sunday’s game.

  18. After 23 games Keane still does ot fit into the LFC way of playing, how long will it take for the Manager to see that? As for Lucas, his only gift is to foul, beyond that I do not see him as a player of any worth, no goals scored yet!. It is with deep regret that I do not see LFC capable of winning the title until it has a few more players of real talent. I did not understand the taking off of Torres at 70 minutes or Gerrard, the Manager cancelled the only real hope he had of winning.

  19. Same old… all know what im gonna say, really bad team selection, outrageously bad substitutions and although we controlled the first half their keeper has little to do.

    But to take off the only two players we have that can actually get forward and score…he has lost the plot completely.

    Third and falling fast.

    I await the die hard Rafa comments that will justify these amazing managerial decisions, when the whole world can see what a pigs ear he is making of his tactics and selections.

    And a special well done to Rafa’s golden child LUCAS, for the uneccassary tackle that ultimately lost us two points, what a player we have there. Nobody else would touch him in the prem but he gets a start time and again for us..

    Benitez enough is enough mate or your going to find yourself getting booed soon.

  20. Such is the state of affairs inside and outside LFC that I would strongly recommend the Manager keep his mouth closed and not issue any more statements, let the team do the talking on the pitch. Mr Fergusson etc can talk all they want to but do not be drawn, silence will service you much better.

  21. They say in life what goes around comes around.

    At the beginning of the season we were the team nicking goals towards the end of the game but now the opposition are doing it.

    7 draws in 10 games is not the stuff of champions but 5 points (should United win their game in hand) off the lead is not a disaster at the end of January.

    This weekend was always going to be a big 6 pointer for us. Win and we’re back in the mix, lose and we’re in the realms of ‘what if’!

    Rafa is the solution not the problem. The team is faltering but not lost it (mentally and in terms of results, though more wins are required).

    I feel downbeat, not because we’re in 3rd (or joint 2nd) but because expectations have been driven higher than the reality of our position! We’re 8 points better off than last year, we haven’t lost yet this season, and we’ve got what it takes to recover ground if we pull together (particularly at Anfield. Booing does no-one any service).

    I’m nervously awaiting the game on Sunday, with the belief that we’re going out to win and that we have players who know they can do it. Don’t lose the faith just yet, the team and the club needs you!

  22. Fair play Midlands. Strangely I’m not that downbeat. Like you say 5 points isn’t worth losing sleep over at this stage. Chelsea, with title ambitions of their own, will certainly be up for it on Sunday.

    But sure you have to beat the best to be the best and we’re at home. C’mon lads!

  23. Absolutely agree. Even though I was left bamboozled, confused, angry and irate by Rafa’s substitution policy last night lets get behind the Reds at Anfield for Sunday’s game as anything is still possible.

    We must win against Manu and Chelsea for us to be serious title contenders and if Istanbul has taught us anything… aint over till its over.

    I have come to the conclusion that Lucas is either a genius in training or Rafa has designated him “charitable” status and clearly sees something in him which I clearly cannot. Lucas is not good enough…fact. He would benefit from a spell out on loan as he is not driving the team forward or making an impact of any noteworthyness in most of the games he starts in.

    I still believe in Rafa and think that we can only make a real judgement at the end of the season, What hurts is that we really had a golden chance to pull away from the pack and didnt. If we dont beat Man U I cant see them faltering enough as their squad has strength in depth that we cannot match.

    A player who does make a difference, Alonso, is sorely missed and I hope he’s back for the game on Sunday.

    On a final note, why cant Parry get his act together as we are close to losing Agger.

  24. Torres – World class, Top quality (Genius?)

    Gerrard – Determined, Relentless, Tireless, Technically Gifted etc..

    Mascherano – Peerless in his position

    Alonso – Vision, Class, Strength, Character

    Kuyt – Solid, Reliable, Tireless, Intelligent.

    Reina – Best keeper in the premiership (maybe?)

    Carragher / Skrtel / Agger / Hypia – Enough Grit, Pace, Strength, Quality, Experience and Character there.

    Arbeloa / Aurelio – Have enough experience now.

    Riera – Wildcard (Mercurial?)

    The fans – Best in the world

    Rafa – The only manager to stand up to SAF

    The pieces are all there, it just needs to come together and it’s now or never. Bring it on Chelsea!

  25. Guys In my opinion the root of all problems we have is Rick Perry. Remember he sold this club to these cowboys

  26. It’s kind of weird but I think the media are out to get Rafa again.

    I’m reluctant to blame Rafa but also not stupid enough to think that he’s incapable of manipulating the media himself.

    I think that he’s dead right to have a pop at SAF (long overdue!). Nobody complained when SAF talked about knocking us off our perch.

    In the current climate though (mind you Wenger had a bit of a rant himself today) I really think that Rafa should stop talking and let the team do it for him because “Rafas lost the plot” appears to be gaining momentum.

  27. @lfc malta……Paryy does have alot to answer for but trying to put the blame on him for Rafa’s frankly stupid substitutions is a poor excuse.

    Why cant anyone blame Benitez, you are allowed to have a fair say. Heis making big mistakes time and time again and in my opinion has lost us the league.

    Hes got to play with two strikers at home and hes got to play Keane. His man management skills are non existent and his mistakes are massive.

    He has got to change.

    Put the team and the fans first Rafa, we are bigger than you and we control what will happen at the club in the long run, not you.

    When he takes players like Gerrard off with minutes to go it sends a signal to the players that, hey, we’ll settle for the draw. His attitude really does stink.

  28. @Cantos

    No-one, including Rafa, is beyond criticism but the season’s not over yet, we’ve still got alot to play for and, actually, I’m quite happy with where we are although frustrated with recent performances and results.

    We usually finish the season strongly. Let’s see if that’s the case this time. I hope so.

  29. According to

    Tom Hicks and George Gillett are currently in Liverpool and plan to have a meeting with Benitez today (Saturday).

    The pair have been in touch with the manager in the last 48 hours through emails and phone calls.

    The American co-owners have ammended the contract to suit the former Valencia manager.

    Both Hicks and Gillett will be present at Anfield for this weekend’s match against second-placed Chelsea.

    Benitez’s assistants have contracts upto the end of the season and are also set to get new contracts.

    The next 48 hours could prove vital in terms of the club’s future.

    Aston Villa and Arsenal Both Draw hehe

  30. According to The People, Manchester City are chasing Rafael Benitez to replace Mark Hughes as manager.

    Man City’s Abu Dhabi owners are keeping tabs on the situation at Liverpool currently.

    City are only 3 points above the relegation zone and manager Mark Hughes is being highly-critized.

    The former Valenica manager’s future is being speculated after rejecting a new contract.

    Inter Milan boss Jose Mourinho and Chelsea coach Luiz Felipe Scolari are also on City’s three-man shortlist.

    I am sure with the budget they would give RAFA we would then see him dominate the PL. Couse I m sure if he had the budget we would be dominating by now.

    Apart from that id he leaves he will take some of our players starting from torres. I think its better if perry will start asking houllier bif he wants to come back then we would be set up nicely.

  31. Good to great result today, off the back of so many draws.

    Can’t remember us taking so many points off ‘the big four’ like we’ve done this season, inspite of all the criticism.

    Lampard’s was never a sending off, but from where the referee was stood it was understandable.

    What was unbelievable was that Bosingwa remained on the pitch after an outrageous kung-fu kick on Benayoun. The linesman, who was stood right next to the play, was either in awe of his kicking-style or ball-watching Hicks and Gillett in the stands 20 miles apart from each other to not indicate a red card.

    Rafa’s taken alot of criticism from his own side especially. But I hope he sees through the candy today types and keeps going doing his utmost to be as high as we can be in the league.

    Enjoy the moment….and get ready for the ever more rocky roads ahead towards the end of the season.

    ynwa………………and that applies to rafa and robbie k while they remain at our club. But the owners, that’s a different story!

  32. Chuffed with that !

    I’ve been waiting for a result like that for about 10 days.

    I was seriously impressed with the industry our lads showed right from the off today. Even Torres tracking back and pressuring Chelsea. Let’s win all our home games from here on in!

    To be honest I don’t really care what team gets sent out against Everton in the replay. I think Robbie will probably start and Torres will be rested. Again it’s another opportunity for RK, needs to score a couple!

  33. Excellent result and thrilled that Alonso was back today as we are a different proposition with him in the team.

    Gerrard…awesome last 15 minutes as he drove the team forward and this time Rafa the substitutions were right on the mark, when he took off Mascherano towards the end.

    Benayoun made his mark when he came on and Torres’s confidence will be sky high after this game.

    The Kop was rocking and as I said after my dissapointment after the last draw, this had become a must win game. If we can stay in touch with Man U till March 14th and get a positive result at Old Trafford, anything is possible.

    Happy for Rafa as he has taken a lot of criticism lately and todays result has left me with the biggest smile on my face as the Reds did us proud tonight.

  34. They did do us proud.

    Benitez put out his best 11 which was a nice change. The crowd were awesome and the players responded and made Chelsea look ordinary.

    Keane was also in the crowd which was good to see. I feel so sorry for the lad, he is obviously red to the core and deserves a start against Everton at the very least. I feel insulted when Rafa names Ngog in the squad above Keane and i think in all honesty if Keane aint sold today then that has to stop and quickly.

    Cant complain about anything really which is unusual for me.

    Keep up the good work lads.


  35. @ Cantos

    I have many questions for you but three in particular:

    Was yesterday’s game one for 4-4-2 or the system Rafa actually played?

    Do you think aurelio’s role in producing the first goal was by design or accident? I think by design, as Rafa’s been trying to get his wong backs to be more advanced for some time.

    Do you think there are many twists and turns to come in this campaign as we approach May? I think so. Just like the way we disposed of Newcastle didn’t mean we were going to be Champions, neither did yesterday’s result. It just show, however, with 10 points against the big four, that we are improving.

    Like Edward, I’m not sooo fussed about the FA Cup game against Everton – given the EPL and CL priorities. But cometh the hour i’ll be so nervous that if we don’t win I’ll be gutted beyond belief. The life of trying to be a pragmatic, yet always emotionally charged, fan aye!

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