Everton v Liverpool

Premier League, September 27th 2008

Everton v Liverpool

It’s the Merseyside derby, the Goodison one, and although some Reds supporters will argue the games against Manchester United are bigger, it’s still massive – especially to local Reds. Everton actually bring out DVDs of the game if they win.

Both sides of course will do all they can to win. For both sets of supporters it’s important they go into work on Monday morning without having to hear the jokes their colleagues have spent 48 hours crafting. They want to be telling the jokes, having the fun. But for Liverpool there’s also the importance of not dropping any more points in what is an important season for Rafa Benitez. If they want to be challenging for the league they’ve got to get the points against the big sides – like they did in their win against Manchester United two weeks ago – but they’ve also not to drop points against the small sides – like they did last week against Stoke. They mustn’t drop points today.

Everton are looking for their first home point in what is the 179th derby, Liverpool are so far unbeaten in the league this season. But that really doesn’t matter in these games, where the referee’s name is often mentioned more than any player’s name in any discussions after the match. Ask Clive Thomas about this. You can also ask Mark Clattenburg about this – the two Everton players he sent off in this fixture last season took the total to 16 red cards in the 32 meetings since the Premier League began, and added his name to a list that Everton supporters seem to keep in their heads. One of those sent off last season was Everton captain Phil Neville, who appointed himself rush-goalie to prevent Liverpool’s Lucas getting his first goal for the club. Liverpool’s captain, Steven Gerrard, has been sent off twice in these games.

Today’s referee is Mike Riley, who seems to be unpopular with fans of all clubs. With 20 yellow cards already in just four matches so far this season it’s not exactly surprising. Two of those went to Liverpool players – Arbeloa and Keane in the game at home to Middlesborough. He booked eight in one game last weekend, seven of them going to Manchester United players in their draw with Chelsea.

More John Motson style trivia for this fixture – defeat today would be Everton’s third in a row at home, and it would be the first time that’s happened in almost three years. And it was Liverpool who inflicted that third defeat three years ago. Liverpool are on a run of 12 games unbeaten in the league, but remaining unbeaten isn’t enough – too many draws last season ended any hopes of a league challenge pretty early. But Everton aren’t likely to go into this game looking for a point, which means the game should be open and full of chances.

Everton: 24 Howard, 2 Hibbert, 4 Yobo, 6 Jagielka, 5 Lescott, 10 Arteta, 18 Neville, 25 Fellaini, 21 Osman, 17 Cahill, 22 Yakubu
Subs: 1 Nash, 3 Baines, 8 Castillo, 9 Saha, 14 Vaughan, 19 Nuno Valente, 26 Rodwell

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 17 Arbeloa, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 2 Dossena, 18 Kuyt, 14 Alonso, 8 Gerrard, 11 Riera, 9 Torres, 7 Keane
Subs: 1 Cavalieri, 4 Hyypia, 5 Agger, 12 Aurelio, 16 Pennant, 19 Babel, 21 Lucas

Referee: Mike Riley

Kick-off: 12.45pm.

8 thoughts on “Everton v Liverpool”

  1. Good result and we needed it after last week and with everyone in and around us winning too.

    Keane didn’t score but created the winners.

    Now Torres is scoring again that only leaves Keane to get his first and Gerrard to get his 100.

    @ Jim – you seem to be posting once a week at best. Why???

  2. MR – A mixture of reasons for the reduced posting, hopefully it’ll be all back to normal again soon!

  3. Jim – I hope so…….

    so many issues to hear your views on

    1) The ‘custodians’ status re. our club – how much of their own money have they invested? Do they want out?
    2) The new Stadium – when/if?
    3) Rafa’s new contract – when/if?
    4) The dynamics of changing relationships in our club – Parry/Gillett v Hicks/Ayres??
    5) Main issues from Carra’s book
    6) Keane – how’s he settling in
    7) The formation – fluid/static – 4-5-1/4-3-3/4-4-2
    8) Chances of winning the league
    9) Alonso – will he stay or will he go?
    10) – Owen/Henry – should they come or not?
    11) Our style of play
    12) The youngsters – good enough for the first team?
    etc, etc…

    So many random thoughts…….and essentially just thinking aloud – but I’m hoping your tap-tap-tap fingers will create a coherent line on all these issues and many more when your service returns back to normal!

  4. I havent seen such a one sided derby like this for a long time! Great control of the game and to dominate them like that at Goodison was very satisfying. Man Utd now Everton, what a start! Lets hope we keep it up

  5. I was horrified to read the item in the News of the World, that RBS have granted out “owners” an extension of 6 months however, it did stated that they had triggered an option so the RBS may not want to grant the option but have to.

    2nd item in the NOTW, the terrible possibility that some of Hicks bad debts could be paid off by the USA Bail Out of their economy. That Hicks could benefit from such a scheme is monsterous to consider.
    If it didn’t mean that the US ecomony would go into a long term tail spin, I would leave Wall Street to sort out the results of their own greed.

    We hoped that these men will grow some honour or conscience and leave but, alas if they didn’t have any in the first place why should we expect any now. Meanwhile LFC struggles on. My congratulations for the Manager and his staff, they are still doing a fine job in difficult cercumstances.

  6. @MR – I think some of those issues are the reason for his reduced posting!! lol

    MR – are you on the Forum yet? If not get over there!

  7. @ Ken. From what I have read on some forums it may be that they had to allow them the option. A particular poster who claims ‘to know’ reckons that they will have until the end of this period to give the money back, i.e. sell but it could well be another spurious claim.

    The second point – I’m no expert but unless one texan does a favour to another I’m not sure that the benefit would have a direct link, rather if economic stability beings to emerge this would have a benefiting effect for Hicks.

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