In memory – May 29th 1985

On May 29th 1985 39 people died at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels before the Juventus-Liverpool European Cup Final. 38 Italians and 1 Belgian.

In Memoria e Amicizia – in Memory and Friendship.

Rocco Acerra

Bruno Balli

Alfons Bos

Giancarlo Bruschera

Andrea Casula

Giovanni Casula

Nino Cerullo

Willy Chielens

Giuseppina Conti

Dirk Daenecky

Dionisio Fabbro

Jacques François

Eugenio Gagliano

Francesco Galli

Giancarlo Gonnelli

Alberto Guarini

Giovacchino Landini

Roberto Lorentini

Barbara Lusci

Franco Martelli

Loris Messore

Gianni Mastrolaco

Sergio Bastino Mazzino

Luciano Rocco Papaluca

Luigi Pidone

Bento Pistolato

Patrick Radcliffe

Domenico Ragazzi

Antonio Ragnanese

Claude Robert

Mario Ronchi

Domenico Russo

Tarcisio Salvi

Gianfranco Sarto

Giuseppe Spalaore

Mario Spanu

Tarcisio Venturin

Jean Michel Walla

Claudio Zavaroni

4 thoughts on “In memory – May 29th 1985”

  1. Jim – Do you not think that they should put another enternal flame next to the the Hillsborough memorial. I don’t think that there is a memorial for Heysel at anfield is there?

  2. a very sad day.

    God bless those who lost their lives (and their families who have had to pick up the pieces and go on).

    the dude

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