Torres: Support is “something special”

Fernando Torres has returned some of the compliments the Liverpool supporters have been paying him over the course of his electric first season in the English league. Torres signed from Atletico Madrid last summer and in scoring his 24th league goal on Sunday broke himself a record. He is now the most prolific foreign player in a Premier League debut season.

Fernando TorresHe says that a big part of his success is down to the encouragement and support of the Anfield faithful: “The supporters back the players, regardless of who is out on the pitch. They enjoy watching their key players play, because Liverpool has great players, but Liverpool will always be a team.”

There were times this season when it wasn’t the case, as the discontent during a run of poor form could be heard clearly from the stands, but on the whole Liverpool fans don’t turn on their own team: “The fans get behind the side even when things are not working out, and they are always there until the death. That is the major difference with football back in Spain. If a team is not doing well, then it is because the players do not deserve to be wearing the club’s colours.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Torres went on: “At Liverpool, if a player is wearing their shirt, it is because he deserves it. The fans ask for effort and dedication, and their support is something special, something that stays with you.”

He also had some thanks for his team-mates: “I was really looking forward to coming here. It was a challenge and I knew that a lot would be expected from me. Luckily, everything has worked out well from day one, and my team-mates have helped out, and I owe them all an awful lot.  I have always believed that you must give and take. Upon arriving at a new place you must want to learn and also be ready to listen to advice. At Liverpool, we all want the same. We all help one another and give our best to reach our goals. It is a very professional working environment here.”

He was asked what he missed of home: “I don’t actually miss the weather, though I do miss a little being around my friends and family, but they are nearly always over so the distance seems far less. At the end of the day, it is only two hours by plane.”

Meanwhile it’s being reported today that Liverpool will play a match against Pepe Reina’s former club Villareal at their El Madrigal ground. This game was agreed as part of the deal that brought Reina to Anfield ready for the start of the 2005-06 season and although no firm date has been set, it is expected to happen in the last week of July.  Villareal just finished the season as runners-up in La Liga, earning themselves an automatic place in the Champions League.

The Reds are expected to head to Switzerland again for their pre-season training camp, with friendlies against relatively local teams likely to be arranged nearer the time. No plans are currently in place for any long-haul trips overseas as part of any pre-season promotion of the club.

After calling for action from the board to get his transfer plans moving as quickly as possible, Rafa Benitez has now suggested he may wait until the outcome of talks over a FIFA plan to limit the number of overseas players allowed on the field per team at one time. The ‘6+5’ rule is to be discussed at the FIFA Congress on May 29 and 30.

The Reds boss said, referring to two English players expected to be sold: “We know what are the rules and we will try to do things whatever happens with FIFA. Crouch and Pennant are under contract and they are our players. We are waiting now. We know they have been playing well and a lot of clubs are interested in them so we will wait and see. But they are under contract.”

Rafa isn’t a fan of the proposals: “I feel the key is for the fans to see the best players on the pitch. It is clear – in the past you would talk about a lot of local players but all the teams want to sign players and the best players come from all over the world.”

With the recent hints from Rafa that there may be a solution to the ownership situation on the horizon, some are reading this apparent decision to hold back as based on something other than the risk the FIFA proposals represent. But whether Tom Hicks, George Gillett and DIC are about to settle their differences or not, the FIFA president Sepp Blatter is sure his proposals can’t be blocked by European laws: “Contrary to what may have been said, the ‘6+5’ rule does not contravene the European Labour Law on the freedom of movement. Clubs will still be free to take on as many foreign players as they want.

“When a match kicks off however, they will have to have six players on the pitch who are eligible for the national team of the country in question. Furthermore, the ‘6+5’ rule supports another European Law, namely regarding having the broadest and fairest possible competition and restricting the concentration of finances and economic monopolies.”

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  1. We are all hoping for a quick resolution to the current boardroom mess. Given the uncompromising stand of the two owners & DIC, the stalemate might last all the way into the new season. Should this happen, in order to force either one of the owners to “blink”, can I suggest a boycott of the team’s merchandise and attendance of football matches (both home & away). I think most fans would agree with me that the League and Champions League matches are too important for a boycott, so I suggest a boycott on all matches in Carling Cup and FA Cup, and friendly matches. This will hurt the pockets of the owners. With falling revenue and huge interest costs to be paid, it won’t be long before one or both of them says enough is enough and gives up their current stand. I sincerely believe this is the most effective means of forcing their hands. Personally, I prefer DIC to be the eventual owner coz of their deeper pockets but if Tom Hicks were to become the majority owner, I believe it will still be a step forward from the current deadlock situation.

    We need a quick resolution to the whole ownership saga or else Man U fans will be laughing at us (if they are not already). Remember, Man U is only now one short of equalling our record 18 league titles and will close on our Champion League record by end of this month when they overcome Chelsea in the final.

    To the owners: TIme is running out!

  2. ” After calling for action from the board to get his transfer plans moving as quickly as possible, Rafa Benitez has now suggested he may wait until the outcome of talks over a FIFA plan to limit the number of overseas players allowed on the field per team at one time. The ‘6+5′ rule is to be discussed at the FIFA Congress on May 29 and 30 ”

    Jim – The European Union had a vote on this issue the other day and voted unanimously against the move. This means that should FIFA aprove the move it would be illegal in the EU to refuse players the right to play because of their nationality. The EU have said that they are in favour to create a lwa which say that a certain number of players must have been trained in academys within the union.

    Here is the story. I pasted it last week.

    ” Champions League – EU reject Blatter quota
    Eurosport – Thu, 08 May 17:10:00 2008
    The European Parliament voted against FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s controversial plan to limit the number of foreign players at football clubs.

    More StoriesBlatter rues English success
    EU lawmakers rejected Blatter’s “6+5 rule” – allowing no more than five foreign players to start a match – by 518 votes to 49, but most backed UEFA’s “home-grown player rule”.

    “The parliament calls on the member states and sports associations not to introduce new rules that create direct discrimination based on nationality, such as FIFA’s 6+5,” the resolution said.

    “It calls on the Commission to recognise the legality of measures favouring the promotion of players who have come through training schemes, such as a minimum number of locally-trained players, irrespective of their nationality.”

    FIFA opposes the UEFA rule, which sets a quota of locally-trained players at clubs but without any discrimination on nationality, arguing it encourages recruitment at a young age.

    UEFA says Blatter’s proposal is unworkable in the EU because it contravenes the bloc’s laws on the free movement of workers and could lead to costly legal challenges – a view echoed by the EU assembly.

    “Unfortunately the 6+5 rule is not compatible with the free movement of persons in the EU. The European Treaty is very clear on this point: discrimination on the basis of nationality is not allowed and this also counts for football,” Belgian MEP Ivo Belet, author of the parliament’s report on the future of professional football, told the assembly.

    “We therefore ask FIFA to join forces with the European Parliament and the European Commission and fully back the ‘home-grown’ rule.”

    MEPs also slammed Blatter’s idea of reaching a “gentlemen’s agreement” with the individual associations at FIFA’s congress later this month, saying he risked a repetition of the 1995 “Bosman Ruling” by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

    The ruling by Europe’s top court, named after Belgian player Jean-Marc Bosman, gave all sports professionals within the 27-member bloc the freedom to change clubs.

    “We ask Mr Blatter not to take us back to Bosman. We cannot go back to the pre-Bosman era. A professional footballer is a worker and should be treated like any other worker,” Greek MEP Mnolis Mavromatis, who wrote Thursday’s resolution, said.

    Dutch MEP Toine Manders said: “In the jungle of sport we need clear legal guidelines. If you ask if these gentleman’s agreements will hold, you are very wrong.”

    “We are talking about big business, powerful clubs who will go to court if necessary. Mr Blatter will only open up another Pandora’s Box like Bosman.”

    The Commission is expected to come forward later this year with a proposal on locally-trained players in all sports, which will require the backing of both the EU assembly and the 27 sports ministers.

    To change FIFA’s rules, Blatter needs 75 percent support at the congress in Sydney on May 29 where each of FIFA’s 208 member associations who are eligible to vote have one vote each and UEFA as an organisation has none. “

  3. ” Furthermore, the ‘6+5′ rule supports another European Law, namely regarding having the broadest and fairest possible competition and restricting the concentration of finances and economic monopolies.” ”

    Jim – The rule would be a breach of employment and discrimination laws. The players would be able to go to the European courts of human rights much like Bosman and say that they are being refused employment on the grounds that they are foreign. Football clubs are not just football clubs they are money making busines’s so they come under the same laws as other companys operating within the union. The union could not stop them from employing foreigners no more than they could stop M&S or HSBC from employing foreigners. I also don’t see how the clubs would be breaking competition rules as it is a free market enviroment. They have not created a monopoly it just so happens that some clubs earn more than others. Just like Tesco earns more so has got more of an advantage over the milk man when it comes to buying power parity. In a free market life is a bitch if you are the milk man!

  4. If this country and its institutions is going to have any say on matters such as employment rules we need to terminate our membership of the European Union. The sole aim of this organisation is for all member states to become part of a single country – a United States of Europe.

    All decisions are made by unelected officials. It’s as close as you can get to Communism without actualy using that word.

  5. Ray Proudfoot – The officials are MEP’s and are voted in by the people. And I think that your comment on it being Communist is way off the mark. The EU is the opposite to communism! i.e. A free market.

  6. Lol, 6+5 rule. How would Arsenal fair next season under that rule?!

    I think it would have a hugely significant impact on PL football. There are only so many world class English players all of which we can agree are probably over-priced when moving between English clubs, therefore the overall quality of the individual teams will suffer. Would we as Liverpool supporters be happy having our chances reduced of getting to the final stages of the Champions League? Nope. Thats what would happen though probably.

    It’ll also mean that the premier league is less of a spectacle because there will be less quality playing every saturday. At the end of the day it’s gotta be better to see the pick of the world playing football rather than mainly just home players.

    A 3+8 rule would make more sense.

    I doubt it’ll get enforced anyway though.

  7. I could be wrong here, but I suspect that the only way to actually test the legality or otherwise of this 6+5 rule is for someone, either a club or a player, to take it to court. As the original Mr Bosman did way back when.

    I can’t see FIFA winning either.

  8. Anthony,

    I’m sorry but if you think the MPs control things you are not even close. The unelected commissioners are the ones with the real clout. These are the same people who, when France and Denmark voted ‘No’ to the constitutuon a few years ago, told them to vote again and this time come up with the right answer! Does that sound like a democratic decision? Imagine if Labour lost the next election and then told people to vote again but this time vote for them. It’s the same analogy. More like how Zimbabwe run elections that a democratic body.

    Why do you think so many Post offices are closing? Because of a EU Directive that it must be an open market – not a monopoly. Same applies to the many Telephone Enquiries services we now have. Another Directive. And for the hat-trick the reason why many areas are moving to 2-week bin collections is because of the EU Land Fill Directive. This government simply signs off most of the laws that pass through parliament because they originate in Brussels. They are our real masters – not Parliament.

    You cannot vote out the Commissioners – they are appointed. So yes, it is a version of communism.

    And if you think it’s a free market ask yourself why the French refuse to budge on the Common Agriculture Policy which costs this country a small fortune. Protectionism! Free market? Don’t make me laugh.

  9. Hypothetically: (06+05 rule)

    Liverpool 07/08

    1. Reina
    2. Arbeloa
    3. Skrtel
    4. Carragher
    5. Aurelio
    6. Kuyt
    7. Alonso
    8. Mascherano
    9. Gerrard
    10. Babel
    11. Torres

    Liverpool 08/09

    1. Reina
    2. Darby
    3. Skrtel
    4. Carragher
    5. Aurelio
    6. Pennant
    7. Gerrard
    8. Mascherano
    9. Barry
    10. Crouch
    11. Torres

    Actually not that bad, but you get Crouch, Barry, Pennant, Darby injured and who else have we got?! Nobody with experience or of particular quality.

  10. Jim – The clubs may be able to use the law to over ride FIFA. The clubs could say that if they refused someone employement on the grounds they were foreign the individual could take them to court and sue them for a hell of a lot of money. The clubs would not be foreced by the EU to enforce such a rule, so they would be foolish to follow the rule. In this case the law would trump the rule. Also if there was an equal opportunities policy that the club had to abide by the club would be legaly obliged to employ the person if that person could prove that he was only refused employment on the grounds of him being foreign and not because of his footballing ability.

    Martin – BBC radio Merseyside, The football football show is on here’s a link minus the w’s.

  11. Ray Proudfoot – It says on the article that I posted that it was the MEP’s that voted on the matter. The commisioners are just the equivalent to our lords. They did not force them to vote yes, they told them to change the constitution to make it appeal to the people that said no. Post offices are closing down because no-one is using them. If you think that having a protectionist attitude with regards to services such as telephone enquiries is a bad thing it is not. Competition is good for the consumer. I think that your idea of protecting telephone enquiries and the post office sounds a dam site more like comminism.

    “The commissioners are appointed for a five-year term, but the entire commission can be dismissed by the European Parliament.”

    The commisioners are also answerable to the rule of law which no communist ruler would be, and there is also no need to vote them out.

    The french are not the only people not to budge on certain issues that benefit them. The Britsish also have a rebate that they get out of the EU coffers. This is a subsidy that our farmers get to grow crops and raise cattle.

  12. Ray, why don’t people just vote to leave the EU. Nobody is forcing the UK to be a member. I’m Irish and we get to vote on all treaties. The parliment and council of ministers are totally accountable but I take your point on commissioners. As for the post office closures – might have something more to do with changing technologies?

    Anyway, back on topic – its not going to happen. Its discrimination on the grounds of nationality what
    ever way you look at it so its a non runner in my eyes. Not sure what Blatter is doing – to be honest.

  13. Anthony,

    I’m not going to get into a protracted debate with you on the EU. This is not the place for it and I doubt I would convince you the damage that is being done to this country’s democratic principles.

    Stephen, We would love a vote on leaving but no government will allow us one. The nearest we came was in the Labour party manifesto in 2005 which they renaged on and thus allowed the European Constitutuon aka Lisbon Treaty to be forced on this country.

    I hope the Irish vote No to the Lisbon Treaty and there’s a good chance they might as a lot of jobs are at risk. Their successful economy is now working against them retaining the jobs they gained several years ago. If Ireland vote No don’t expect it to end there. They will be told to vote again and to get the right result.

    on the PO closures the govenment could easily allow them to move with the times but either won’t or can’t. This country has a bleak future.

    That’s me done. Now get back to footie matters. .

  14. Ray Proudfoot – OK ray I agree with you. Seeming as we are living in a democracy we shall agree that we are both entitled to our own opionions and respect each others opionions, and we shall also apreciate that your opionion will depend on how you are viewing the issues and both opionions can both be right depending on the individual.

    Back to footie then. Do you think we will sign a big name player during the summer such as another Torres?

  15. We probably will Ray – we had to vote twice for Nice Treaty after voting it down the first time. Hicks would have a great in the EU!!

  16. Clearly, some supporters haven’t been around that long to realise that what Liverpool need to go the next level, that is to reduce the points gap with Utd and Chelsea is bring four quality players at considerable cost of course but now is the time.

    A quality partner for Torres: Villa of Valencia; winger on the right :Joaquin of Valencia; left-back: Wayne Bridge; Gareth Barry in lieu of Xabi Alonso.

    The 4-4-2 formation: Reina, Arbeloa, Bridge, Carragher (or Skrtel), Agger, Mascherano, Gerrard, Barry, Joaquin, Torres, Villa.

    Out: Pennant, Riise, Crouch, Voronin.

    Thie team would definetly take us to the next level.

  17. I think that we need a manager (Rafa) that can guide the squad psychologically in a run-in scenario.

    This is something that we haven’t really got experience in, although we’ve shown flashes of character and steel in cup competitions.

    If anything this season showed the strength of character of the manager under pressure.

  18. Anthony,

    “Back to footie then. Do you think we will sign a big name player during the summer such as another Torres?”

    I’d like to think so but unless DIC move in by mid-June I doubt it. I think the best name we can hope for is Barry and that will require us to lose Crouch plus one other to balance the money.

    I fear another season very similar to the one just ended.

    Stephen, I’ll watch the vote with great interest.

  19. Yeah I have to agree Ray. The reality of the situation is that Chelsea and Man U will sign top calibre players this summer. To get our ‘squad’ up to scratch (and we shouldn’t forget that the squad is probably more important here than ‘just’ the starting XI), we are going to have to spend at least as much as if not more than the aforementioned two. EVEN then, we would at best have a 1 in 3 shot of winning the league.

    As we have seen many times this year, it’ll be pretty ludicrous if we don’t sign any more ‘Torres’s’ and Rafa is expected to win the league again. No doubt his usual critics will conveniently forget to be this objective next time around.

    I think at the end of the day you can’t just say, “if we hadn’t of drawn so many games we would’ve been right up there”, you have to accept that there is a reason for all of those draws. We do have a very strong spine and I believe we can get close with the squad we have, but the reality is unless the owner whoever that is gives Rafa 40-50 million net we probably won’t win the league next year. That hurt to write. badly.

  20. Martin,

    Let me try and cheer you up. Two seasons ago our away record was abysmal and despite a good home record we were nowhere near the top.

    This season our away record was about the same as Manure and it was our home record that let us down.

    So if we can maintain our away record and pick up at home (not that difficult) we should improve. I think the goings on at Arsenal will see them finish below us and if Lampard and Drogba leave Chelsea (quite/very possible) we could overtake them.

    That leaves Manure. Difficult but not impossible to overtake them. They do have weaknesses. We just have to learn how to best exploit them. If Middlesborough can them so can we. It just requires belief butt hat would appear to be our Achilles heal. That’s why I’m relieved we never made it to Moscow once Manure got there. They would certainly have beaten us and I couldn’t cope with that.

    Our best hope is that Ferguson is an old man getting older and will have to finish some time. Manure have only been sucesful with two managers – Busby and Ferguson. Normal service will resume once he leaves.

  21. There seems to be all this talk about mythical world-class players that are needed to win the league.

    Clearly that’s the story that the press have settled on.

    Wenger (Hate to mention the c**t) has proven this season how far you can get without spending these vast sums. It’s as if lazily waving a chequebook around solves all our problems.

    In my opinion the reason that Arsenal missed out was purely psychological. There’s alot of psychology in winning the league. So, if we get quality players into the squad with hunger and character, then that’s enough for me!

  22. Thanks Ray! 🙂 You do make a good point though actually, if we can pick up our home results and replicate what was done last year away then we can get very close.

    Edward, sorry mate I don’t agree completely. Arsenal arguably lost the league because they didn’t have enough players in the squad to go the distance. I’m not writing off your psychology theory, it’s valid too, but I think the lack of quality in their squad also hurt them. If anything, their squad massively overperformed AND still lost the league.

    I take the point you’re making though, it is a pre-requisite (spending vast sums of money), but It’s an absolute fact that Chelsea won two leagues by doing so, and you cannot dismiss the money Fergie spends at Utd year after year.

    I guess the point i’m making is that regardless of money, we do need to bring a little quality in, not 8 players, maybe even just 1-2 who are world class to make the difference, whether that costs 10 million through some shrewd buying of Ivory Coast players or Spending 50 million on eto’o and Joaquin, it needs to be done all the same, it’s just that if you have the money it’s a hell of a lot easier to get those types of players than expecting an unknown African player to do the business for you.

  23. Hi Martin,

    “I guess the point i’m making is that regardless of money, we do need to bring a little quality in, not 8 players, maybe even just 1-2 who are world class to make the difference,”

    Good point. The key is to bring in 1 or 2 and they gel very quickly into the team. Any more and it takes longer to successfully integrate them and that’s where you lose momentum.

    Look at Manure (although it pains me to say that). The only problem is that you need a quality squad before you can do that and we’re still lacking in a few areas.

  24. Martin I know what you’re saying and of course I agree. If we have the money spend it by all means!

    I think though that we’d be wrong to compete solely in that area. Small less expensive things like the appointment of Queiroz can also make a big difference and it gets glossed over so easily.

    By the way I’ve been doing some investigative work over on the Villa site and the noises coming from Barry aren’t those of a player that is likely to be moving any time soon?

  25. “Joaquin of Valencia; left-back: Wayne Bridge”

    I’m sorry but in my humble opinion these two are not quality players at all, and they would not improve Liverpool.

    Bridge is a solid left back, with little imagination and a tendency to get caught day dreaming (Croatia anybody?).

    Joaquin was a very promising player when in his youth, however he’s failed to deliver on the biggest stage on countless occasions. I can rarely recall him being outstanding in any Valencia Champions League matches for the last 4 years.

    David Silva however is very promising, he has outstanding technique and a sharp eye for a goal that reminds me of Paul Scholes, except he has more pace so plays wide.

    I think we definitely need some full backs, ones with pace to burn and a great touch who can retain possession, Insua looks like he will be a world beater if his development continues in the same vein. Is he ready to start next season though? Only time will tell.

    As for right backs there seems to be a world shortage of decent ones. Arbeloa does a fantastic job but I think he could make way for someone with a bit more flair or even someone more physical. Pascal Chimbonda would be a fair signing in my eyes, but he, like Bridge lacks some concentration.

    Our best signing of the summer though i believe will be Sammy Lee. Undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the game, the local lads will love having him back too.

    Rafa will of learned a lot from the last season, he’s had to play good cop and bad cop without Pako to help. I’m sure the bonds between him and the players will of been strengthened.

    Anyone disagree?

  26. One of the best chants I read about coming from the Kop this year:

    (Of course, to the Abba song, Fernando)

    He was special in the air tonight
    His hair looked nice

  27. Guys check out the independent for the latest on the ownership stuff:

  28. ‘Administrative oversight’ or just like Hicks said all along? Like we’ve said before, if DIC insist on pursuing it, then please at least let it be behind closed doors.

  29. The idea of there being an administrative oversight would certainly makes sense as to why TH has been so laid back about GG being unable to sell his half to DIC, whilst DIC have been so laid back about TH being unable to block it.

  30. julie, that chant is awesome. there is quite a bit of homoeroticism surrounding fernando, isn’t there (i was going to say el nino, but then it becomes even more disturbing for the mainly middle-age male supporters of Liverpool)?

    i will be the first to admit that he is a handsome man though. When Eleanor Roosevelt was asked if she had any regrets about her life, she replied, “Just one-I wish I’d been prettier.” I don’t think Fernando will have such regrets, do you?

  31. Tom Hicks will oversee the ruination of Liverpool FC. Just wait until the best players start losing interest in the club, perhaps Chelsea’s alleged bid for Torres wasn’t so fanciful. The whole ownership business is going from bad to worse. I LOATHE TOM HICKS with every ounce of my being.

  32. Torres, Stevie G, Carragher, Monster, Crouch, Pennant, Voronin…….possibly Barry, Valencia Villa, and Silva………no matter what/who/how we talk about players all roads lead back to the ownership issue! Not saying we shouldn’t talk players – of course we should – but the dark clouds around ownership still hang strong which is why we can expect journalist after journalist ‘revealing’ something else about the owners until something is actually resolved.

    The Independent piece offered nothing more except speculation…..unless of course I missed the directt quaotes!

  33. And the meantime the entire management of the club is paralysed but remember Tom Hicks loves Liverpool and has the interests of the club at heart – complete bollocks.

  34. This “administrative oversight” business sounds so vague. Until more details are released as to the nature of it, I’ll wonder if it’s a smokescreen for other nefarious activities. (I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but, man, this boardroom mess is doing my head in.) Possible scenarios: Gillett was serious in his Canadian radio interview that he would buy instead of sell – maybe he’s waiting for the banks to close down Hicks? Or maybe Gillett is hatching some sort of partnership behind the scenes with DIC that will still involve the banks closing both of them down, only to have DIC step in? It’s all speculation, but it’s the best that can be done in the face of such utter stupidity…and vagueness to boot.

    Cory: I couldn’t agree more about the homoeroticism surrounding the worship of Torres (maybe it’s an extension of all the tactile homoeroticism on the pitch). Even a few of my grrrl-loving friends are smitten with him (in a worshipful kind of way) and say that he looks kind of girly…at least that’s how they reconcile their luuuuuv regardless of his gender. And you’re right, Fernando will never have to resort to Eleanor Roosevelt-type regret – I’d wager money that he’s even part-Dorian Gray and will look that beautiful for years to come. Plus he’s a god on the pitch – talk about being at the head of the queue when the blessings were being given out.

  35. Guys check out the independent for the latest on the ownership stuff:

    No sources. Nothing specific. Just wild speculation. As always.

  36. Julie: There were no LFC articles in the press recently. The football season has just about ended so the press revert to type and dish out more dross. For it to be the Independent and Herbert writing it, is just a waste of space imho. Funny how the possible d-day is now moved to October time (to coincide with the proposed commencement of building works). I am such a cynic.

    Tbh, I will not trust any press stories until and unless there is a conclusion to the saga and it is announced on the official website.

    I have heard from so many people in the financial world that there is no money or where there are cases of funding, there is no trust on the part of the lender. This points to the possibility of change being forced rather than taking place voluntarily.

  37. Little thing that has been bugging me for a while now…and can’t find the answer.

    Does anyone know why John Aldridge left the club after only 2 seasons. I thought that in his second season, he scored in excess of 30 goals. Had it something to do with Hillsborough?


  38. Ash, my take on it – In those days there was no squad rotation and we had Rush back so Aldridge was forced out. He was a great loss in my opinion and was wasted in Tranmere when he returned home.

  39. ash – He left because Ian rush was on his way back to LFC so Kenny sold him to a spanish club. He was surplus to requirements. He was bought in to replace Rushy.

  40. raju: you’re being very level-headed and sensible (as always) when you advise to approach the story in the Independent with skepticism. My excuse for flying off the handle is I’m so desperate for the ownership issue fo be resolved (ideally with Hicks’s ass being kicked into the Atlantic…or at least the Mersey) that I’ll pounce on any news, no matter how smelly (much like my dog does with garbage in the park).

    You must admit, though, it is a strange bit of circumstance to fabricate. An “administrative error”? This reeks of a stalling tactic or diversion to me.

    Regardless, I’m clutching to the hope (reaffirmed by you) that the banks and assorted financial institutions who are supporting Hicks in his own Citizen Kane-version of Monopoly will foreclose on him and bring to an end the frustrations of the past year and a half, not to mention the anticipation of another season where Liverpool makes the headlines because of boardroom animosity instead of sublime on-the-pitch skill.

  41. “…raju: you’re being very level-headed and sensible…”

    LOL! if only you knew me better!!! Perhaps we can compare notes one day and redefine sanity or lack of it.

    But seriously, do you honestly think that it would take all this time to realise of an administrative foul up? Unfortunately, I am not prepared to even give either clown any credit for using it as a stalling/diversion tactic. They are inept and lacking in logic.

    (deep sigh)

  42. I do not believe that you would miss a minor detail like that. They are up to somthing either stalling for time or waiting until the building work gets underway on the stadium so they can wangle more money out of DIC.

    By the way raju I have to agree with Julie, you remind me of Raef of the apprentice. You always seem to be alot more dignified than everyone else. Put a picture of yourself up, so we can see who the chap is we are talking to.

  43. raju: LOL, okay, I was giving you the benefit of the level-headed doubt there – I should have realised that to be a hard-core Liverpool supporter, you have to embrace a certain kind of craziness.

    The only shred of credibility I’m projecting onto this “administrative error” fluff comes from the fact that the clock is ticking towards the end of the month when, ostensibly, we were to be released from this hell. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, the prospect of going through even more months of limbo does not bear thinking about. My remarkable capacity for self-delusion has me thinking that SOMETHING, anything, is happening behind the scenes to affect a resolution to our liking.

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