CL Semi: Teams: Reds v Chelsea

For the third time in four years the Reds play host to Chelsea in a Champions League semi-final, but for the first time in those meetings it’s the first leg at Anfield.

Alvaro Arbeloa and Fabio Aurelio are the full backs either side of Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel, with Sami Hyypia on the bench.

And that, really, was the only part of Rafa’s line-up anyone was likely to guess over, injuries permitting.

Pepe Reina is in goal, on the day he said he couldn’t imagine life at Anfield without Rafa. Mascherano and Alonso are the two-man midfield, behind that row of three featuring Marcus Babel, Dirk Kuyt and the fit-again captain Steven Gerrard. In front is Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s number nine.

Chelsea start with Malouda, a name that might be looked back on in years to come as integral to the ownership situation, given that he was a target allegedly lost due to the slowness of CEO Rick Parry, the frustration felt by Rafa ultimately leading to bigger problems for the board than they might have imagined. He also won a penalty in bizarre fashion after throwing himself at the nearest Red shirt, enough to convince Rob Style in the game that saw Fernando Torres open his Reds account.

It’s a big match, but it’s only part one.

And off the field Tom Hicks, Tom Hicks Jnr and Mrs Hicks are there already, with Foster Gillett expected, alongside his guests Ms Staveley and Mr al-Ansari of DIC.

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 17 Arbeloa, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 12 Aurelio, 18 Kuyt, 14 Alonso, 20 Mascherano, 19 Babel, 8 Gerrard, 9 Torres
Subs: 30 Itandje, 4 Hyypia, 6 Riise, 11 Benayoun, 15 Crouch, 16 Pennant, 21 Lucas

Chelsea: 1 Cech, 20 Ferreira, 6 Carvalho, 26 Terry, 3 A Cole, 8 Lampard, 4 Makelele, 13 Ballack, 10 J Cole, 11 Drogba, 15 Malouda
Subs: 40 Hilario, 7 Shevchenko, 12 Obi, 21 Kalou, 33 Alex, 35 Belletti, 39 Anelka

Referee: Konrad Plautz

9 thoughts on “CL Semi: Teams: Reds v Chelsea”

  1. Half Time. Liverpool FC 1 – 0 Chavski FC.
    Dirk Kuyt nutmegs Cech. TV Commentators Are apparently being C**K s**kers. Don’t know personally watching it on TV, but listening to Aldo on City commentating TV muted. Few people texting Aldo saying that TV commentators are s**king Chavski c**k.

  2. Full Time. Liverpool FC 1 – 1 Chavski FC
    A good convincing performance by Liverpool, unfortunatly let down with the last touch of the ball practically with a John Arne Riise own goal.
    Any kids thinking about taking drugs should just look at the performance of the Ref and also Riise. Both these two individuals show very clearly that drugs will impead your decision making and will lead to irational decisions which will cost you very dearly.

  3. Disappointing end but you write Liverpool off at your peril.

    On a lighter note who saw Hicks trying to sing along to YNWA. Tom, not for the first time, you should have kept your mouth shut!

  4. He did not know the words. Good point thought Liverpool looked alot better than Chavski throughout alot of that game. If we can go down and score a single goal and not concead then where through.

  5. Radio City are making the point that if Chavski had scored the goal in say the 52nd minute than it would probably seem as bad. The reason we are so gutted is the manner in which we conceded.

    Also the Chavski team and Peter Kenyon where getting there picture infron of the Kop, rubbing salt in the wounds. The grounds man should have told them to get of the pitch (making the place look untidy).

  6. Wow. What a terrible ending. Liverpool dominated the game until the final play. 🙁

  7. Emotions are high at the moment. Imagine if Chelsea had scored just before half-time and we’d equalised just before the final whistle.

    Same score but would we feel different? I think we probably would. We need to score down there and try to keep a clean sheet. Difficult but Chelsea will be knackered from Saturday’s game whereas many of our players will have a weeks rest.

  8. I feel sorry for Riise, but we’re a team and it’s a collective responsibility.

    Not the best result but they have to play united at the weekend so we have that advantage and at least we didn’t get any yellow cards.

    I’m looking forward to the second leg, game on!

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