Mourinho wants Chelsea to beat Reds

A different kind of enemy to Liverpool fans has just reappeared on the scene, and it’s almost a welcome sight.

Up until around six months ago the mention of the name Jose Mourinho was sure to raise some angry and disgusted mutterings from just about any Red. But since then he’s left Chelsea, and Liverpool fans have new targets for their angry and disgusted mutterings.

No doubt he still hasn’t got over the goal from Luis Garcia. The one that crossed the line according to hundred of independent witness wearing Red shirts in the main stand. The one that hadn’t according to
Luis Garcia scores the goal Mourinho hatedthe independent witness wearing a somewhat ruffled look that night, claiming later: “The linesman scored the goal. No-one knows if that shot went over the line and you must be a hundred percent.” We were.

Mourinho’s not in charge now, but knows who he wants to win: “I don’t know who will win. I think always between big teams the result is a question mark. I want Chelsea.”

He also wants them to win the league: “Mathematically it’s possible. I want them to win. Yes, for the fans, for the players, yes, for the friends I have in the club. And when I say friends I include the board. I have no problems with Peter or Roman. I always support my friends.”

Good loser? Jose MourinhoAvram Grant wasn’t happy with the squad Mourinho left behind, but Mourinho’s response was to the point: “I don’t care what Avram Grant says.”

It’s nice of Jose to back his old club. The last time a former Chelsea manager backed his successor for success against Liverpool in a Champions League semi it was the Reds who got to the final. Back in 2005, Claudio Ranieri said: “I think Chelsea have more chances because they are used to being in this position but they must be careful. Liverpool are strong in the Champions League.”

How right those words turned out to be. The bit about Liverpool being strong, rather than who would get through.

And we all know what happened next.

2 thoughts on “Mourinho wants Chelsea to beat Reds”

  1. Maureen is a tw*t.

    100% tw*t.

    I hated him the moment he stepped on UK shores and partied the day he left.

    Couldnt have worked out better – was on holiday the day he got the sack & we all partied like it was 1999.

    He is a loser who always choked when it came to the big game –

    he still cant understand how rafa Benitez knocked him out of 3 semi’s in 3 years.

    He is a spoon who can only perform with 200 million to back him up.

    I always said – let him go to a Newcastle or west Ham and turn them into Champions & id eat my words.

    It would never happen.

    He has neither the skill or talent.

    It drives him nuts that Benitez does.

  2. I disagree with showme.

    I think Mourinho is an extremely good and capable manager, he would do well at any club. However, i do think tactically he lacks an edge, which is why Benitez got the better of him in the crunch games!

    Plus, i much prefer him to Avram ‘LIving Dead’ Grant as far as the EPL is concerned.


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