Rafa demands answers over Parry role

Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Blackburn was a welcome but short-lived distraction from the hapenings off the field that have made the headlines far too much in this past few days.

Events at Anfield are coming to a head with various reports coming out of ultimatums having been issued by one unhappy member of Liverpool’s staff.

We had two weeks of relative peace following the breakdown of the brief talks in Dubai between Hicks Sports Group and Dubai International Capital. Supporters speculated on what might be happening behind the scenes but in truth very little was.

Then one Thursday night George Gillett came out of his cave to announce the end of his hibernation time. He growled a lot about his relationship with Tom Hicks, and the battle was back on. He also promised he’d be at the Emirates for the Champions League quarter-final first leg.

Rick Parry followed this on the Sunday, saying that he was hoping to see some progress that week in the ownership situation.

On the Wednesday a story about the Hicks party taking 16 of the 20 tickets, and Gillett’s group taking the other four, saw a genuine chance that Rick Parry and David Moores would be unable to sit in their privileged seats at the Emirates. In the end the Hicks group gave some of their tickets back and the seats were made available. But not everyone in the total party of twenty sat down to eat together. And George Gillett didn’t appear anyway, claiming to have been snowed in back in Vail, Colorado, or Chicago, depending on which version of events was meant to be believed. His son Foster, who works out of the same office, did make the game, and rumours spread that Gillett hadn’t really got stuck back home at all.

Tom Hicks attended the Saturday league game, again at the Emirates, before heading back to the US for a big day out there that saw him criticised by some for not being in two places at once. His son Tom Jnr stayed behind. By Tuesday George Gillett had managed to beat the snow and after spending most of the day rebuking Liverpool staff on the day of his and his son’s first visit to Anfield this year he sat with Rick Parry – who had been with him in his earlier meetings – to watch the memorable second leg against Arsenal.

Wednesday was spent celebrating a memorable night, then all hell broke loose.

In short, a letter was sent to Rick Parry, requesting he resign. The news of the letter broke on Sky Sports News at 4pm, a good few hours after Parry’s secretary would have received the letter, which wasn’t only sent by snail mail. It was copied to the other board members too.

Parry claimed he knew nothing of the letter until after his family sent him a text about it at some point after 4pm. No explanation was given as to why his secretary hadn’t phoned him on his mobile – the one he got those claimed texts on – or if she had, why he’d not bothered to answer it.

Hicks was widely condemned for the letter, by Rick Parry claiming to be upset, and George Gillett claiming to have been upset and also not to have actually seen it. Mentions of not washing dirty linen in public were spat out as ever.

That was on Friday, and by the end of Friday the Echo website announced they had an exclusive interview planned for the following day with David Moores. It was the first time he’d spoken out about the problems since the first rumbling of discontent began, and it took something that upset Rick Parry to make him speak out.

On Sunday, today, we began with more details of what had been said in the letter, with Tom Hicks explaining what had happened from his point of view, along with a claim in the News of the World that Jurgen Klinsmann had warned what could only really be either Rick Parry or George Gillett about Tom Hicks sending details of a Rafa Benítez target to him by email. And it could only really be either Parry or Gillett who actually fed that story to the News of the World.

Then we had the game. And after the game Rafa had something to say on the record. He said: “Off the pitch, I am surprised at things I have read. I need some clarification about a meeting with a lot of people that I did not know about.” He was referring to the Klinsmann meeting. “I will talk with the board about this – as soon as possible, today or tomorrow. I need to resolve questions and I want some answers. I want to clarify things. I am really calm – but I want answers.”

We already knew of course that Jurgen Klinsmann was met by Tom Hicks and Rick Parry last November with a view to him becoming manager of LFC in place of the Spaniard. But Parry’s presence at the meeting had never been made public before. And that’s was Rafa said had upset him: “I need to talk to the board to clarify things. I was surprised about a meeting with another manager. What concerned me was the people who were in the meeting.”

Clearly it’s next to impossible for Rafa and Parry to remain at the same club long term, given the long list of differences between them. It’s believed that Rafa is sufficiently concerned that should his concerns not be addressed with more than just words that he may act himself.

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  1. Hands up who had to Google “SNAFU”?

    *puts hand up*

    Pretty good way to describe things Ed.

  2. I feel the boil inside the club is about to be lanced. There will be some significant events occuring at Anfield in the next 2-3 days.

    Presently the most important person at Liverpool is Rafa Benitez. It’s vital he stays for the well-being of the team. Others are expendable including Rick Parry. Let’s hope all concerned consider the well being of the club before personal hopes and aspirations.

    Does anyone know when the next scheduled board meeting is?

  3. I completely back Rafa, he has been treated like garbage since the Americans took over. By both the owners and Parry.

    If we lost Rafa we would be set back another 5 years minimum trying to get someone worthy to come in and do well.

    Jim it concerns me that you have a lot to say about Gillett…I’m not sure whether your just in favour of Hicks control…or just adamant George Gillett is the real enemy?

    Either way, none of these people can be left to run the club. Gillett, Parry and Moores all want to sell the club again. I agree with them.
    In my opinion it does not matter what Tom Hicks comes out and says, or if he tales full control, there will NEVER be harmony.

    A fresh, clean break is needed. Hicks cannot stay if he wins, the fans will not forget easily the troubles he has caused. Of course Gillett is just as guilty, but at least Gillett wants out. He’s realised this is not his place, HIcks needs to see it too.

    I hope, so much, that every single person on the board currently, has no ties with the club come August.

    Jim, objectivity apart….who would you personally like to see in charge of the club? Out of all the players involved in the struggle?

  4. Things are looking very very bad.

    Between the lines, it would seem that the hidden (until now) secret was that Parry attended the Klinsmann talks in America (or was party to them). If Rafa was misled as to this very important detail, then clearly the working relationship between Rafa and our chief executive is over.

    Rafa or Parry has to go.

    Hicks is a proper bastard. He’s put the cat among the pigeons and is on the sidelines sniggering.

    I am no major Parry fan. But replace Parry with Ayres? FFS Absolute lunacy.

    But with the clock ticking down until he’s fucked (end of May deadline re ability to buy out his partner), Hicks is getting ever more desperate. These are the actions of a very desperate and vindictive man.

    We can expect a helluva row, and new shit in the media for the next 6 weeks. A massive storm is brewing. I just hope our top man is not the casualty of this thing.

    We need to get to the end of May. After that, I suspect we will enter calmer waters. Gillett will no longer need to have anything to do with Hicks, nor vice versa. They can all share to whoever the fuk they want to. And we’ll all be glad to see the arse end of the pair of them.

  5. I agree Ray, it does look like events are coming to a head (like a boil does!) and we’ll have some type of progress this week. But it’s hard to tell if it will be enough progress for us.

    Agree also that Rafa is key.

    Whatever happens, there are going to be big changes from the point in the structure above Rafa.

    If Hicks wins then he wants to see Parry gone, and of course GIllett and Foster would be gone. I can imagine Moores being asked to move too if he doesn’t move anyway so all in all Rafa must stay.

    If DIC win, and if we’re talking 100%, then Parry and Moores are the only like possible remnants of the board and for Rafa to stay Parry really must go, and again I could imagine Moores walking too. So DIC have to keep Rafa on surely?

    Rafa’s managed to do ok in recent weeks despite the board’s messing around, and if he can keep that going as a new board settles in we should be able to move forward far better than if he wasn’t around at all.

  6. i am from norway and liverpool is my team, put what i cant understand is where are the liverpool fans who life in liverpool???it is the fans who goth the power,it is the fans who pay money for tickets, shirts and tv . sow my piont is that u can outs hicks if u really go for it. AND YES I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD:)

  7. Jim, i’m really gutted with the now blatently biased view you are now writing these posts with. They are so one sided towards Hicks in their descripton, you might as well be writing for the Sun. These are not balanced views anymore. sort it out mate.

  8. Jim,

    Seems we’re in agreement on several issues but on one I do disagreee with you.

    If Parry acted without David Moore’s knowledge then DM will be disgusted with Parry. Parry’s only ally would be Gillett and he’s on the way out. Parry also knows the fans would not support him if the claims are true. He would have no real support left.

    But if Parry acted with Moore’s agreement then DM would also have to go and that would be a sad end to a long and distinguished association with the club. Even though I’ve never met him I don’t think DM would associate himself with such a stupid action so I expect Parry to resign before the week ends.

    After that I expect a period of stability until Hicks can or can’t get the money together to buy Gillett out. I know Gillett has said he won’t sell to him but if DIC don’t make an offer then Hicks is probably the only option left to him.

    Why couldn’t all this be happening 30 miles to the east?

  9. ST – I’m struggling to think of one good point at all about Gillett.

    I can’t answer the other question about who I’d want in control out of say Hicks and DIC. I don’t think we’ve got a say in it and I personally think it’s possible that Hicks could take over in a much improved way than now, but I do take on board the long list of concerns against him. With DIC I don’t think they’re as good an option as everyone thinks, but that still doesn’t make them a bad option either. I just hope I’m sitting here in a year thinking about how good it is under the control of “whoever”.

    Back to Gillett, if the options changed and it was all down to Gillett or Hicks, no other choice, then I’d pick Hicks.

    I know I’ll get complaints about doing this, but if I put my worst-case version of Hicks next to the best-case version of Gillett I’d still pick Hicks. Gillett is that bad! I know that contradicts his image, particularly with the Canadiens. But that’s how I feel.

  10. The article raises a few questions which I’ve longed to get answers to…

    But first – Parry needs to go but it’s all about the order of things. Hicks first, from what I’ve read and digested. Gillett close behind. Parry not that far behind them. The only way that changes is if Rafa makes it clear he can’t work with Parry – and given that he wants to meet with the Board within the next 24 hours and neither Gillett or Hicks are in the UK, it seems he still has a current working relationship with Parry and Moores. Maybe others are the problem, Jim?

    Could he be referring to Bascombe’s article in the News of the World – which doesn’t put Hicks in a positive light?

    Jim, I seem to recall you saying you had alot of respect for Bascombe – re him having the best interests of Liverpool FC at heart – is this still the case? Or is he on the payroll of Gillett and Parry? If so, who isn’t and who is trustworthy on all of this?

    I’ve previously wondered whether Rafa had actually asked any searching questions about any meeting between the Board and Klinnsman.

    Jim, do you know whether Rafa got any clarity from the Board, prior to now, about the meeting, the date, what was said, by whom and what? Following the release of Hicks’ letter to the press, his (employment) lawyer would have told him he now has solid grounds for constructive dismissal and can now seek answers to all the questions he previously did not request or was denied. Could that not be a reason for the meeting, Jim? Not simply to attack Parry?

    At the moment your article while a good read hangs in the world of ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, which you’ve said previously are not as valid when discussing this ongoing drama at our club. Unless of course you’ve spoken directly to Rafa himself which suggests you and Balague must play golf together.

    Any help, Jim, would be greatfully received.

  11. Fair answer Jim,

    I agree that Gillett is useless, he’s like a smiling wolf. But without the brains. Hicks is more of a tycoon, which would be a better option if it came down to it, we would be competitive and tough. However, i just feel that his staying would leave scars too deep to go.

    DIC (if they came in) i feel would not be the saviours some people seem think. But the wave of positiveness going through the club if they did swoop in and takeover would be overwhelming.

    I’m glad that the majority of fans still back Rafa, he is clearly a vastly talented manager and he is confident in his own ability’s. I always felt it was unfair to compare his record against the top four since he took over. We didn’t really deserve to be put in the same bracket as the other 3. But this season i feel we’ve established ourselves as a force. Okay the title hasn’t been won…but progress is there for all to see. If all these off the field troubles hadn’t happened…who knows what could of become of this season!

    Rick Parry has clearly come to the end of his tenure, i’ve never been much of a fan, he gives a desperate image whenever i see him on TV, and he lacks confidence and power. He’s obviously a smart guy however, he must now do the right thing.

  12. I don’t want this to turn into another festival of attacks on me because it’s not got “Hicks out” every other sentence.

    And Durgs, apart from the “two places at once” quip what was even remotely biased towards Hicks in what was written above? That was hardly biased either, it just didn’t go down the line some went to about Hicks’ missing the major LFC event of that CL game in favour of a (we’re told) major event for his baseball team. Of all the heavy stuff that could be thrown at Hicks it was quite petty really. You should write comments on the S*n’s website, if we’re being like that!

    MR: “…and given that he wants to meet with the Board within the next 24 hours and neither Gillett or Hicks are in the UK, it seems he still has a current working relationship with Parry and Moores. Maybe others are the problem, Jim?” I’ve not spoken to Rafa. Unfortunately. So I don’t know how he feels. I can only go on what others say, or don’t say, and piece it together. I’ve heard different things said about him by different people, but I think it’s safe to say he wants to stay at Anfield and will do whatever he can to make this happen. And I don’t think you’ll find anyone, at all, who says he’s happy with Parry. Even some who are critical of him say he’s finished with Parry.So, no,I don’t think there’s any working relationship there at all. For Moores, read Parry. Moores is renowned for doing whatever Parry advises him to. Unless he’s finally opened his eyes then that’s not going to change.

    While Hicks’ admission in January that Klinsmann had been sounded out for the manager’s job is still a source of anger for fans, he now insists that Gillett and Parry instigated the meeting.

    “George had known him from Vail (Colorado), and that Rick, George and Foster (Gillett) participated with Tom Jr., me in the meeting,” Hicks said. “Rick allowed all of the controversy to build without taking any responsibility. Rafa knows he has my total support … I think they were both disingenuous letting me take the heat on the Klinsmann controversy.”

    You probably missed that.

    Jim, I seem to recall you saying you had alot of respect for Bascombe – re him having the best interests of Liverpool FC at heart – is this still the case? Or is he on the payroll of Gillett and Parry? If so, who isn’t and who is trustworthy on all of this? Chris still has the best interests of LFC at heart, no doubt whatsoever about that. Not even a tiny amount of doubt. Like all of us he’s trying to make sense of things and given the amount of extra stuff he knows, not just about now but about the past years of Parry’s CEOship, his head mustn’t stop spinning. It must drive him up the wall to see stories develop over a week and have to wait until Sunday to put his take on them out there. He’s not on the payroll of Gillett and Parry, I can guarantee you that. If he’s reported that then that’s what he’s been told.

    I’ve previously wondered whether Rafa had actually asked any searching questions about any meeting between the Board and Klinnsman. That’s an interesting point actually.

    Jim, do you know whether Rafa got any clarity from the Board, prior to now, about the meeting, the date, what was said, by whom and what? Following the release of Hicks’ letter to the press, his (employment) lawyer would have told him he now has solid grounds for constructive dismissal and can now seek answers to all the questions he previously did not request or was denied. Could that not be a reason for the meeting, Jim? Not simply to attack Parry? I don’t want to cause a panic but I heard something earlier that would cause a panic. Not quite what you said though. Not quite. That’s cryptic I know, but I think you might hear more later, elsewhere.

    At the moment your article while a good read hangs in the world of ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, which you’ve said previously are not as valid when discussing this ongoing drama at our club. Unless of course you’ve spoken directly to Rafa himself which suggests you and Balague must play golf together. A lot of it has to stay as ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ unfortunately. I don’t play golf!

    Any help, Jim, would be greatfully received. I take it I’ve caused more confusion than anything else?

  13. Interesting comments from Benitez. Seems strange that he’s basically saying that he knew of the meeting but now he knows Parry was involved it has suddently become a more serious matter worthy of a board meeting. This means one of two things, either Rafa wants Parry out himself or he’s backing Hicks with this. I hope it’s the former rather than the latter, It may just be that he’s decided that enough is enough and talks need to occur but i doubt that talks haven’t occurred already regarding wha happened before.

    Lets hope this gets sorted soon.

    Follows: my post on the previous article i fear Jim wont see now its past….


    In answer to your question about “if i woke up and it was over and Hicks had taken over completely, would i be prepared to hear Hicks out and listen to his plan…

    Good question. The simple, quick answer is no. However it is a good question as in all honestly would still be keen to see what he claims is going to happen. But fundamentally, no matter what he said I wouldn’t be able to believe it. How could I after all the lies and contradictions thus far that we know as fact are his doing?

    For me the trust is gone and the faith shattered. It would take some very serious rectificatory actions on his part to convince me otherwise, actually, probably not even then. Honestly, I don’t believe that he has the correctly placed motivation or the financial capabilities to pull off such a series of moves. Like I say, he has to go on principle. This shouldn’t be overlooked either – I genuinely believe the thing that makes this club special is our integrity and how our actions encapsulate this word perfectly. Think about this for a moment…….. When you compare ourselves to other clubs there is something about the people of Liverpool and the manor and traditions in which we operate which is…well, special. I don’t see how now, after all that has transpired, we can even entertain the prospect of welcoming Hicks back into the club, EVEN IF he does manage to pull off the audacious (or ludicrous) claims that he has made today, it would be to turn our back on the very essence and heart and soul that makes us great and differentiates ourselves from the rest.

    I’d also like you to explain, if you can, the following response by yourself to my comment, as maybe i’ve missed something obvious or I do not understand…

    “They tried to sack Rafa and line up a replacement.” Jim: This seems to have stemmed from some intelligence received against Rafa by the owners. I say seems to, it’s interesting that this intelligence wasn’t given as a reason in the admission. I’d like to know more about that and if it was genuine intelligence they both still trust today, or if they’ve since realised the source might have had other reasons for speaking as it did.

    What is this intelligence you speak of? Where have you heard this from? The admission they gave was obviously the Real Madrid rubbish but what was this intelligence you think you understand, if you can explain this at all? and perhaps more pertinently who was the source. It feels like this is another thing you have heard on the never never, but like i say, maybe ive forgotten something obvious.

    Anyway, appreciate the comments again. Don’t feel too disheartened by people who take severe exception to your comments – better that than take what you say on face value remember?!!! lol.

    p.s thanks John S for your advice. and if you could let me know the secret to retiring early as you have done I would appreciate that too! lol.

  14. Thanks Chris – I think Rafa is as good a manager as we can get, and under new ownership he’s got to be kept on because we need to have at least one piece of continuity.

    I think Hicks sees that, so if he wins, Rafa stays.

    DIC haven’t said much yet about Rafa. I say “much”, because if you believe PR people then Rafa is going to be safe. But PR people aren’t my favourite folk as you may have gathered before. Despite that, they surely must see the problems it would cause them to let Rafa go.

    Parry? I’ve said before that in a lot of ways I do feel sorry for him. He’s got a well-paid job commutable from his family home and what a job it is. It’s hard to imagine a replacement job that lives up to this one. Perhaps he deserved a formal warning rather than a request to resign, but who’s to say he’d not already been warned? If all the claims we’ve heard about in the letter are true then he’s not fit to be our CEO.

  15. Well, isn’t Tom Hicks just the biggest smartypants in the world? He wasn’t able to get Rick Parry to quit, so he played his ace in the hole – revealing the extent of Parry’s participation at the Klinsmann meeting – to manipulate our manager into an “it’s him or me” ultimatum to the board. If Hicks is successful in this, Parry quits/gets fired and Rafa owes his loyalty to Hicks for revealing the details…or, Parry stays until the new owners fire him and Rafa quits in disgust at being publicly humiliated once too often. Either way, Hicks wins and Parry and Rafa get screwed.

    Either way, net result Hicks 1, Liverpool 0.

  16. Just a bit on what I mentioned earlier about panic. It’s coming out a little bit now.


    These parts in particular:

    Rafa Benitez was considering his Liverpool future on Sunday night after claiming that he had been undermined by chief executive Rick Parry.

    In an astonishing twist to the bickering that is ripping Liverpool apart, furious manager Benitez demanded answers over Parry’s alleged role in the recent approach for Jurgen Klinsmann and appeared to side with co-owner Tom Hicks in questioning the Anfield administrator’s conduct.

    Benitez has so far detached himself from Anfield’s boardroom feud, but is now privately airing misgivings over whether he can continue working alongside Parry.

    He could not contain his anger after learning that Parry not only attended last November’s meeting at Klinsmann’s California home but helped set it up. Benitez knew joint-owners Hicks and George Gillett were there, and Klinsmann was effectively offered his job, but was unaware of Parry’s input.

    Microphones were switched off again at the end of the press conference basically.

  17. exactly, Julie.

    Hicks is a most ugly individual, in every respect.

    He is so desperate, so vengeful, so scheming, that he will do just about anything, so as to pulverise his enemies.

    No matter how this latest saga turns out, no rational human being could ever want this cunt of all cunts, as owner of our great club.

    Hicks is going out, kicking and screaming. He’ll take as many with him as he can.

  18. Jim, thanks for that. I had a few thoughts but then I saw that Hicks is planning to give an interview to Sky News this week. True?

    If he is, given what we’ve said about Hillsborough, he’ll lose even more people over this. He doesn’t seem to care – or he just doesn’t have a clue. His judgement would seem to be on a par with Parry, if not worst!


  19. Extremely good point Julie.

    I’m not worried that Benitez is about to quit. He’s not, but he’ s positioning himself so that Parry ends up getting sacked. The question, again, is whether or not this is being done out of self-interest or because he is supporting Hicks. Hicks and Gillett were there too remember, but i guess he cant force them to quit.

  20. Martin – I dropped you a line if that’s OK? Thanks for explaining those points too. I wonder how as a whole our fanbase would react to a Hicks victory. I wonder if having Rafa alongside him would help with some, or would turn people against Rafa.

    MR – I don’t know about the Sky interview. I don’t think Sky would have needed to point out about Tuesday though.

    Martin again – it does sound like a bluff from Rafa, he might want Parry out but I think he knows Parry will play it down and there’ll be no vote for him to be sacked. Rafa might get something out of it in the short term though, like more control over whatever money there might be this summer.

  21. Nobody can win in this situation.

    I assume to oust Parry Hicks would need the Gilette camp to agree to do so.

    If Rafa gives the “either Parrys goes or I go” ultimatum there is every chance Gilette would still refuse to agree to Parrys dismissal leaving the door open for Rafa to quit.

    I cant see how a resolution is possible anymore other than if Hicks agrees to sell up.

    Dont know how widely reported its been but in the Irish media today it has been reported that JP Macmanus and John Magner are at the early stages of negotiations with the view of buying a stake in the club. (I think one if not both were at one time united fans)

  22. Martin, I genuinely believe that Rafa and Parry don’t get along and haven’t for some time. Whether this is borne of thwarted transfer targets or personality clashes is anyone’s guess. I have immense respect and loyalty to our manager, but I suspect like other strong leaders he doesn’t suffer gladly those he perceives as fools.

    Nonetheless, it’s not his job to in effect play errand boy and deliver Parry his marching orders on behalf of Hicks. Like you, I think Rafa’s commitment to Liverpool is sound, but after the year he has had, that commitment must have taken some mighty nasty knocks.

  23. Hicks said: “Rick Parry has been Liverpool’s CEO for 10 years and we haven’t won a league championship under his leadership. Our commercial revenues have not kept up with other top clubs during that time, which has made it very difficult to compete for the Premier League.

    “After watching him operate, I came to the conclusion it was time to ask him to resign, due to his inability to manage an organisation, his seemingly arrogant attitude to our supporters and his lack of communication with Rafa (Benitez).”

    I hate to say it but i must side with Hicks on that statement in the Telegraph.

    What does everyone think of Rafa’s stance? He hasn’t come out in support of anyone really, Hicks slightly more so than the others if anything. Is he playing a wise role now? He seems to be asking a lot of questions, ‘playing dumb’ for want of a better phrase. But he must know who he wants to work with.

    It’s funny that i can admit to myself that if Rafa came out tomorrow and said “I want Hicks as owner!” i would back him. The same applies if he wanted Hicks out.

    Rafa seems to be the man with all the secrets, he must be dying to come out and say so, but it would be dangerous for his position as manager. All in all, i think Rafa is going about things in the right way. Although i’d love to read his mind.

  24. I’m not a fan of Gillett but one thing he did say about Hicks and he knows him very well given their history:

    Gillett and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst then bought ConAgra’s beef operations – Swift and Company – for US$1.4 billion in 2001.

    Anyway he said of Hicks in that Canadian Radio interview:
    “but when your public persona is more important than the facts”

  25. Rafa is far too ‘political’ a figure – alongside his wife – to be caught out by the schemeing that is going on. He managed Valencia itself a huge political football environment.

    Hicks, regardless of what happens, and Julie could be right in her analysis, does not appear to be the kind of person who we want running our club. His public persona stinks so one can only imagine what he’s like behind closed doors.

    Jim, when responding my earlier post – you said that Bascombe would be reporting what he’s told. I suspect if I told him something he would check and double check.

    Do you think/know whether Bascombe’s article is based on fact? He writes as if it is. If it is, and his track record appears to be second to none, then it seems Hicks may have been playing Rafa (ie telling him one thing and doing another). In which case Rafa will not take that lying down and surely he’ll also be gunning for Hicks. Then we may have a scenario of my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Then everyone turns against Hicks? Or am I misreading things?

  26. Today Rafa all but secured 4th unless Everton can beat Arsenal away and Chelsea (who really need the points) at home. We’re also in the semi-final of the CL.

    Presumably they were the financial targets set for him in December.

    For the first time this season he’s in a strong position. So he’s keen to remove any obstacles that will prevent him from signing players this summer. So he’s going to the board to?

  27. “Then we may have a scenario of my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Then everyone turns against Hicks? Or am I misreading things?”

    You’re misreading things.

  28. Being a LFC supporter for suh a long time ….One thing is for sure whether Hicks or Gillete or anyone else takes control….Rick Parry should be sacked…if we look at the development of this club its Zilch…..look at the way Man United, Chelsea have their marketting strategy….u get the club merchendise everywhere inthe world…..which inturn increases the revenue…..on the other side look at liverpool there are million fans but u cant see much of liverpool in Asia !!

  29. Daily Post today:-
    “Privately, Benitez is running out of patience with the discord behind the scenes and will consider offers from elsewhere if the struggle for power in the boardroom continues much longer”
    This is the only news that matters today. If we lose Rafa then what, what kind of manager will want to come here with these 2 hilbillies in charge ?

  30. For what its worth, I’m behind Rafa all the way. And that makes me behind anybody who is also behind Rafa. I reckon he’s the best thing to have happened to LFC off the pitch in recent years, and by a long way.

    Hicks wants Parry gone, and maybe this is his way of getting it. We’ll see. Maybe he had it all planned out, maybe he didn’t. But he’s not one to mess with, is he? No wonder this ownership – and now boardroom – battle is so bloody.

  31. God forbid that anyone should think Jim Boardman is in Hicks’s camp after yet another blatantly one sided post like this !!!! Yet again he has left out some of the most crucial information and totally slanted what “information” he has used to Hicks’s benefit. The facts are simple. Parry works for Hicks and Gillett. He is their employee. If Hicks orders Parry to attend a meeting with himself, Gillett and Klinsman, Parry has to attend. Obviously Parry would be under orders to keep this confidential. He has no choice in the matter. Hicks can then hardly turn around many months later (when it becomes politically convenient to align himself with Rafa)and say that by attending the meeting Parry has made his relationship with Rafa unworkable. But this is exactly what Hicks is now doing. This is blatantly using Hicks’s own actions to help engineer a boardroom coup against Parry which has nothing to do with trying to help Rafa. Hicks is merely using Rafa and the fans emotional attachment to him as a tool to remove a business obstacle.

    Jim Boardroom the only thing more disgraceful than Hicks pretending to be the good guy in all of this is you pretending to be “objective” and not in Hicks’s camp. Even something as simple as Gillett saying he intended to be at the first Arsenal game has to be converted by you into a “promise” and the fact of a snowstorm in Colorado grounding Gillett’s flight (which is an easily verifiable fact) becomes just a “claim” by Gillett. I’m sure most people are well aware of the real reason Hicks didn’t come to Anfield and it has nothing to do with any baseball game.

    You’ve also conveniently forgotten to mention ofcourse that Jurgen Klinsman has been receiving copies of Rafa’s emails to Hicks which points the finger directly back at Hicks again. No doubt you’ll have some ridiculously far fetched and one sided explanation as to how DIC or Parry or Gillett are really to blame for this too. But obviously you’ll need some further time to come up with this explanation so it makes sense that you’ve failed to even address the issue at this point lest it detract from the “lets get rid of Parry” agenda that you and Hicks are now pursuing.

    Hicks latest newspaper rant against Parry cites as one of his main reasons for wanting Parry out Liverpool’s failure to keep track of Man Yoo commercially over the last 10 years. Hicks knew all about this and the reasons for it from the due diligence he did before buying the Club and yet he was effusive in his praise of Parry back then. This is yet another example of Hicks changing his spots whenever it becomes politically convenient to do so. This kind of machiavellian politics and manipulation is exactly what Liverpool fans can expect for the next few years if Hicks is not made to leave the Club.

    Hicks also claimed that Parry was arrogant to the fans but does anyone out there really believe that Hicks genuinely gives a shit about this ?? Hicks is a man who has known for months that 99% of fans are physically crying out for him to leave the Club……..and yet his sheer arrogance means he continues to ignore us and keep talking over us as if he is the only one who knows what we really want.

    As for Jim Boardman, people should be extremely wary of anyone who claims to have secret information favouring one side but then says he can’t or won’t release it so that they can make their own judgment on it. This is basically the exact same argument Colin Powell made at the UN in his now infamous speech about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programme. Most people outside the US did not believe Powell and they were dead right not to. This is also the same position adopted by Heather Mills among others and she is about the standard of person who normally relies on it.

    Jim Boardman has engaged in a great deal of farfetched and unwarranted speculation to try and create the impression that only Hicks’s ownership of the Club can protect Rafa, that DIC don’t like Rafa, that DIC are somehow committed to keeping Parry and that Parry and Rafa can’t work together. There is no tenable basis for any of these.

    I don’t think Parry is any saint and I’ve been the first to criticize him in the past when this has been warranted. However the main reason for any frustration on Rafa’s part at Liverpool is because the Club, relative to its main rivals, has had to operate within a fairly tight budget. This underlying reason for frustration will definitely not change but rather intensify if Hicks gets sole ownership of the Club.

    Contrary to Jim Boardman’s recent posts there is no tenable basis at all to conclude either that Hicks is right behind Rafa. Hicks’s camp aren’t completely stupid. They know how popular Rafa is and how quickly fans can be distracted from other issues by their emotional attachment to a very popular coach. Sending a few emails praising Rafa costs nothing but is very politically convenient for Hicks at a critical time. Make no mistake, politicial convenience is the reason for Hicks’s recent public U-turn on the subject of Rafa (and make no mistake it definitely is a complete U-turn despite Hicks’s dishonest and disingenuous attempts to pretend otherwise).

    Given their completely different long term objectives and personalities (not to mention the immense financial restrictions Hicks’s ownerhsip would place on Rafa) there is no way Rafa and Hicks could ever co-exist together in the longer term. One wants to win trophies for the fans and enjoy sustained success on the field. The other, in total contrast, simply wants to make as much money for himself as possible. Sustained success on the field requires significant ongoing investment over a long period. Hicks does not have the resources for this and, by his own admission, does not consider success on the field important or necessary so long as fans continue to demonstrate “brand loyalty” which (he believes and has stated) does not require sustained on field success.

    Compare this to DIC’s record of investing heavily (with their own money) to achieve success in every field they enter. Look at DIC’s record in horse racing for example and then compare this to the long term performance of Hicks’s American sports teams. There is no comparison.

    Nor is there any basis to conclude that DIC don’t like Rafa. DIC’s admiration for Rafa’s abilities is genuine. It is not based on temporary political convenience but rather on knowing that, if given decent resources, Rafa has the ability to take us back to where we rightfully belong. This is no doubt the criteria Rafa would want to be judged on.

  32. Good post, Hop. Hicks badly wants to own the club. Gillett is just a whining crybaby that has zero interest in being around Liverpool for and is just holding out for more money. Fortunately, Gillett will soon be gone after this disgraceful exit of his that he could have ended long ago.

  33. Dawg,
    Gillett admits he wants out but if you think he’s going to sell to Texas2hats you’re living in cloud cuckoo land, get real.
    Despite his desire to leave he can and does still attend home matches at Anfield. When is Tom Tit next going to have the guts to show his face in the Anfield Director’s Box ? I really look forward to that but I doubt if he will.

  34. Dear Jim,

    You are sounding very much like a Hicks apologist. I cannot believe that money can buy one’s love for my great club!!!

  35. I resent you making those accusations Anfielder and your own bias is clouding what you’re saying. There’s little point in engaging you as you’ve no intention of opening your mind at all. I don’t think all your points are wrong, but your anger is getting in the way.

    What I wrote above was a high-speed summary of what was something like 40 pages of quotes and articles covering the events of just Thursday to Sunday that I’d been preparing to go over. So much has happened that it was impossible to summarise every single incident without taking hundreds and hundreds of words. I wanted to get out this story as quickly as possible. Rafa was demanding answers. And at the time of writing nothing much had been written about it.

    I haven’t got time to go through your points one by one, I just wanted to acknowledge I’d read them.

    Your first bit goes on about how Hicks has said Rafa can’t possibly work with Parry because he was at the meeting. Has Hicks said that? Hicks “revealed” this fact, but it’s not Hicks demanding to know what happened. Did Rafa not know, or not suspect? Did he ask Parry about it? One thing I’ll say about all concerned is that the revelations they’ve already made might just be the start, and there’s more damage to come.

    Parry was at the “clear the air” meeting in December, and that was his chance, and the owners’ chance, to admit his presence and involvement. We don’t know fully what Parry is saying behind the scenes. We know he’s going to the press. Which brings me onto your next point. Klinsmann.

    You say: “You’ve also conveniently forgotten to mention ofcourse that Jurgen Klinsman has been receiving copies of Rafa’s emails to Hicks which points the finger directly back at Hicks again.”

    From the article you criticise: “a claim in the News of the World that Jurgen Klinsmann had warned what could only really be either Rick Parry or George Gillett about Tom Hicks sending details of a Rafa Benítez target to him by email.”

    So I didn’t conveniently forget to mention it. Although I think you might have mis-read what was written in the NOTW, because I thought it was Hicks emailing Rafa’s targets not Hicks forwarding Rafa’s emails. A minor difference, and if true then something that Rafa will also want to ask about. But is it true?

    You see, and I’m not going to keep going over old ground on this thing about “secret information”, you can’t grumble about me saying something based on what I found out but can’t name the source of. Not if you want to use the NOTW story. The source wasn’t named there was it? So doesn’t that fit in with your latest George Bush comparison?

    You go back over the events of the last 14 or 15 months and try to piece together what’s happened without using anything other than fully-credited quotes. See if you can find as good a case against Hicks, Gillett, Parry or Rafa based on nothing other than full-on quotes or statements about their dealings related to LFC. Did Rafa nearly get sacked? How do you know? Did somebody actually say that? Did the owners try to put all the debt onto the club? Got a quote?

    A lot, but not all, of the “information” I refer to has come from people who have good sources. I trust them, and I trust them to trust their sources. Sometimes I think their trust of their sources has been misplaced. Maybe my trust of them is misplaced. How many times would I be able to say on here that “XX spoke to YY and told me that YY hates ZZ”? Once. Then “XX” would tell me where to go in far stronger terms than you’re itching to use now.

    Why Hicks really wants Parry out is again speculation. I’m damn sure that the long list of Parry’s failings aren’t the only reasons. But that’s speculation on my part too. If Parry’s actions are hindering Hicks’ plans, Parry is – as you say yourself – an employee. He has no right to favour one owner over the other, no matter what one owner has done.Maybe Hicks also knows something about Parry that’s not been revealed in public or is even able to be proved. You don’t always need proof to know something’s happened.

    As for Rafa’s future under the various owner options. Are you saying he hasn’t got a future under Hicks? Are you saying he has under Gillett? Are you saying you know what his future is under DIC? Tell me what I should say, particularly when people ask my opinion. I think I mentioned earlier that DIC’s PR people have started to talk about Rafa having a future under them at least initially, so if you believe that, which has hardly come direct from the Sheikh, then doesn’t that fall into your “secret information” black hole?

    Again on Rafa – I’ve made it clear and not changed my stance on it that anyone who wants to show they feel Rafa is the right man for the future needs to offer him a new contract. They can’t do that until they win, whoever they are. So Rafa has to go with whatever he feels he can trust. But to be honest, if he believes it or not, what’s he got to lose?

    And again, if it is a u-turn, is that wrong? Let’s not get mixed up with whether we believe it’s a real u-turn and not a temporary pretend u-turn. Is it wrong for him to change his mind? Have managers changed their minds about players before? Have you ever changed your mind about anything? Again, we’re getting caught up in throwing lots of minor arguments forward to have a go at Hicks. If you want everyone who might be faltering over Hicks – and it’s not many – to go back to the anti-Hicks camp then all these minor points sound more like a witch hunt than genuine concerns.

    If Rafa doesn’t know how much of a part Hicks played in November, or his full reasons for it, then yes we need to try and get a message to him. But I think he knows. And if he doesn’t, I can’t see Gillett or Parry holding anything back now.

    On the subject of u-turns, is it possible Hicks realises his “brand loyalty” stuff was wrong, on many levels, that he’s changed his mind? Nobody knows. Nobody. Not even him. Even if he’s convinced he has changed his approach, he won’t know until it gets down to the nitty-gritty of a long hard season where we have ups and downs, and deciding if the downs are few enough. I agree with what you say about the performances in the US – it’s one of many questions Hicks has to answer if he wants to win fans over, and not just with words of course.

    I don’t think it’s down to a choice for us any more. Listing DIC’s good points might well prove they are a better option. I don’t think I’ve ever argued with that. I’ve just put in some fairly minor concerns I’ve got, that I’m sure they could answer themselves if asked. They are still concerns, even if we can speculate that they’ll have good answers for them. But DIC being a good option does not work as a criteria for dismissing Hicks out of hand.

    Who told you that “DIC’s admiration for Rafa’s abilities is genuine”? Seriously, have you got the quote from al-Ansari or someone on that. It’s not that I don’t believe it, because as a fan of LFC you’d like to think he would appreciate Rafa, but you can’t have a go at me for saying things based on a mixture of reading between the lines, assumptions, speculation, “secret information” and so on when you’ve used exactly the same arguments yourself.

    Can I just say one more thing in general. Hicks is a long way short of doing anything to win us over. Actions speak louder than words. It’s not up to us now if he’ll get the chance though. Hicks will either get the money and buy GG out or he won’t. DIC will find a way to stop him or they won’t. Eventually, hopefully not too far away, we’ll have new owners.

    Thanks for the comments anfielder because I know you aren’t speaking out of anything other than genuine heartfelt concern for the club, but so am I. I’m worried that as supporters we’ll make things worse under Hicks than Hicks will, if that makes sense. If Hicks wins, what will we all do? If his plans have a chance of working, will we throw a spanner in the works anyway, just to prove ourselves right?

    If Hicks does get Rafa’s support, will we suddenly decide Rafa’s not really the man for the job? If Rafa came out tomorrow and said he means it, he really does want Hicks to win (that’s hypothetical before anyone starts) will we all turn on Rafa?

    We all need to calm down and think.

  36. We all need to focus on the fact that the club is tearing itself apart and we are in danger of losing RAFA AND DIC who are our best hopes for Liverpool. All this bitching amonst the fans is making things even worse. Can’t you (Jim) see that this is what Hicks wants ?

  37. I am an ardent Arsenal AND Liverpool fan and always have been. I reckon that we have two of the best managers in the whole of football. Thank God we have a settled lot of directors but yours,unfortunately are doing you no great good.

    I hope that Hicks(a REAL hick) gets the Order of the Boot, that Rick Parry sees the light and Rafa sees off Klinsmann and any other threat. Best of luck in the Champions’ League!!

  38. I think Rafa’s learnt not to support any of the owners over the other. Now he knows he can’t trust his CEO either, if he had faith in him up until now. It must be one horrible, lonely existence trying to work in an environment when a) you don’t know who to trust and/or b) you don’t trust anybody. His record deserves better. The way Hicks’ revealed it could have been better.

    But the Board could make a decision which then isolates Rafa from the Boardroom fracture: They could offer him a new and extended contract. Why? Well, a) they are still signing players (aren’t they?) so why can’t they extend his contract? and b) Rafa’s brought so much money into the club through his tactical nouse that, at least in a financial sense, he adds value to the Club.

    As for Hicks, is this actually his plan for owning the club? Really? It has to be the worse plan ever, even if in paper terms he gets hold of the club he’s left such a bitter taste.

  39. Jofrad, you’re right about this. Like most Liverpool fans I am fairly disgusted with the situation. Quite apart from what we do on the pitch this Club has always stood for certain Patrician values off the pitch. It appears to me the only two people who are quite happy living in the sewer are the two Americans. I honestly believe that if we don’t get rid of both of them shortly then those values will be lost forever. I make no apologies for pointing out again that the main problem right now is Hicks.

    Rick Parry has many failings and I’ll be the first to slag him off when this is warranted but he is not a dishonourable man. He was ordered by his two bosses Gillett & Hicks to attend a meeting with Klinsman and did so. Obviously he was under an obligation to keep this absolutely confidential. Imagine what retribution Parry would have suffered from G&H if he had then gone and told Rafa about this. This would have been grounds for Parry’s instant dismissal (which is ofcourse exactly what Hicks has been looking for). Therefore the suggestion that, by attending this meeting, Parry has somehow betrayed Rafa is utter bollocks. The people who betrayed Rafa were Hicks and Gillett. The fact that they dragged Parry into it and that Hicks now finds it politically convenient to use this to try and poison the relationship between Rafa and Parry for his own political ends is utterly despicable. This kind of machiavellian politics is yet one of many reasons why I can’t stand the thought of Hicks owning this Club. Those fans who are screaming for Parry’s head are just being manipulated by Hicks and his surrogates into doing exactly what Hicks wants…………..and for reasons that have nothing to do with helping Rafa.

    Jim, I don’t claim to be anything more than human, but I think you are the one who has let bias cloud his judgment and I am not the only one who has said this recently. Your published writings make this point far more clearly than anything I could say. You are right when you say I am angry about the situation but you are wrong to think I am not thinking clearly or rationally about the reasons for the current poisonous atmosphere within the Club. There happens to be a very good, logical basis for my directing my anger at Hicks and this is set out very clearly in my previous posts. Hicks and his surrogates seem to think any attempt to hold Hicks accountable for his own past record can just be casually dismissed as spin or speculation and that blaming Gillett/Parry/Moores/DIC (often on the most tenuous basies) is an adequate response to almost every charge. It isn’t !!!

    While I dislike and distrust Gillett almost as much as Hicks I do not believe there is any chance at all of Gillett winding up as sole owner (no matter what he might say) so focussing constantly on Gillett’s sins is really a red herring. Contrary to your constant anti-Gillett rhetoric I think there are very few, if any, fans who trust Gillett much more than Hicks or want Gillett around after Hicks’s departure. I’m sure most fans (including you Jim) are well aware that Gillett has no desire, let alone ability, to buy out Hicks. No one should be fooled by this and I don’t think many people are. It is just a tactic (and a rather silly one in my opinion) to help get rid of Hicks. However the reason why 99% of sensible fans see Hicks (and not Gillett) as the main problem is because getting rid of Hicks means automatically getting rid of both Americans and all the many problems they entail. However it is very clear that the converse does not apply.

    Jim, I am a working man and I simply don’t have time to sit down and do a point by point rebuttal of each of your posts. However I have felt lately that if I did have the time I could drive an aircraft carrier through the holes in your reasoning. It gives me no pleasure to say this and I certainly get no enjoyment out of being at loggerheads with a fellow Red (I still include you in this category but not the likes of “Texas Dawg” or any of Hicks’ other surrogates) but I do so in the hope of trying to facilitate a more honest understanding of the issues.

    Jofrad, you have exactly the same fears as me my friend and for good reason……….but this is precisely why at this dangerous time we can’t lie down like sheep and let Hicks do as he pleases. This is one of those fights that simply has to be fought !!

  40. Can I recommend a couple of books in an attempt to help understand the current state of our club? Art of War and The Prince.

    I hope Rafa stays as if he leaves, no sane manager (let alone a top manager) will want to come to manage liverpool whilst these jokers are in charge.

  41. Anfielder, I admire your tenacity mate but you are trying to operate in an altered reality. In this “reality” to blow the whistle is more heinous than the lies and wrongdoing being exposed. Where David Moores and Rick Parry after months of dignified silence finally speak. Moores in exasperation at the circus he sees playing itself out daily and Parry in the face of appalling public humiliation yet on here their deciding to hit back in kind is ridiculed and condemned as hypocrisy over the “Liverpool Way”. Rick Parry’s poor secretary’s good faith is also called into question. Where Hicks “says” or “states” things whereas the other side “spits out” its comments.

    Even today from the Echo we get more reinvention of history. Remember the “Gillett is the bigger villain campaign” by the Hicks crew, still carried on here by texas-dawg, weren’t we assured that the klinsmann business was down to Gillett already knowing him and that Tom was just along for the ride? Now we find that Hicks was the one to hold the in depth one-on-one session with Klinsmann at his home and further that he has been seeking Klinsmanns’ input on LFC team issues since. Yet on here the emphasis is on who let the cat out of the bag and why would they do that? Not on the lies and backstabbing nature of the “lesser of two evils”. And all this is a way of doing business that we must resign ourselves to? Why? because a case is made to prove the others are Hitler we should settle for Mussolini because he makes the trains run on time? As I said an altered reality!

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