CL Result: Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1 QF 1st Leg

UEFA Champions League QF 1st Leg – April 2nd 2008 – Result

Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1

Liverpool held Arsenal to a 1-1 draw in this quarter-final first leg at the Emirates meaning they’ve got the always-vital away goal to help them in their quest for a third Champions League semi-final in four seasons. Arsenal’s goal, scored by Adebayor from a corner on 23 minutes had looked like being on the cards as Liverpool seemed to be letting Arsenal creat chances in a spell of a few minutes. But it was only a few minutes before the lead was lost again, and it was some good footwork from Steven Gerrard that created it, making the defender look silly as he went round him before crossing the ball to Dirk Kuyt to bang into the net under pressure.

The other match of note for both sides tonight was in Istanbul. The winners of this tie will play the winners of the tie in Istanbul and from the first leg score it’s looking more difficult than perhaps Chelsea expected. They were beaten 2-1 by Fenerbahce having gone in front early on. Of course they’ve also got an away goal to take back to Stamford Bridge, meaning an all-English semi is still on.

A 0-0 draw would of course be enough for Liverpool next week but any goal from Arsenal and the London side will have the upper hand. The only way it can go to penalties next week is if it ends 1-1. Before that is the league tie between the two sides, again at the Emirates, and neither side can afford to be too complacent in terms of selection, both sides needing the points. Liverpool’s five point cushion above Everton perhaps allows them the most room for the resting of players, but wouldn’t be popular with fans. Arsenal need the win to try and catch Manchester United.

Liverpool co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett were both expected to be at the game, but a storm in Colorado put paid to that when Gillett was unable to fly over. It probably prevented a storm around the pre-match dining tables. Gillett’s son Foster was at the game, with Hicks joined by other members of his family.

Arsenal: 24 Almunia, 5 Toure, 10 Gallas, 6 Senderos, 22 Clichy, 27 Eboue (26 Bendtner, 67), 16 Flamini, 4 Fabregas, 13 Hleb, 11 Van Persie (32 Walcott, 45), 25 Adebayor
Unused subs: 1 Lehmann, 2 Diaby, 17 Song Billong, 19 Silva, 31 Hoyte
Booked: None
Goals: Adebayor 23

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 23 Carragher, 37 Skrtel, 4 Hyypia, 12 Aurelio, 20 Mascherano, 14 Alonso (21 Lucas, 76), 18 Kuyt, 8 Gerrard, 19 Babel (11 Benayoun, 57), 9 Torres (10 Voronin, 85)
Unused subs: 30 Itandje, 6 Riise, 15 Crouch, 17 Arbeloa
Booked: None
Goals: Kuyt 26

BBC Stats: (Arsenal – Liverpool)
Possession: 58% – 42%
Shots on target: 7 – 3
Shots off target: 6 – 1
Corners: 6 – 3
Fouls: 8 – 13

Referee: Peter Vink

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  2. Kuyt derserves a bit of luck to go with his hard work. Long may it continue………but if it doesn’t let’s hope he miscues a shot right between the eyes of Tommy Hicks et al.

    Got my fingers-crossed for next week!!

  3. Kuyt certainly deserves some praise after this game, he along with Mascherano kept us in it. Gerrard provided an acute pass that Kuyt met "I don’t know how" and scored the so crucial away goal. Still much to play for, the Saturday game will be a whole lot different, and Benitez should start making changes now considering he wants to keep some fresh legs. I’d fancy seeing Crouch, Pennant, Benayoun and Riise a start come Sat!!! C’MON YOU MIGHTY REDS

  4. Gosh, how close and  tight it was, but the lads did what they had to do. We’ll make it to the semi-finals, but we’ll have  to be better vs … the Turks!

  5. I’ve never seen anything as tight in my life!

    with Chelsea losing and Everton at home to Derby on Sunday (Paul Jewell?).

    I’m in no way under-estimating how much
    Wenger wants the Champions league this year.  But there’s that small chance that were results to go a certain way at the weekend Arsenal are away to United on the
    following weekend.

    A draw suits Benitez at the weekend. Which would really mean game on next Tuesday. But if we were to lose and Everton win…..

  6. I think it will end as a 0-0 on Saturday, both teams will be in a confused mode, as to the fact their playing the same side again. I don’t think Benitez will shuffle much, he might add Arbeloa or Pennant, or "hopefully" Crouch, but not much will be changed!

  7. A good result last night and great games from Mascherano, Gerrard and Kuyt. I feel for Dirk Kuyt, he was in his favoured Striker position twice last night, on the first occasion he scored and on the second he hit a shot nowly wide. His lack of the silky skills exasperates yet he contributes so much in an unsung way. I thought last night was an illustration of why the two managers involved as yet cannot be considered “great”. Wenger has consummate skills in handling flair but seems unable to educate his genii in more than one game plan. Benitez, on the other hand seems deeply suspicious of “flair” as it threatens a departure from the introverted, defensive “we’ll take your best shots and hit you with counterpunches” approach.
    Whatever, it was a good result for us and let’s hope Benitez allows at least a period of “going for the jugular” play at Anfield.

  8. I hope on Saturday we don’t put too much of a weakened team out, because the psychology of losing against Arsenal is probably worse for us than the dropped points would be. In fact I wonder how much worse a slightly tired Torres and Gerrard would be on Tuesday compared to a rested Torres and Gerrard playing with a dispirited Pepe and Xabi and co. Two 0-0 draws would suit us now, but I also hope we don’t play for that on Tuesday. We’ve got to get a goal as soon as possible on Tuesday if we can.

  9. Rafa must hope to take players out from this weekend not just to protect them from tiredness but also from a chance of injury. I hope he makes the changes and gives others a chance to show how they can change the game for us on Tuesday, if needed.

    Just heard the FA’s decision on Masch. They’re a joke!

    I take it Fergie and Queiroz will get a similar ban and fine!

  10. I watched the game on Sky and had to admire Gordon Strachan faced with the transparent partiality of Keys on zonal marking. Strachan reminded him that the stats favour zonal marking as opposed to man for man and also told him straight that the goal we concede had nothing to do with our defensive system it was down to Sami Hyppia losing spatial awareness! Man for man is favoured by some because of the limited brain power of the old-fashioned defender in dealing with the slightly more complex zonal system. "If it is above the ground kick it" was good enough for defenders in Andy Gray’s day and his mind froze then, Graeme Souness’s face was a picture as Strachan was attempting to explain to Keys the concept, that you were responsible for anyone immediately in front or to the right of you. Way over Keys’ head!

  11. Hicks has done an excellent job of leading this team this season. He obviously loves Liverpool whereas Gillett was just in this for the money as he shows by now wanting to quickly hand the team over to greedy Arabs. If Liverpool makes it to the Champions League final again, Hicks deserves much of the credit. After all, it was under his leadership (and money) that Torres was acquired.

  12. The image of Rafa going ballistic when we scored the goal is an absolute classic!

    He also mentioned extra-time in the post match interview.

  13. Texas Dawg – Are you Hicks? Are you Hicks? Are you Hicks in disguise?

    One thing mate your in dreamland if you think he has put a penny of his money into our club!

  14. 1. Torres was committed to LFC before Hicks was involved. ……2. Hicks admitted he knew nothing about either Liverpool or football at the time Torres actually he would not have known him from snoogy-doogy……3. Hicks might have signed the cheque?……..4. The money was not from Hicks as a provision was included in the refinancing package. 

  15. Texas Dawg, you need to send me your address so I can forward the receipt and you can reimburse me for the adult diapers I’ve had to buy and wear every time I read your comment and laugh so hard I wee myself.

  16. Texas Dawg (clearly you are Hicks in disguise…………….but then if I had a face like yours I would also wear a disguise).  I can’t even count the number of  inaccuracies in your mindless rant but others have beaten me to it already so why waste the time.    

    On a more pleasant note……what a disciplined and composed performance from the lads last night.  I know I’ve criticized Kuyt in the past (and for good cause) but you can never fault the lad for effort.  I can’t understand though why he grabbed Hleb’s arm like that.  Also a typically great performance from Stevie G showing us some great dribbling skills we didn’t know he had.  Arsenal are like the energizer bunny though……they just keep coming back at you.  We’ll really have to be up for it next Tuesday night to add them to our recent collection of Euro scalps. 

    The only real concern last night for me was big Sami’s wayward performance at times.  For some reason he seems to reserve his worst games this season for European away nights (Marseille excepted).  Has anyone else noticed this or am I just imagining things ?? 

    John Steele, I think your comments are a pretty accurate summary of the two coaches although I think Rafa might  do better with a bit more real money to spend (relative to Man Yoo & Chelsea) instead of having to shop most of the time in the bargain basement.  

    The only real sour note of the night was seeing that fast arsed phoney Hicks so obviously trying to take advantage of the current feel good factor.  My only regret is that I’ll be too focussed on Arsenal on Tuesday night to really do justice to my loathing for this guy if he  shows up at Anfield !!        

  17. I’m not Hicks. I just think he’s done a good job with the club so far. Thankfully, he will be the owner of the club for a long, long time, and Gillett will be gone very shortly since he was only in this for the quick investment. So the Liverpool fans whining about Hicks need to find something else to complain about. I doubt Hicks really cares what any of them say anyway as long as the team is successful. Gillett on the other hand is clearly just a big baby. (Seriously, who whines to the media about “death threats”? How lame.)

  18. texas_dawg tell hicks to join gillett in leaving and then we’ll have little else to complain about!.

    by the way, you’re saying the exact same things as hicks. you sure you’re not his son?

  19. “by the way, you’re saying the exact same things as hicks.”

    I’m sure not ALL Liverpool fans can’t see what is going on here. One owner wants to sell quickly for a profit. The other owner wants to stay for a long time. Whatever you think of either owner, it’s pretty obvious to the rational observer what the motivations of each are here.

    “you sure you’re not his son?”

    I’m sure.

    Let’s say Hicks is the owner for the next 15 years and Gillett leaves in a few months. Let’s say the team wins the Premier League and Champions League within the next few years. Would you still be complaining about the owner or would you get over it? Personally, I really couldn’t care less about who owns my sports teams as long as they win.

  20. More importantly I want the owner of my sports team to care whether we win or not. We know Hicks’ take on that, we are the same as Weetabix! Hicks wants to hang on because he is greedier than Gillett end of! The pictures of bored shitless, struggling to understand what was going on at last nights game spoke volumes. That was what? his 3rd visit to a match? and Rafa has had how many emails?hail great leader! 

  21. "Personally, I really couldn’t care less about who owns my sports teams as long as they win."

    Sounds like a Chelsea fan to me!

  22. Well Texas Dawg…….You’re obviously a brave man writing these provocative words from the safety and anonymity of Texas.  If you’re really so enamoured with Hicks (ie. yourself) then why don’t you come on down to the Kop next Tuesday night with a banner or some chants restating  that Hicks is going to be owner for the next 15 years ???  If you do I promise you’ll get something more substantial to think about than mere "threats".   

  23. Texas_Dawg » You’ve got some interesting points but you’re making them in a bit of a smug fashion. That said, I suppose much of what is said against Tom Hicks from over here sounds smug to people in Texas.

    It’s a good question about what we’d do if Hicks was owner for 15 years and we won the League in the next few years. No matter how much people claim otherwise, if we started to win things (not counting the CL because we did that pre-Hicks and people wouldn’t credit it Hicks for it!) then opposition would start to die out.

    But opposition is unbelievably strong now. He’s blamed for everything, whether it was his fault or not. Even if he shows evidence of what was his fault and what wasn’t, it’s a hell of a task to win people over.

    He’s got to hit the ground running as soon as he gets full ownership if he does get ownership. He’s got to ride a storm. Anything he does will be met with suspicion. If we get a £50m transfer budget there’ll be screams of “Where’s that money come from?”. If we get a £20m transfer budget there’ll be screams of “Where is the rest of our transfer budget?”

    Talking about the majority of “soccer” fans, I think the idea of not caring about who owns the club as long as it’s winning is usually true. In fact as long as a club is matching expectation an owner is rarely mentioned. I say usually – they’ve got to have matched expectation from the off for this to happen. Hicks hasn’t, as part of his partnership, and he’s not got himself a bigger task now because rather than expectations, we’ve probably got demands.

    It’s fair to say that he’s got a lot more in front of him in terms of obstacles than DIC have. He’s got to get the money, persuade Gillett to sell, fund transfers, get the stadium moving, show us how our debt situation is not a worry after all – well it’s a long list, and persuading Gillett to sell is probably the easiest, and he was adamant he wasn’t selling the other night.

  24. “More importantly I want the owner of my sports team to care whether we win or not.”

    Hicks does care about winning, just as every other fan of the team cares about winning; if only because he has a lot invested in the matter.

    “The pictures of bored shitless, struggling to understand what was going on at last nights game spoke volumes.”

    I doubt he knew much about hockey either when he bought the team, yet Dallas now has a Stanley Cup because of him. Really weak argument there.

    “Talking about the majority of “soccer” fans, I think the idea of not caring about who owns the club as long as it’s winning is usually true. In fact as long as a club is matching expectation an owner is rarely mentioned.”

    Thanks for a rational response, Jim, and I totally agree with your comments.

    All I’ve tried to do here is point out that whatever Liverpool fans think of him, Hicks will be the team’s owner for many years to come. He’s not holding out for more money from DIC or anyone else. The only person doing that is George Gillett, who truly was in this, from the start, for a short-term investment.

  25. Oh, and Jim… Gillett will soon sell to Hicks, make a few more whiny, crybaby statements on his way out the door, and then disappear.

    Just keep watching… and remember what your old friend Texas_Dawg told you. 😉

  26. I’d like to see us play a bunch of reseves on Saturday and kick the s*** out of Fabregas, Adebayor etc. Soften them up before Tuesday night. It’d be funny to hear Wenger complaining like a little girl too. Come on you reds!

  27. Personally I wouldn’t care that Hicks was the owner as long as he was doing the right thing by the club.  Problem is, given his track record, not many of us think there’s much chance of that.

  28. With all due respect Jim, Mr Hicks (and his aptly named surrogate "Dawg") hasn’t made any good points.  All he’s done is make a lot of unsubstantiated and ill-informed comments that have no basis in reality.  

    I have not heard or spoken to a single Reds fan anywhere who thinks Hicks has shown "…evidence of what was his fault and what wasn’t."  We’ve all been watching real carefully Jim but all we’ve seen from Hicks is a lot of deception, spin and cheap bullshit designed to distract us all from some fairly obvious truths about what Hicks’s  ownership of the Club does, and would, entail in the medium to longer term.   

    Posing hypothetical scenarios which are a million miles away from the reality we have to live with is not going to help you or "Dawg" persuade any of us to back Hicks.  

    You ask what would happen if we "started" winning things.   Here’s a newsflash Jim…….we have been winning things……….. but just not with the frequency we got used to back in the golden years and think this Club is capable of under the right direction.  Therefore if we did continue to win occasional trophies under Hicks why would we attribute those trophies to him ??  It would merely represent a continuation of the recent status quo which most fans believe we can improve upon.  

    Instead of posing a pie in the sky hypothetical can you please instead answer a more relevant question by explaining to us how the Club having to service a massive annual interest bill (not to mention a principal repayment of hundreds of millions of pounds) merely to fund Hicks’s own takeover (which added no value whatsoever to the Club) is somehow going to help the Club win trophies ??  

    Hicks’ standard position on finance issues is that he will not deign to participate in any interview unless its agreed beforehand that finance issues will not be discussed.  How reassuring !!!    Not that I would believe anything he said on the subject anyway.  All we’ve ever heard from the bullshitter in chief are occasional mindless and totally unbelievable one liners like "the finances will be fine" or "I’m looking at other American sources to invest in the Club".  As if any businessman with half a brain would ever want to tie himself to a partner like Hicks or trust someone like Hicks with their money……and even in the unlikely event that this happened the next Yank who’d never heard of LFC before would expect the Club to pay through the nose for the privilege of being sucked dry.    

    As for the new stadium.  What a f*****g fiasco that’s become.  When Hicks and Gillett first arrived the plans for the new stadium had all been approved and construction was ready to commence right away as soon as the promised new investment arrived.  After all, this long awaited "major new investment" to fund the stadium (and the assurances given about this by Hicks & Gillett) were the reason why the club had to have new owners in the first place.   Yet here we are now over fifteen months later and not a shovel or blade of grass has been turned.  No one (least of all Hicks despite his bullshit attempts to pretend otherwise) has any f*****g clue if, when or how the new stadium is now going to be built.  All we’ve seen are a few sets of Star Trek style drawings of various stadiums that Hicks has decided are too expensive to build. 

    And lets not forget Jim that only a small portion of the existing £350 loan is for "initial" construction costs.  This means  that in the best case scenario under Hicks we still have to somehow borrow, service and ultimately repay at least a further £300-400 million (on top of the existing £350 million) to complete any new stadium.   This is with a man who even after surreptitiously planning all along to lump the majority of the cost of his own takeover back onto the Club (in  violation of his earlier assurances to the contrary) still had to publicly hawk us around the Banks with a begging bowl merely to refinance the loan !!  Our Club debt is already bigger than Arsenal’s even though they’ve already built their stadium and we haven’t even begun work on ours !! 

    Prior to David Moores’ sale of the Club one of the main reasons identified for major new investment was the ability to invest more competitively in the playing squad.  Both before and after last season’s CL final every man and his dog acknowledged the need for major squad investment to catch up with Man Yoo and Chelsea.  However these expectations run directly contrary to some telling comments Hicks made a few months ago to some local Texas media.  These comments were to the effect that in order for Hicks to make money out of Liverpool it was not necessary that the Club be winning as fans would continue to support the Club regardless based on "brand loyalty." He also stated that moneys could be taken out of Liverpool to fund his American teams.  Despite Hicks recently describing himself as enjoying 13 years of  "successful" ownership of sport’s teams  the reality is that his American baseball and ice hockey clubs have enjoyed virtually no meaningful success at all under his stewardship.  Their record under him is piss poor.  After being publicly challenged by Rafa over squad investment during the summer Hicks released some of the RBS loan monies.  Our net spending over the summer was approximately £20 mil (roughly the same amount we earned from CL prize money alone).  This net spending put us well behind the likes of smaller clubs like West Ham, Man City and Spurs who (despite having no access to CL moneys and no recent success of any kind) managed to convincingly outspend us again.  Meanwhile Man Yoo (having left us for dead in last season’s title race and FA Cup) bought four new players (Anderson, Hargreaves, Tevez & Nani) averaging almost £20 million apiece and recouped £6 million by selling Alan Smith to Newcastle.  The American spin on this summer spending involved trying to convince everyone that our one really big summer signing (Torres) cost £27 million when he really cost £20 million.  The subsequent signing of Masch last month, once again, only took place after Rafa publicly forced Hicks’s hand on the issue after a prolonged saga.  This could easily have resulted in Masch going elsewhere and very nearly did.  The reality is I’m glad our net spending has been relatively small since it was all borrowed money anyway.  Shades of Leeds United and Peter Ridsdale.      

    As for the situation with Rafa very few, if any, fans believe for an instant Hick’s recent claim that the plan to ditch Rafa was all Gillett’s idea or that Hicks was secretly against it.  The fact is that Rafa’s comments after the CL final clearly riled Hicks’s ego and this was very obvious from Hicks’s subsequent comments and behaviour.  If anything I would say Hicks wanted to fire Rafa on the spot but tried hard not to show this too clearly knowing it would be political suicide.  After a bad run on the field Hicks thought by December the climate had changed sufficiently to make his move.  Gillett may well have been in favour of this as well but they both badly misjudged the situation (yet again).   Now it has become politically convenient for Hicks to try and reinvent the history of this affair by putting it all on Gillett.  Does anyone  who has witnessed Hicks’s abrasive personality or who saw his  comments and body language about Rafa’s "pouting" behaviour really believe Hicks, of all people, is the type to subvert his own opinions in order promote someone else’s totally different agenda ??  Are we really expected to believe that Hicks was secretly cool with Rafa all along and was just publicly supporting an anti-Rafa agenda for Gillett’s benefit while all the time subverting his own positive feelings about Rafa ??  Do me a favour !!  This whole suggestion is just another crude, cynical attempt by Hicks to reinvent history to suit himself.  Political realities may dictate that Rafa  play along with this up to a point (or at least avoid publicly arguing against it) but Hicks’s attempt to manipulate  this issue is just another insult to the intelligence of fans who are far smarter and more observant than he gives them credit for.  But then we shouldn’t be surprised to find that someone whose policital mentor is George Bush believes baseless spin (if repeated over again enough times) can be converted into reality.     

    So Jim, you’re damn right when you say everything Hicks says or does will be met with suspicion until we’re finally  rid of him……..and I personally couldn’t give a rats corpse what anyone in Texas thinks about it.   I’m sure Hicks and his family members (and "Dawg" whoever he may be) appreciate all the free advice you’re giving them about how to handle things  "….as soon as he gets full ownhership"  but there’s no f*****g chance in hell of us ever getting on board with this guy.   All this effort you’ve been putting in lately to push Hicks’s barrow is really a wasted trip.    


  29. And now there is  this Texan dawg coming to the site to clearly jeer at LFC fans with his ‘Mr-knows-all’ attitude, which he intends to sound ironical and detached but only reveals what he is – an arrogant prick. The only thing this pathetic dawg has in common with Jim is his belief that Hicks will not go away from the club for years and years. This is a distinct possibility, but, like most of us in this site, I believe that time is against Thicks, with the credit crunch and the prospect of further (huge) loans (on the club of course!) looming alarmingly (for him) dark and near to silence his Texan bigmouth.

  30. Anfielder is spot on. Texas_dawg has made a couple of statements backed up by nothing. My argument that Hicks cares nothing for us winning is described as weak, yet I can back it with the following:

    1. Up to and including the Arsenal game the other night we had played 50 competitve matches. To my knowledge Hicks and Gillett have attended 4.

    2. Hicks has never made a positive statement on our on-field activities win lose or draw. The only relative utterance has been his criticism after the defeat at home to Man U which he did attend.

    3. We were on our best winning run of the season when these two clowns chose to embroil us in the Klinsmann business. The winning run stopped abruptly.

    4. Hicks is on the record as believing his mission is not reliant on success in winning trophies but in giving the spectator a better matchday experience via a new stadium with bomb proff bunkers and directors box access so he can get to his “occasionally used seat unmolested.

    5. Our two owners save any statements or arrange any leaks consistently on the eve of our most important matches.

    So there is compelling evidence that neither Hicks nor Gillett care enough about us playing never mind the result.

    Texas_dawg backs up his argument with what? A feeling in his bones? Or is he on the payroll? Who knows, perhaps his motivation can be found in the use of the phrase “a bunch of greedy arabs”?

    Ignoring the sinister overtones of such a phrase, the adjective is interesting contrasting as it does the willingness of “greedy” DIC to pay over the odds for our club with Hicks who did not refuse to countenance a sale to them but asked a price described as being from “Dreamland” So we know about greed.

    On the noun, we have within our fanbase every creed, culture and nationality so we care nothing for nationality and would welcome the likes of Kraft and Lerner. Even Shinawatra with his problems being associated with shady dealings in Thailand has been accepted at Man City and we did not castigate Hicks because of his involvement with the Utimco and Carlyle Group affairs or even his political affiliation with George Bush. We do have our fringe element who would resort to flagburning, hence the death threats, but they don’t represent the majority.

    Jim is wrong to generalise about fans accepting any owner as long as the team is winning. In the only two LBO clubs there is persistent hostility. Check out the website for the ManU view and they are winning consistently. As for us well search any website, fanzine, newspaper, radio or TV phone in and you will find evidence enough of our hostility.

  31. Bravo Anfielder – one of best posts I have read on this forum.

    Jim, I don’t know what has gotten into you lately defending Hicks based on hypothetical scenarios but you would be advised to read Anfielder’s post each time before you respond to people like Texas Dawg – who is obviously just trying to stir it.

  32. If any further corroboration was needed than Anfielder’s fine post on why we need to part ways with both Hicks and Gillett one need look no further than the Daily Mail article linked below. How low have we been dragged by these two that we should be fodder for such ridicule!…..ge_id=1951

  33. Back on topic. A lot of confident statements are coming from Arsenal fans and players about the replay. They claimed they were not fazed about the first game but the extent to which their young team was absolutely spent well before the final whistle testified that they had been extremely anxious before the game. Anxiety is the enemy of physical condition. If they approach the game at Anfield with any fear they will fold. He writes hopefully.

  34. Anfielder, good post and good you reminded people about the situation..
    is there any comment’s on rafa’s situation and why he now chose to give somehow strange comments..
    Why Rafa just revealed in the Guillem Balaque interview that we basicly need to sell players before buying, ”now we can spend money on players if we can earn some by selling players”. What he really meaned with that..? I found that comment quite amazing. Also Rafa seems to think it’s fine for him, or is he just afraid to demand what we really need..? Now’s the time to find the three or so quality players to make the difference, especially when our rivals will continue spending, yet we cannot do it because of finances..What??  We got the ”new  owners” and ”significant investment”
    and yet we have to go the arsenal way..
    Certainly Rafa has been supporting Hicks in the last couple of months, or he has been told to do so..

  35. You are trying a little too hard, John.

    Hicks and Gillett want to win just as any other fan of the team wants to win. The stuff about number of games attended, etc. is just you trying to find fault with them. That’s fine, but they still want to win. The difference though is that Gillett no longer wants to be an owner of the team whereas Hicks does.

    Regarding the anti-Glazers MU website, that is a good example of how some people will whine and complain no matter what happens. And of course a lot of this is simply based in anti-Americanism. Jim is right though… with winning, all but a few will go away or at least find other things to whine about.

  36. Texas_dawg – you’re a great one for leg pulling!

    By drawing parallels between Liverpool and United you fail to recognise the difference between the two teams supporters. When the Glazers were on the verge of takeover you got a few token voices from the celebrity circle making noises – and a number of fans who felt they were being marginalised. In the case of us, it’s the mainstream view that is against Hicks. Because he lied and also because he’s just not likeable or – from weetabix etc. – not a sound,  and in some ways ethical, businessman.

    Texas-dawg, your mate/father/brother Tom Hicks needs to recognise that we want him out of our club. And it’s not just because he doesn’t have the money!

  37. “In the case of us, it’s the mainstream view that is against Hicks.”

    Of course. But that’s because Liverpool isn’t winning at the level MU is currently. Once Liverpool is, there will be no difference here.

    “your mate/father/brother Tom Hicks needs to recognise that we want him out of our club”

    He realizes that. He’s not going anywhere though.

  38. Mr. Dawg – given the time diffence between here and texas, are you now uk based??? I’m beginning to think you’re a continuation of April 1st.

  39. Why would any man with even a shred of scruple or self regard want to stay in a situation where he is manifestly not wanted? Is his lust for the profit this business opportunity promises so great that he is oblivious to the wishes of the fans you pretend he identifies with? Of course what you are confirming is what we have guessed much earlier, we have no minds of our own being just the punters who fill the seats, give us the odd win, like throwing fish to the performing seals, and we’ll be there filling his pockets.Incidentally you are in good company, dismissing those who disagree with you as whiners. I heard Mugabe say the same thing recently when he was challenged to come up with a counter to the lucidly argued case of his opposition. When you are bankrupt of facts to back up your statements dismissing interlocutors as whiners is a cop out.

  40. Now I know what it must feel like to be a citizen of Iraq.

    I never fully understood their pain until reading your posts Texas_Dawg.

  41. “Why would any man with even a shred of scruple or self regard want to stay in a situation where he is manifestly not wanted?”

    Because he enjoys sports and wants to own a great team.

    “Is his lust for the profit this business opportunity promises so great that he is oblivious to the wishes of the fans you pretend he identifies with?”

    Where did I say he identifies with fans? I simply said he understands many fans don’t like him currently.

    As far as profit motivations, he’s already rejected an offer that is a DOUBLE of his money in a year. Gillett, in this for profit, wants desperately to take that offer. Hicks doesn’t because he’s not in this primarily for profit. He’s in this because he enjoys sports and wants to own teams and win with them. Which is why he has yet to sell one that he owns.

  42. Er, he wants a £1billion for the club. Not because he wants to win but because he thinks that’s what the club will be worth when a stadium is built.

    The guys a money man – he wants to more than double his money that’s why he’s hanging around.

  43. Wow !!!   Great post earlier by Anfielder.  It took me ages to read this but I’m glad for the comprehensive refresher course.  The thought of Hicks makes my blood boil but he seems to enjoy making us all feel powerless.   

    Dawg, you’re a typical arrogant, loudmouth, ignorant Yank and by strange coincidence so is your Mr Hicks.  There certainly is plenty of Anti-Americanism in the World right now and people like you and him are the cause of it.  You have failed utterly to convince anyone with your drivel and have simply reminded us of who our real enemy is.

  44. “Er, he wants a £1billion for the club. Not because he wants to win but because he thinks that’s what the club will be worth when a stadium is built.

    The guys a money man – he wants to more than double his money that’s why he’s hanging around.”

    You don’t know any of this of course. Just wild speculation.

    Hicks bought the Dallas Stars for $84M in early 1996. Forbes now values the team at $254M. ( A 300% return in a little over a decade, and despite that AND a new arena, Hicks hasn’t sold.

    Hicks bought the Texas Rangers for $250M in 1998. The club is now worth $365M according to Forbes. Hicks still hasn’t sold.

    I’d say the evidence clearly indicates he enjoys sports and wants to own sports teams.

  45. “Dawg, you’re a typical arrogant, loudmouth, ignorant…”

    And this from a “Hitchens”. That is some sweet irony.

  46. A little selective with your stats dawg. The Stanley Cup win was in the 98/99 season nothing since for the Stars. Your list of clubs includes the ones in his backyard and he would not be selling them would he? Might lose him face in the Highland Park Country Club or at The Dallas Cattle Baron’s Ball or whatever. You did omit his investment into Corinthians of Brazil in 1999. What were they worth when he left?

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