SOS: Last Night And DIC

We want to thank everyone who took part in protesting against the current ownership. We know and appreciate you are on the front line. It’s easy for us to ask you to talk to those who are uninformed on our behalf; it’s you who has to do it. It’s a process. The message is getting out a day at a time and we will try our hardest to make sure that continues.

Protest against the owners The message that was sent last night got as far as Dallas. Hicks’ “Echo” reported what we did at half time just as our Echo did. The world’s a small place, something Mr Hicks with his talk of siphoning money doesn’t understand. We understand it and while yesterday was about what went on in the ground, we ask every Red the world over who agrees with us to find their own way to get the message out to those close to them. Supporting Liverpool FC isn’t a shirt you wear or an accent you have, it’s part of the essence of who you are, wherever you may live.

For that reason we’re working hard on regional branches of the Union and hope to have good news about online payment, constitutions and membership cards soon. Those of you who have handed money and cheques over to us have shown real patience. We hope to present you with progress sooner rather than later. In addition the website as a functioning entity will be ready to go soon. We’re pushing two fronts simultaneously – building the union structure and getting rid of the current owners. Events dictate the reality of this, the vast majority of Liverpool supporters want Hicks and Gillett out which dictates the reality of this. We have to do both at once and so, again, we thank you for your support and patience.

Another message got sent out last night. This one got as far as Dubai. A member of the Working Committee was able to meet with a representative of DIC. He told them supporters would on the whole be pleased with a change of ownership and having had our fingers burnt once, they’d be welcomed, albeit cautiously. They took these comments on board. The meeting was constructive and talks will hopefully continue in the future.

We ask all supporters, union members or not, not to go overboard about this. This doesn’t guarantee in any way, shape or form that DIC are inevitably going to take over. Nor does it mean we endorse them. It simply was what it was, an introductory meeting between us and them. Pleasing in itself, but we will always keep to our stated aim of holding whoever owns the football club to account.

We’re also having another massive meeting, The Olympia, noon, 15th March. The day of the Reading game. We ask Mr Moores again to attend as part of his role as Honorary Life President. If it isn’t possible, we ask him to send us a statement to read on the day.

Regardless of all this, we must keep working. We need to set up the structure the Union needs so it functions for years to come. We need to work harder to improve communications with you. And we all need to keep working towards forcing Hicks and Gillett out.

So thanks again for your hard work last night and thanks in advance for your hard work in the future. If you want to get involved in any way please email

Spirit Of Shankly

4 thoughts on “SOS: Last Night And DIC”

  1. it seems DIC talks are underway about buying 49%
    Does this possibly mean they will concentrate on the team and Hicks the stadium? How would this work? i dont thik it would be a disaster both being there, but the original loan HAS to be wiped out surely

  2. At the moment – we’re seeing financial/big business brinkmanship being carried out in Public.

    Apart from DICs initial noise about ‘dreamland’ Hicks, everything’s coming from ‘sources close to’ the respective parties.

    Interesting how the ‘positive’ stories re. Hicks start in the US media and the ‘positive’ stories re. DIC seem to start in the UK media.

    Can’t wait until everything’s signed sealed and delivered with Hicks gone….I hope!

  3. A partnership cannot work.

    DIC want to make LFC successful. They need to achive this because somewhere down the line they will sell the club again for profit. That’s what asset holding companies do. They know that to achieve this they will have to build a stadium because of the revenue it creates. They will also exploit the global brand. I am sure most of you shudder at the thought because there is still parochial attitude at LFC. This died with Moores selling. Like it or not we cannot exist at the highlest level unless we become global.

    ManU are physically (stadium) and financially a bigger club than us but our global fan base is much bigger and this has to be tapped into.

    On the other side is Hicks. he just wants profit and the club does not need to be successful to achive this. He can seel off assets as he ses fit. D

    DIC will not put money into a club for Hicks to benefit from the success

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