Hicks denies being willing to listen

George Gillett turns down DIC’s offer, but talks go on. Tom Hicks hears that DIC’s latest offer to Gillett is for a £40m, maybe even £80m profit. Suddenly Hicks wants to talk, and won’t stand in DIC’s way if they want to buy Gillett’s share.

Then Hicks issues a denial, saying not only is he unwilling to sell his share, he also wants to block DIC from buying all of  Gillett’s share.

It’s another day in the soap opera that is being made of Liverpool FC’s future.

To put it bluntly, George and Tom like each other far more than most Liverpool fans like either of them. And George and Tom are said to hate each other now.

Who cares about being liked though? You don’t become dollar billionaires by being liked, you often get there by ruining lives, causing heartache, bringing misery. You buy companies, make people redundant, sell the trademarks, make a profit, disappear. You make promises, break them, disappear. You do what you can get away with, take your money, leave the mess behind, and disappear.

For some reason, Tom Hicks and George Gillett just won’t take their money and disappear. Actually Gillett has disappeared, but we get news that he’s speaking from his sick bed with instructions to his people on how far to push DIC for more money. Quite why Gillett is holding on and risking the bid being withdrawn is hard to see, he’s the least wealthy of the two owners and stands to be inconvenienced most if DIC back out and leave the childish 60-odd-year-olds to fight it out with each other. Even £25m profit is not to be sniffed at by someone whose contribution has been to use none of his own money and to wear Liverpool scarves occasionally whilst making promises he can’t keep and flashing dollar bills he probably borrowed too. But £40m, or £80m if some reports are to be believed? To turn that down is pure greed and will help ensure that when his obituary is written his children and grandchildren will read about how their privileged lives came about due to George Gillett Junior’s ability to ruin lives and break hearts.

The reports overnight were that Hicks had seen how much DIC were offering Gillett and had finally relented. He would not stop Gillett’s sale, and more to the point he wanted a piece of the action himself. Except he’d not been offered the £40m or more that Gillett had been offered. He was going to have to accept the £25m. But when he woke up this morning he didn’t like seeing it all in black and white, and so acted quickly.

That Sky Sports News “breaking news” yellow ticker lit up. Anyone turning on and catching the last three words may have celebrated loudly – “Gillett sells his stake”. Put the champagne down – the rest of the sentence was “Tom Hicks intends to retain control of Liverpool even if George Gillett sells his stake.” Someone ought to tell Mr Hicks that he doesn’t actually have control of Liverpool yet. He has joint control. But he’s sticking to his line now that he intends to get control if GG sells by buying part of his share.

Last night Liverpool fans protested again against the owners. Unlike recent protests, this one happened at half-time. Previous protests had been held back until after matches had finished, as some fans were worried that the protests could distract the players from their fight to get back into form. Well much like the story of half-time renditions of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” inspiring the Reds to the their 3-goal comeback, Liverpool seemed to be inspired by the half-time chants of “You lying bastards, get out of our club”, and scored three goals in the second half. They were already performing well, but the result perhaps shows that protests won’t stop the players performing. And unless Hicks can prove something about how he can get us comfortably through to the end of the first season in a new stadium, the protests will never end.

The vast majority of Liverpool supporters want both Hicks and Gillett out. And the protests could well spread to the US and include attempts to disrupt their business interests there. Their reputations are in tatters here, and will be in their home towns too if either remains on board.

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  1. I welcome DIC but in the short term this going to rip this club apart. there will no investment from either side until they have complete control.

    how’s this going to work. one side unbelivebly rich and the other side getting loans. who would buy a house with someone that couldn’t afford half the mortgage.

    i hope DIC have a plan once they get 50%. as for Hicks hoping to buy some of GG shares to give himself controlling percentage, I don’t think DIC would be so stupid

  2. Jeff: The Sky Sports website is often quite different to the Sky Sports News TV channel, in fact they seem to be completely separate.

    If you read this article you’ll see a little bit of a hint to what was on the TV, but not in the same detail.

    On the TV they had one of their reporters speaking on the phone I assume after speaking to Hicks.

    It’s been a strange couple of days, all kinds of claims and counter claims, more stuff going on behind the scenes than is being revealed, altogether just mayhem.

    Frosty Jack: I think we all feel quite helpless at the moment, knowing that the longer this drags on the more it will impact on next season, never mind this. Hyypia supposedly wants a contract, Rafa supposedly wants him to have one. If another club came in now and made him a decent offer but wanted an answer by the end of next week he’d have no way of getting any assurances from LFC that his contract would be renewed.

    So if we then find ourselves owned fifty-fifty by two parties who are so different from each other, well as you say – it’s hard to see how it will be much better.

    However I do think that if DIC get 50% they’ll have control in a very short space of time. Them buying 50% would suggest they were confident of increasing that share quickly.

  3. despite the soap opera of recent months, I now genuinely think that we are in the closing days of Snoopy Dog Do’s time at Anfield (not that he has been anything more than The Invisible Man since the latter stages of 2007).

    The game is up. This pair of yankee arthur daleys have nowhere left to go. They don’t have the money, they don’t have any friends in the UK, they are snookered.

    We despise them. And if they do decide to hang around, it’s just gonna get a whole lot more embarrasing for them. The world is a small place these days; and the Liverpool fans are only gonna redden their faces all the more, stateside.

    As Jim says, you don’t become dollar billionaires by keeping promises and doing right by others. How this pair of fukers can sleep in their beds at night is well beyond any decent minded person. How much money do such people need. Enough seemingly is never enough.

  4. Anyone who takes anything Tom Hicks has to say at face value is a big a fool as David Moores and Rick Parry.

  5. Some suggestion on other sites that Hicks has already been parleying contracts for the steel needed for the new stadium. If he has bought options or is involved in steel futures he will be desperate to stay involved or at least get some kind of guarantee that his stadium design gets built.

  6. When DCI finally stick their heads through the boardroom doors at Anfield, can you imagine the look on David Moores and Rick Parry’s faces.

    I suspect they will avert their gaze and look to the floor. Their change of mind last year has cost the fans and DCI a helluva lot. I can’t imagine the pair of them will be in employment for long after DCI get their feet under the table at Anfield.

    The club will finally be pulled into the 21st century, business-wise. It’s sad to see the final ending of the Moores link to Anfield. We enjoyed a helluva time while under their control. It was a family club, with proper values at our core.

    But just like on the playing side, when we would appoint managers in-house, and the practice eventually went much too far down the quality line (e.g. Souness, Evans)….the same holds true for those in charge of business side of the club. It’s time for change.

    The Moores/family ownership era is gone; and we have to accept that and move with the times. I don’t particularly like elements of what this modern future holds for us. But if we want to compete for the top prizes, we have to not dwell in the past. For much too long under David Moores we have been a club that has been happy to reflect on past glories; and one that doesn’t like change. It’s more than time to pull ourselves up and into a new century.

  7. I agree with Jim Boardman , DIC are likely to get in the door “Sometime soon” and after that it will only be a matter of time before they then force Hicks back to the table and then get the other 50% of him…
    Jim i hope you don´t mind but i used an article that you did on this website as put it on RWAK it was a good article and added to the thread….thankyou in advance

  8. Toshackrises. Agree this will be a new era. Not everyone will be happy though. I can see conflict with the “this a scouse club first and foremost” philosophy of groups like RTK. Also SoS might find the rush towards global excellence that is a hallmark of Maktoum driven iniatives somewhat alien.
    On David Moores, I believe he will be accepted back into the fold as a fan, albeit a rich one, pure and simple. I live, like Hicks, in Dreamland and would love to see a deal struck between ShareLiverpoolFC and DIC by which they agree to either involve fans from the start or to sell a significant portion of the club at an agreed multiple at some time in the future.

  9. Well said Toshackrises and Jofrad. It appears to me that a strong and perhaps ongoing demonstration of concerted fan power will be required to get rid of these two bloodsucking Yank leeches. I get the distinct impression Hicks doesn’t mind being unpopular as long as he’s the centre of attention but Gillett is a different story altogether.

    While Hicks may enjoy playing games even he will not want to stick around once he realizes the loathing of the fans will ruin his financial plans. This is the key thing to remember.

  10. John Steele – the one massive positive to take from this awful period, is that DCI will now have seen exactly how NOT to run Liverpool FC. A marketing professor could use the Gillett/Hicks era, in a business case study, as a classic example of how NOT to run a previously family-owned and locally supported business. Things are now so bad for Gillett, that he can’t even show his face in Liverpool.

    DCI are a far classier outfit. The head of Dubai is the 7th richest man in the world. They don’t need to use smoke and mirrors when it comes to proposed financing plans. They can walk the walk (unlike the Americans, who were only ever any good at talking). I am pretty sure that DCI will have learned a lot from the last 6 months. Not that they have much to learn.

    Anfielder – I agree. We need to keep up the demos against the yanks. A few final pushes, lest they are still in any doubt. I think Hicks is too arrogant and bullish for his own good. If we can’t make HIM see sense, then we have to isolate him from any potential interested third parties (e.g. friends in USA or bankers). External parties, who are able to think straight, unlike Hicks, will run a mile from a very upset support-base. Demos will help alienate the Hickster.

    PS – Jim (Boardman), I wish you had a forum on anfieldroad. This is a great site, and a forum would be the icing on the cake.

  11. I would just like to 2nd that request a forum would be great and would be very popular.
    Latest news is that Hicks is scheduled to meet DIC early next week. One worrying report I have just read states that DIC is prepared to buy 49% of Gillets shares with Hicks getting the controlling 1%.
    Well done to all those fans who sang so well during half time. Thanks to all of you.
    Reports stated that a representative of DIC met with some supporters groups including SoS does anyone have any info about the meeting?

  12. I have to agree with FrostyJack. If DIC get 50 % of the club, sharing with the Texan Idiot, this is likely to be even more damaging. I can see even more squabbling on the board and our club being dragged furthur into the shit and Hicks refusing to agree on anything proposed by the otherside!

    We need to carry on protests and make sure we see the back of Hicks not just ‘snoogy doogy’.

  13. Phil – There’s no real problem at all posting things off here elsewhere. A credit’s nice, and as long as you only claim the really bad articles as your own that’s fine!

    What we probably need people to do far more of is to print selected articles off (from here and elsewhere) run them through the copier and spread the word to those who rarely use the internet.

    Re requests for a forum – it’s something I’ve thought of a few times and I may do that soon, time and server power permitting. At least I know there’s an interest now.

    In the meantime there are some very good forums out there. My advice is not to join any you’ve got to pay for.

  14. i have been valiantly trying to find emails of the yank batsrads other companie but to me it seem like both those pussies have pulled every imaginable email going. on one of hicks businesses, to email their chief executive you have to pay $49.99!
    that says it all about that piece of crap. i will keep looking
    maybe email fox news or something….

  15. Robb – isn’t that typical of the money loving pricks (demanding 50 dollars for an email)

    Jim – you’re able and willing yourself I bet….but if you should decide to have a forum, and need any help setting one up, don’t be scared to ask. There are three or four superb forum scripts out there. The best free one is probably SMF. I’ve set up a few SMF forums over the years.

    Or if you want a small forum script, that is ideal for a few hundred posters, then i highly recommend Vanilla (getvanilla.com). I have used it in the past and it is cutting edge. It is open source (free).

    If webhost/power is a worry, I’m sure a few of us would be willing to chip in.

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