DIC won’t confirm LFC deadline report

Further to earlier reports, Dubai International Capital are now denying having put a deadline of midnight on their offer for Liverpool FC.

Earlier reports said that DIC had made an offer last Wednesday of £400m for LFC, representing a profit of £25m each for current owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks.

Then DIC chief executive Sameer al-Ansari gave the first admission from DIC that they’d been trying to buy into the Reds: “It’s no secret that we have been in discussions with the current owners,” he said. “It’s not easy because the owners are in dreamland about valuations at the moment.” He later confirmed it was not both owners any more, as one of them “had come out of dreamland”.

Later came a report in the Liverpool Echo that spoke of a deadline of midnight. But a DIC spokesperson, Jehad Saleh, would not confirm anything more than the previously stated admission that talks were taking place. No admission of an offer, no mention of a price, and a claim that no deadlines had been set. Saleh said: “No figures have been (publicly) mentioned, and talks are ongoing. No timeline has been set on the talks.”

Considering DIC have only this morning admitted for the first time publicly their renewed interest in the club, it’s no surprise to hear a spokesperson add nothing extra. DIC have preferred to avoid direct quotes on the issue, instead using an agency to brief the press as it suited them. We are unlikely to be wide of the mark if we assume the claim of a midnight deadline came from DIC via their agency.

At the moment it’s only DIC and those working for DIC who are revealing anything. Gillett has maintained his silence since December, and a statement from him would be very much out of the blue.

Hicks is of course – assuming he’s not in London or Dubai as rumoured – in Texas and on a different time-zone to UK, six hours behind. He is likely to make a statement as time goes on. Reports of al-Ansari’s admission were hitting the news at breakfast time in England, but it was the middle of the night in Texas. In Dubai it was four hours ahead of Britain, ten hours ahead of Texas. DIC are attacking their enemies as they sleep.

Of course wherever he is, Hicks can get his PR advisors out of bed anytime to help him work on a statement, but it makes more sense to wait until those advisors, based in New York, are fully alert as they draft any response. But his priority over the course of today is to make his decision on this offer, not to talk about whether he needs to or not. He’ll know what the true deadline is, and he’ll know if he’s been bluffing in the hope of an increased bid or really can afford to turn it down.

7 thoughts on “DIC won’t confirm LFC deadline report”

  1. This war of words seems to put Hicks into alot of pressure. The ‘warning’ shots by DIC seems to lets Hicks know that their offer has a time limit. It’s like setting a time bomb with two timers, one is a warning while the other is hidden in the bomb from the public.

    Looks like Hicks is getting a taste of his own medicine…karma it seems that PR was what got him the club, and PR is what going to get him out.

  2. DIC have more idea about how to run/create a sporting empire than the glazers, G&H and Roman put together. If they take control, the only way is up. They are shrewd and intelligent in this domain.
    Things could go from very bad to beautiful overnight.
    If Hick’s digs in and refuses to sell, he can expect more vitriol and spite than ever before. Gillet better see the light and do us a favour.
    Its rumoured than Hicks is using his weight regarding how he could affect Gillets US business’s as leverage. That would not surprise me one little bit.
    The ruler of dubai is 7 places higher on the world rich list than Roman, and would undoubtedly take pride in their new aquisition. This would seriously put us in in the frame for years of glory.
    No debt,plenty of knowledge and at least some level of love for LFC as a sporting institution instead of simply as a means to make cash.

  3. Oh by the way, letting a successful business woman take on the role of Parry is just what the club needs. She is definitely going to clean up the ‘house’ and I’m sure the process of negotiation of players contracts and deals will be more efficient compared to the sloppy and irresponsible Parry.

    Only women have the DNA to keep the ‘house’ in order…men stay out.

  4. Interesting next 48 hours to be honest, I’m not expecting an answer tonight, I just can’t see it… I’m basically predicting that Hicks would jump in again through his PR, use the official website and say “I didn’t sell, and I won’t sell” shit remark, while his puppy steward Gillett will be silent as ever… it will take time, it’s not an over night issue, we’re talking 400 million, time difference in 3 different continents! FINGERES CROSSED

  5. Hicks loves money….and it must be helluva frustrating for him to be so so so close to the mothership of all honeypots (i.e. the income streams from a completed new stadium).

    If he can hang in there, he will.

  6. Hicks loves money….and it must be helluva frustrating for him to be so so so close to the mothership of all honeypots (i.e. the income streams from a completed new stadium).

    If he can hang in there, he will.

    this is why he will destroy all our dreams and refuse to sell….

  7. H & G knew that DIC want LIVERPOOL FC
    so thay BOROWED the cash knowing thay wont have to pay it back and also make a fat proffet for nothing




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