Owners at the game? More protests planned.

Sons of ShanklyThe protests against Liverpool’s current owners are set to continue tomorrow after the Middlesbrough game, and with at least one family member rumoured to be planning to attend, getting the message across won’t be purely at the mercy of the TV companies in the US.

It’s not the Gillett family who are expected to attend, George Gillett Jr long-since deciding he didn’t like the heat that came his way as fans realised the extent of the betrayal from the owners. His son Foster packed up his belongings from his desk at the club some time ago, jetting back to Colorado never to be seen again. Well, not so far anyway. All the rumours and leaks point to Gillett wanting out.

Tom Hicks hasn’t run away, and although nearly all of his public statements since the Klinsmann admission have been through PR agencies, he has done one recorded radio interview. He was in Dubai this week according to more than one source, and although the family line continues to be that they intend to remain at the club for the long term, it seems more and more likely that this will only be as part of a new partnership that also includes Dubai International Capital.

The Hicks FamilyHicks isn’t expected to show up himself at tomorrow’s game, but it is believed that at least one of his sons will. He has six children in all, many of whom work for him or with him in his various business interests.

The protest is being organised by the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, and as before will be held back until after the game. Although most fans agree with the protests, many feel that they should not take place during a game when they can distract the team from their focus.  So once again there’ll be a stay-behind of at least 15 minutes at the end of the game where supporters can show their disgust at events since the takeover a year ago.

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  1. George and Foster are angry with Hickabilly,nothing to do with fans.I hope Foster comes back,good fan and loves Liverpool.

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