Report: Sheikh was childhood Red, DIC still pushing to take over

The latest article in the Liverpool Echo on Liverpool FC from Tony Barrett is unsurprisingly well-written and once again quite revealing.

Entitled, “Gillett and Hicks, one year on; from hope to despair,” the article serves as a review of one of the blackest years in the club’s history.

In it he discusses the form of the club, and also the transfers that have gone through since the owners came along – and estimates the net cost as just £19m, which of course is less than the income the club received from the Champions League run alone last season.

The stadium, on which the owners promised to start building work last April (it still hasn’t begun), is mentioned, as are their shameful actions in terms of financing their takeover. He also talks about the damage the club’s reputation has suffered from the very public way the truth about the owners has emerged, pointing out: “Three major demonstrations by fans at a club which had previously had none tells its own sorry story.”

One interesting point covered is the relationship between the two owners, and although Barrett stops short of actually confirming there are problems between the two, he does point out the rumours that have been circulating for some time, and the significance of the absence from the most recent refinancing statements of Gillett’s name. He also points out that Hicks has tried to build bridges with Rafa but that Gillett has done nothing of the sort.

The most revealing and interesting part of the report is possibly under the heading “The Future”. In these four paragraphs Barrett raises hope for many Reds. We know that The Dubai International Capital takeover could turn out to be still somewhat short of our needs and expectations, but we know that it can’t be any worse than the mess Gillett and Hicks have put us into.

Tony writes: “Dubai International Capital retain a very strong interest in buying Liverpool, an interest which did not wane whatsoever despite Hicks and Gillett concluding their refinancing deal.

“The investment arm of the Dubai government may have missed out on getting their hands on the club last year, but they haven’t gone away and the Echo understands senior DIC executives have been in dialogue with Hicks and Gillett for several weeks with a view to doing a deal.

“They are ready to test the American duo’s determination to hold onto the club but only at a price that suits them – in their eyes, paying over the odds is not an option.”

Certainly there is nothing new there in terms of how DIC would want any deal to happen – they aren’t here to make two greedy Americans richer for the sake of it, and would only pay what they felt the club was worth. However the report confirms that they are still speaking to the owners – “the Echo understands” meaning that the paper have been told off-the-record that this is indeed the case.

Quite who the source might be that confirmed this fact off the record to the Echo is something that we can all speculate about, but maybe there’s a clue in the next paragraph: “Significantly, Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, whom the Echo can reveal was a boyhood Liverpool fan, has now taken a personal interest in making the deal happen.”

This is the first time we’ve heard that the Sheikh himself described as a Liverpool fan. The DIC chairman Sameer al-Ansari has never made a secret of his support of the Reds, but for the actual Sheikh to allow this information to come about himself out seems quite significant.

The article also goes on to list a number of quotes carefully researched by the author that have come from the mouths of the pair this last year. One that stands out is this, uttered by George Gillett in February last year: “I’m not a person who goes and hides.” Mr Gillett of course has been in hiding since November as far as his dealings with Liverpool FC are concerned.

The reassurance of DIC’s continued interest is important to all those who’ve protested against the current owners, either at the ground or through other means, and will serve to keep the protests strong. The Sheikh’s decision to get involved in the deal himself is hugely significant.

If the Sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, really was a boyhood Red then he’ll have been a follower of the Shankly teams of the sixties. Born in the summer of 1949, he’d have been ten years old when Shanks took over and a couple of months short of his fifteenth birthday when the great man first won the league title for us. A year later we won the FA Cup with a 2-1 win over Leeds in extra time at Wembley. And of course there were more league titles to come as Shanks set Liverpool on the way to what was to become dominances of the game both at home and in Europe. Dominance that the club have been on the verge of returning to for far too long.

A year on from the supposed squad and stadium investment and we seem to be further away than ever.

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  1. they want too much…. the protest should continue – thus renduring their position untenable

  2. The following is a link to Hicks’ company’s web site.
    We may be able to go to this site, go to their contact link and request for hicks to leave Liverpool!
    They’ve got a couple of emails there. If we all do it and flood his company’s email with “Leave Liverpool” demands, he might really get the picture.

  3. With regards to the “Leave Liverpool” idea, i stress that we should do it politely and earnestly.

  4. Maintaining the protest and pushing the ShareLiverpoolFC initiative is important. If Hicks feels that we are tiring he will drag out the negotiations longer to try and screw even more out of DIC. It also does no harm to demonstrate to any potential owners that we don’t sit idly by when our club is threatened.

  5. Good call John Steele. It would be a terrible mistake for us to let Hicks get the impression he can just ride out the storm in the hope that we’ll forget our hatred of him if things start to pick up on the field. This is clearly his strategy but like that other dumb ass Texan in the White House he has no idea what kind of people he’s dealing with.

    It may sound internecine but it would be better for the club to miss out on the champions league this one season if it helped install the right owners for the long term good of hte Club.

    Colin I don’t agree that we should be polite. Like any typical Yank Hicks doesn’t understand subtlety. To him being anything less than absolutely clear about our disgust and loathing for him would be interpreted as weakness and a sign that we can be won over in time. We have to leave Hicks in no doubt that he can never win us over. For me this requires no acting at all.

  6. I have posted this on other sites :

    I have just been speaking to a major finance broker in Liverpool.

    He has heard, on good authority, that Gillette has not and will not sign up the the re-financing package. He wants to sell out to DIC.

    There is no way that the banks will let Hicks go on his own with the deal. If they are not dealing with a functioning board of directors of a business, and particularly, if major shareholders are at cross purposes, the deal will be dead in the water.

    This story will hopefully be true, if it is, then the only reason GG will not sign is because DIC or some other 3rd party are ready to take the whole deal on, otherwise he’s cutting his own throat.

    Local news i.e City and Echo are looking into the story and you can expect to hear more on this soon.

  7. i dont think hicks will budge without a big profit gillett on the other hand i think has been pushed to a back seat cause he hasnt made any statements in a long while i think the best thing to do is protest when there sitting in the crowd not when there sittin in their mansions in america can anyone tell me how many matches have they been to this season i can only think of the united match and that was to sort out the benitez arguement. we can protest all we want but they cant hear us.

  8. ‘So how does someone from Dubai become a Liverpool supporter in the 60s? Watching Sky in HD?’

    I think they had things called planes back then.

    I also think he might have left the country a few times….he had/has the money.

  9. ‘So how does someone from Dubai become a Liverpool supporter in the 60s? Watching Sky in HD?’

    probably the same way i did in nz…by watching the games on television…

    just because you cant get something live doesnt mean you cant get it….

  10. In the nineties the Red Lion in the Dubai Metropolitan Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Rd was the place to watch the reds on Showtime or Star TV. No sign of Sheikh Mo though

  11. There seems to be a worrying silence developing in the media about our plight which makes me wonder if alot of our fans who don’t use the forums etc may be starting to accept our future lies with the hillbillies.

    I’m no expert on finances but i was under the impression that Gillett would have had to agree and sign the refinancing agreement and some reports say he and tosser had to come up with 20m of their own cash.So I can’t see patjons story being very reliable.

    Parry wants peace now………..easy to say when you made 500k from selling to the yanks and Moores made a reported 18m from the deal.Parry could start the process of peace making by pissing off and taking moores with him and the 2 yank clowns.

  12. We can start sending mails to the generic email addresses below. I’ve done so already. can you imagine them receiving thousands of emails daily at those email addresses meant for their businesses? Come on guys, Just send an email like this:

    Dear Mr. Hicks, Please leave our beloved Liverpool FC

    Can you imagine them receiving thousands like these?

    Send to:

  13. So how does someone from Dubai become a Liverpool supporter in the 60s? Watching Sky in HD?

    I’ve been a Liverpool fan for over 33 years. I’ve followed the team through BBC World, by reading the newspaper, and watching the finals that were shown ‘live’. When GH and the players came over to Singapore I stood in the rain and the sun to catch a glimpse of the players. My wife feels that my 1st love has always been Liverpool! How? All I know is that many of my friends are like me. how? is that important; How?

  14. I believe that we should also send thousands of emails to to show parry that we want him out.

  15. I have sent the following comments via Mr Hicks company website:

    Our great leader Bill Shankly once said “Football is not a matter of life and death, it is more important than that”. Those words Mr Hicks, are engraved on the hearts of every Liverpool supporter. We love our club with a passion unrivalled anywhere in the world, don’t make the mistake of underestimating us.

    Liverpool born and bred
    Always and forever Red

  16. Fred the Red. Things are going off the boil in the national press mainly because of the international game but also because there is credit for the Liverpool fans in our solidarity and the southern press don’t all want to see us in too good a light. The Echo and daily post are keeping the story going well. I may be paranoid but it also seems that the Hicks media management campaign is in full swing. This forum excepted, all the others seem to have similarly worded apologies for hicks along the lines “the yanks are here to stay, live with it” under different poster names of course. There is a major debate going on RAWK under the thread, Hicks Gillett and DIC, where there are posters from Texas pushing Hicks case. They miss the point, he may be doing a great job for those franchises or not, I don’t know. What we do know is that he has barefacedly stated that he wants to fund them in future from his LFC investment.!

  17. John Steele, I agree. The fact is Hicks and Parry lied. Can we trust him ever? I can’t. Parry is trying to suck up to the Yank. Sorry Mr. Parry, this is not the ‘Liverpool Way’.

  18. Colin is right Parry needs cutting out. Even if the yanks are staying we need him out and somebody who will look after our interests. Its well known that Parry doesnt get on with Rafa, no wonder these yanks with no knowledge of football have got it so wrong if they are being advised by a CEO who doesnt like the manager. Talk about recipie for disaster…..

  19. Sheikh was a childhood red…… what a load of crap.

    Just like Shinawatra when he was coming, claiming he was a red, but being seen holding up a Man Utd shirt at old trafford which no self respecting red would ever do. Then subsequently buying City…….

    One life, one club………

  20. how does someone from Dubai become a Liverpool supporter in the 60s?
    Well I have never gone to Anfield. I live in a small city in Belgium called Namur, and I drive 60 km every week (sometimes twice a week) to an Irish pub in Brussels, the de valera, which shows all the LFC matches. I’m just nuts about our reds, and I do think that this Dubai fellow is sincere when he speaks about his commitment to the club. Not everything is cynicism is this world.
    We’ll win on Sunday, for sure, even if Kuyt is in the squad (and this is a big if)

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