Result: West Ham 1 Liverpool 0

Barclays Premier League – January 30th 2008 – Result

West Ham 1 Liverpool 0

West Ham: 1 Green, 2 Neill, 5 Ferdinand, 6 Upson, 3 McCartney, 7 Ljungberg, 16 Noble, 17 Mullins, 29 Bowyer (9 Ashton, 58), 34 Boa Morte (11 Etherington, 59), 12 Cole (18 Spector, 81)
Subs unused: 21 Wright, 15 Solano
Bookings: None
Goals: Noble 90 (pen)

Liverpool: 25 Reina, 3 Finnan, 23 Carragher, 4 Hyypia, 12 Aurelio, 11 Benayoun (19 Babel, 72), 8 Gerrard, 14 Alonso, 7 Kewell (21 Lucas, 61), 9 Torres, 18 Kuyt
Subs unused: 30 Itandje, 15 Crouch, 37 Skrtel
Bookings: Aurelio 38, Torres 71, Alonso 88

Stats (BBC): West Ham – Liverpool
Possession: 50% – 50%
Shots on target: 2 – 6
Shots off target: 6 – 10
Corners: 4 – 7
Fouls: 12 – 19

Referee: Alan Wiley
Attendance: 34,977

2 thoughts on “Result: West Ham 1 Liverpool 0”

  1. A Letter to Rafa and My Beloved LFC

    It frustrates me to watch how H&G makes a traditional club like Liverpool into a joke. Their effort, by putting a large debt on the club, was putting LFC on a high risk My heart lies with those who wish for better ownership for our beloved club.

    It frustrates me more to see the club underperforming in last 6 games. I don’t know about others, but I’m starting to lose patience of the management, manager, and players. Well, call me cocky, betrayal, lose control, mental breakdown, or what’s ever, but there’s something inside my mind that I need to speak out loud.

    First of all, please let the fit and suitable person to come and play for the game. For instance the game against West Ham, just what the hell is Alonso, Kuyt, and Aurelio doing? It’s like Liverpool were playing with 8 ½ players on field, with 2 ½ of them missing. SH*T.

    The first invisible player is Alonso, one of my favorite Reds players in these years. He can read games well, got good vision, and can deliver ball accurately, despite all that, he can tackle, and often cut off opponent’s play. This is the guy who helps us to win Euro Champion Cup. But what happen to him now, after recovered from his injury, so far the form he played totally not acceptable. He still can pass the ball, but without sometimes I suspect he even don’t know what’s he’s doing. He can’t win balls from opponent, nor cut off their passing. He can’t score, and he seldom run forward, so what’s good a midfielder who can’t go forward or defend at the back. He just act like a passing medium instead of creating chances for the REDS? Come on man, where’s the beloved Alonso we seemed before?

    Another missing person is Kuyt, the forward who’s been criticized for his role for through out the season. I’ve tried to be patient, to defend him from those criticized him, but now, I think it’s better to follow the crowd. Kuyt, you’re a forward. Stop pretending that you’re a playmaker, attacking midfielder or winger. You don’t have the speed, the skill like Gerrrad to pass a killer ball, or to hold the ball at your feet, you supposed to have the skill to score goals. Prove that you’re vital and a threat in front!!! Every time when Kuyt touch the ball, the fans would said, “ alas, he’s just gonna pass it.” And he did. Kuyt are no threat to their defence if 1 on1. And don’t tell me that he always shoot wide. Work harder on your shooting training, man!!! Liverpool may not have the many talent players at other club, one thing that impress me most is the hardworking of our players. If Kuyt is that hardworking one on the field, how about spend some time on his shooting practice as well. An thing I need to mention is to goal in English Premier league, the striker actually need high awareness and good first touch. I don not doubt Kuyt the best partner Torres could have, but he need to show his goal poaching ability at the field, and to ease off burden of Torres.

    Aurelio wasn’t missing totally from the games, I would say he always be seen when Ljungberg tried to out run him. And he just can’t win the ball. I’ve tried not to speak out after the match with Aston Villa, but words need to be lashing out today. Tackle harder man, and be sharp not to get card. Gentle in tackle, weak during physical competence, and only god know damn what else qualities you have, you’re playing more like a girl! Your passing and free kick still not to the expected level. You better show it quick, cause in my opinion, you make our left side looks vulnerable.

    Mr Rafa, your’re the manager, and I respect your job. I’ve back for your management over the team through out this H&G farce. But some things just not right with the team. I don’t know whether it’s the players or the tactics at fault. Liverpool used to have a defensive midfielder who can cut opponent’s passing within midfield to their striker. Alonso used to do a good job, and Mascherano as well, though he did it another way. He’d win the ball after the ball was in opponent’s hold. But nowadays, Alonso seemed to be losing this ability, is it because he was told not to do so, or is he just not fit yet to be back into the game? And Mascherano, despite his good marking and tackling, why does he turned more and more like Sissoko in these days? While he can’t pass the ball well, he can’t also score in front. Is it because there isn’t enough practice days before the game? Or it’s just not enough understanding between players. I believe the style Liverpool play now is the Latin style, which is to control the ball from midfield, and try to infiltrate from both wings, but something somehow just not right. When the ball flows in opponent area, what Liverpool team play just starange. They can’t create chances, sometimes silly passes, it’s feels like a bunch of robots playing the tactic the programmer set to them. And if the opponent somehow counteracts their movement, these robots know only to use the tactic they are programmed instead of suiting to another play style. Man, I just don’t know about this, would any one tell me what happened?

    Last, Mr Steven G, you’re definitely the best captain we have within these years. Without you, we certainly couldn’t win Euro Champ Cup and FA Cup. And I’m grateful the REDS have you on our side. It just that sometimes when you’re down, even though it does not show on your face, it shows on the pitch and it would certainly affect you teammates as well.

    Pleas forgive me for all the mistakes in English, and hopefully,
    Liverpool, you still can grab a title this year.


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