Details: Marching and singing for Rafa

As what might one day become known as “Rafa Day” begins, more details of tonight’s massive show of support for the club’s manager Rafael Benitez have been confirmed. Remember, the emphasis is on showing your support for the manager, rather than your undoubted anger towards the new owners or the chief executive. Foster Gillett is rumoured to be attending tonight – make sure he’s in no doubt as to why the manager must stay.

Details from RTK:

First off all, hats off to each and every one of you for the support shown towards our manager already. The planning, effort and preparation for tonight is unbelievable. We’ll always have the banter between sections of the support, but when it really matters, we come together and stand as one. We’re Liverpool.

Tonight – There will be a few thousand flyers available in the HJC shop from 5pm onwards. We are appealing for anyone to pop along and pick up a big handful each and help hand them out around the area. A few lads going down to The Stanley and The King Harry, another few to The Solly and The Albert, others targeting The Park and The Sandon and so on. To make as many people aware as possible as to what is going on, in case they’ve been living in the land of nod for the past few days. There is also a version attached below in PDF format for you to print off and hand out on your way to the game and to anyone you see tonight. Using a catchphrase from across the park, “every little helps”. Get printing off and get handing out. And anyone that can get to the HJC shop between 5pm and 6pm, please do so and help get them flyers out there.

Download this flyer and print – Rafa_March_Flyer_Here

Just print off and tear into two pieces, giving a couple of A5 sized flyer with each print. Simple.

Get yourselves in and around The Sandon for half 6, and there’ll be lads there ready to take the lead and let everyone know exactly what’s going on. Let’s make this special. A real show of Red strength. It’s been built up by the press already, now it’s time for us to deliver. Our manager needs us.

Let’s leave any anti-American and anti-Rick Parry feelings to one side for tonight. No matter how you feel on the subject, let’s leave that for another day and use tonight to show our passionate support for our manager. Our Club. Our Manager. Don’t let anything dilute that. Just use tonight to march in support of our manager, the man that’s brought us so many special nights, the man who’s working towards bringing us more of those nights and the man that needs our backing more than ever. Let’s show him how much he means to us. Starting with the march outside, then let’s take that inside the ground and get Anfield rocking. It’s down to us, all of us, to make that happen.

Over to you…