Carra has broken rib and pneumothorax

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher did break a rib in yesterday’s win over Sunderland – and he also developed a pneumothorax. The club confirmed the news this afternoon, also confirming that fellow centre-back Sami Hyypia had broken his nose.

A pneumothorax is a condition where air enters the space in a protective membrane between the lungs and the chest. This air causes the lung to collapse and as well as being painful will make breathing difficult. The type Carra has commonly occurs after broken ribs and often also after being stabbed. It sometimes requires a chest drain to be inserted to remove the air. The club were unable to say how long Carra will be out. No mention was made of how he was feeling, but although he’s still in hospital at the moment that was just for observation and he isn’t expected to need any more treatment.

Speaking today, club spokesman Ian Cotton said: “Sami has a broken nose but will be available for the second leg of our Champions League qualifier. Jamie underwent a series of investigations on Sunday morning which confirmed he has a broken rib and has also developed a pneumothorax. He will continue to be monitored on Sunday but at this stage no further treatment will be required.”