It wasn’t to be. Reds 1 Milan 2

It wasn't to be. We didn't deserve to be behind at half
time, but we didn't seem able to do anywhere near enough in the second half.
Then again, the referee didn't add on anywhere near enough time. 3 minutes?
That wouldn't have been enough – but he only added on 2:40! Would we have
scored in that remaining amount of time? Probably not.

It's still been a
great show from the Reds this season to get all this way, and with new owners
on board there's a real feeling we'll be seeing great things next season.
Perhaps it will be a blessing in disguise – a win might have made the new
owners hold back a touch with the spending.

It sounds like sour grapes, and I'm reluctant to say it, but
the referee did not perform well tonight. He allowed Milan to waste time, a
side of the game I hate to see even when we are guilty of it. He seemed to blow
the whistle too easily. I won't say he was biased, I will say he wasn't very

That said, Milan did enough in that second half to keep us out. If the tables had been turned we would have been proud of our players for scraping through to the end. Congratulations to Milan.

None of our players should be criticised tonight. Every
single one did their best, and then some. Tonight their best wasn't enough.
Milan had two chances. One went in via a hand, the other went in when the game
was stretched. We made Milan look ordinary.

Rafa's game plan worked for 43 minutes. After that we
controlled the game, but just did not seem able to get anywhere near goal. If we're good enough to come so close to number six this season, how good will we be next season with Rafa able to finally go shopping without having to sell first, without having to compromise?

Michel Platini will be delighted!

I'm still proud of you Liverpool.

You'll never walk alone.

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