Momo’s help for Mali children

Liverpool midfielder Momo Sissoko has been talking about his
commitment towards improving the lives of the people living in his family's
home village. His parents were originally from the village of Bendougou in Mali
before they moved to France, and although Momo's never been there before he's
been helping out financially since he made it as a player.

He sends clothing, shoes and money to help the children of
the village and is hoping to go to the village this summer for the first time.
Momo told the Sunday People: "It is important that I send what I can and help
the children now I can because they have nothing. I have never been there, but
I am going for the first time this summer with my brother."

He's expecting it to be s moving experience: "I know it will
be very emotional for me to meet the children I am trying to help because they
are really poor. They send me letters and pictures of themselves; sometimes I
speak with the children on the telephone. But to actually be there will be

The player feels it's vital he does this: "I do this because
I want to make a difference. There is so much poverty there. It is important
that people like me try to do something that can help them."