Without You – dedicated to the Hillsborough 96

We received this from Tracy Wilkinson this afternoon and felt it was very fitting to publish today. Thank you very much Tracy.


I thought I'd send you the poem I wrote just after Hillsborough. I was 14, and while it's not great it is from the heart – please feel free to use it if you wish.

Many Thanks,

Without You – dedicated to the Hillsborough 96.

Without you – Life's not worth Living
But still, we must live on

Without you it's hard to stand alone,
But still, we must stand on.

They watched you go, they waved you off as you went to the game.
Little did they know, their lives would never be the same.

The day it was a gorgeous one – so sunny and full of hope
The FA cup was in our reach, we knew our team would cope.

At five past three the horror started as the crowd began to push
We could see you trying to get out, all caught up in the crush

They finally began to realise as one by one you fell
We watched the news in disbelief, and saw you trapped in hell

They carried you onto the pitch but there was nothing they could do,
Some of you were never coming home, already this we knew

The tears flowed, the flowers came and Anfield turned to bloom,
The paper filled with tributes, for them all there wasn't room

There was no divide, citywide we all joined up together
Red and Blue, stood side by side, remembering forever.

Although some of us never spoke to you, we miss you even so
Although some of us didn't know you, we wanted you to know

This message comes deep from the heart with love and friendship too
To help your grieving families with the hurt they still go through.

They'll never see you at their door, or hear you on the phone
But one thing they can be sure of is 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.