Never forget the ninety-six Reds

Today is the 18th Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. 96 Liverpool fans died needlessley because of the events of that day.

Those 96 fans will never be forgotten, and their memory lives on even in our club badge, with its eternal flames either side of the Liverbird. The eternal flame itself goes on burning at the Anfield Road end of our ground, flanked by the names of those who lost their lives.

Today though we remember that awful day and those needless deaths more than ever. The club have a service of rememberance every year at the ground and this is always attended by the squad and the management team. This year there are readings from former chairman David Moores and vice-captain Jamie Carragher.

Rafa Benitez has sent a message to the families and friends of the lost ones: "We know this time of year is always especially difficult for those people who lost family and friends at Hillsborough. All we can say is that we are thinking of them and that we will all be at the service at Anfield this afternoon to support the people and to remember those who died."

Also spare a thought today for those who survived Hillsborough and still have to live with the awful memories of what they had to witness first hand.

The main thoughts for today go to the ninety-six who passed away. They will always be in our thoughts.

John Alfred Anderson, aged 62.
Thomas Howard, aged 39.
Colin Mark Ashcroft, aged 19.
Thomas Anthony Howard, aged 14.
James Gary Aspinall, aged 18.
Eric George Hughes, aged 42.
Kester Roger Marcus Ball, aged 16.
Alan Johnston, aged 29.
Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron, aged 67.
Christine Anne Jones, aged 27.
Simon Bell, aged 17.
Gary Philip Jones, aged 18.
Barry Sidney Bennett, aged 26.
Richard Jones, aged 25.
David John Benson, aged 22.
Nicholas Peter Joynes, aged 27.
David William Birtle, aged 22.
Anthony Peter Kelly, aged 29.
Tony Bland, aged 22.
Michael David Kelly, aged 38.
Paul David Brady, aged 21.
Carl David Lewis, aged 18.
Andrew Mark Brookes, aged 26.
David William Mather, aged 19.
Carl Brown, aged 18.
Brian Christopher Mathews, aged 38.
David Steven Brown, aged 25.
Francis Joseph McAllister, aged 27.
Henry Thomas Burke, aged 47.
John McBrien, aged 18.
Peter Andrew Burkett, aged 24.
Marion Hazel McCabe, aged 21.
Paul William Carlile, aged 19.
Joseph Daniel McCarthy, aged 21.
Raymond Thomas Chapman, aged 50.
Peter McDonnell, aged 21.
Gary Christopher Church, aged 19.
Alan McGlone, aged 28.
Joseph Clark, aged 29.
Keith McGrath, aged 17.
Paul Clark, aged 18.
Paul Brian Murray, aged 14.
Gary Collins, aged 22.
Lee Nicol, aged 14.
Stephen Paul Copoc, aged 20.
Stephen Francis O'Neill, aged 17.
Tracey Elizabeth Cox, aged 23.
Jonathon Owens, aged 18.
James Philip Delaney, aged 19.
William Roy Pemberton, aged 23.
Christopher Barry Devonside, aged 18.
Carl William Rimmer, aged 21.
Christopher Edwards, aged 29.
David George Rimmer, aged 38.
Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons, aged 34.
Graham John Roberts, aged 24.
Thomas Steven Fox, aged 21.
Steven Joseph Robinson, aged 17.
Jon-Paul Gilhooley, aged 10.
Henry Charles Rogers, aged 17.
Barry Glover, aged 27.
Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton, aged 23.
Ian Thomas Glover, aged 20.
Inger Shah, aged 38.
Derrick George Godwin, aged 24.
Paula Ann Smith, aged 26.
Roy Harry Hamilton, aged 34.
Adam Edward Spearritt, aged 14.
Philip Hammond, aged 14.
Philip John Steele, aged 15.
Eric Hankin, aged 33.
David Leonard Thomas, aged 23.
Gary Harrison, aged 27.
Patrik John Thompson, aged 35.
Stephen Francis Harrison, aged 31.
Peter Reuben Thompson, aged 30.
Peter Andrew Harrison, aged 15.
Stuart Paul William Thompson, aged 17.
David Hawley, aged 39.
Peter Francis Tootle, aged 21.
James Robert Hennessy, aged 29.
Christopher James Traynor, aged 26.
Paul Anthony Hewitson, aged 26.
Martin Kevin Traynor, aged 16.
Carl Darren Hewitt, aged 17.
Kevin Tyrrell, aged 15.
Nicholas Michael Hewitt, aged 16.
Colin Wafer, aged 19.
Sarah Louise Hicks, aged 19.
Ian David Whelan, aged 19.
Victoria Jane Hicks, aged 15.
Martin Kenneth Wild, aged 29.
Gordon Rodney Horn, aged 20.
Kevin Daniel Williams, aged 15.
Arthur Horrocks, aged 41.
Graham John Wright, aged 17.