Liverpool FC: 115 years old today

Liverpool Football Club today celebrates its 115th birthday. Most Reds are aware of how Liverpool FC came about in the wake of some late 19th century bitterness from the side that used to be based at Anfield – Everton. Businessman John Houlding took the decision (after years of financial support for what is nowadays the smaller of the two clubs) of forming a new club to play at the now vacant Anfield.

The club was formed on 15th March 1892 in Mr Houlding’s house which was on Anfield Road.

To read the story in full, please visit the club’s official website for a very informative article. The following is a short extract:

“The official split between Houlding and Everton took place on the 12th of March 1892. At a members meeting one of the opponents George Mahon, led the meeting when John Houlding unexpectedly turned up. Mahon stood up to give the club's President the chair. But surrounded by ‘enemies’ Mr. Houlding said the famous words: ‘I'm here on a trial, and a criminal never takes the chair’. He then left the club with 18-19 other members.

“Liverpool F.C. was formed on the 15th of March 1892. It was at John Houlding's house in Anfield Road that he and his closest friends left from Everton FC, formed a new club. William.E.Barclay, a great football enthusiast, strongly suggested that they should go on with a new name: Liverpool.”