Premier League holding up Mascherano move

Liverpool's move to sign Javier Mascherano has been given the green light to go ahead by FIFA, but now the Reds are waiting on the Premier League to agree to the move too.

FIFA actually informed the clubs of their decision late yesterday afternoon, but the Premier League are still to let Liverpool know if they are happy with the arrangements. A spokesman for the club said: "FIFA have confirmed the player is entitled to play for Liverpool. However, the move from West Ham still needs to be ratified by the Premier League and we await their decision."

The transfer window closes at midnight tonight, but with the player said to have already undergone the medical and to have agreed personal terms the only stumbling block now seems to be whether or not the Premier League are capable of making a decision in time. From the Premier League's point of view there don't seem to be any grounds for them to prevent the deal going through, which makes any delays unnecessary.