Noel White resigns

Liverpool Football Club released a statement this evening which confirmed the worst-kept secret of recent times – in Liverpool circles at least.

It was widely hinted at that the anonymous director behind those ridiculous quotes criticising Rafael Benitez in Friday's Daily Mirror was Noel White. Well tonight Mr White has resigned after clearly overstepping the mark.

The statement in full reads:

Liverpool Football Club announce that Mr Noel White has resigned from the Board of the Club with immediate effect. The move follows Mr White's confirmation that he was the Director quoted in an article which appeared in a national newspaper last week.

The Club's Chairman Mr David Moores said: "This is very sad for both the Club and Mr White who has been a valuable member of the Board for 21 years.
“However, the Board considers that the statements made do not reflect its own views and that this is not the Liverpool way of doing business. The proper place for debate is around the boardroom table.
“It is vital that we pull together at all times whether on the field or off it.
"It has to be said that at the first available opportunity on the day the article appeared Mr White was completely honest in telling me that he was responsible for it. He recognised that this made his position on the Board quite untenable and he did the honourable thing by resigning.”
Mr White said: "It is with great regret that I have tendered my resignation as a Director of the Club.
“For the 21 years I have had the privilege of being a Director of this great institution my guiding principle has been to act in the best interests of the Club.
“In view of the controversy caused by comments in a national newspaper, attributed to an anonymous director, and the effect this has had on the Chairman, my fellow Directors, the Manager and many supporters, I feel the honourable course is to resign. Indeed, my guiding principle dictates that this is the only course.
"It was never my intention to cause such controversy, nor did I envisage that my remarks would receive such widespread coverage. I recognise, however, that I must take responsibility for my actions even though the outcome was not what I intended.
“I have always received a great deal of support and friendship from the Chairman, the Board, the Club and staff and I hope and believe I have reciprocated. I continue to wish them, the Manager, the Players and all associated with Liverpool Football Club every possible success.”
Both the Club and Mr White now regard the matter as closed and will be making no further comment.