Report: Gerrard’s baby in meningitis scare

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and fiancée Alex Curran have reportedly been caught up in a scare over their youngest child Lexie this weekend. The fear was at first that the baby had been hit with meningitis.

The Liverpool Echo website reported that Lexie was rushed by her parents into Whiston Hospital with a very high temperature and a rash. She’d fallen ill on Saturday night when being looked after by babysitters. Steven and Alex stayed overnight with her in hospital.

Thankfully six-month-old Lexie recovered well and doctors are believed to have said it was an allergic reaction that had caused the symptoms, not meningitis. Whiston Hospital is where Steven was born. Lexie is now back home in Formby.

The Echo says that the club wouldn’t comment, quoting a spokesman as saying: “We don't have a comment, it's a personal matter.” They were also unable to get an official comment from Whiston hospital.

The Echo says that the story had first appeared in “a newspaper” – unfortunately it’s the one that no Liverpool fan should buy or even read. Whoever decided to sell the story to that newspaper of all newspapers should be ashamed. We weren’t sure whether to cover this story or not in light of its original source, but as we’d not heard about it until the Echo reported it we felt it was only fair to mention it. If you aren’t aware of the reasons why we say no Liverpool fan should ever buy or read that paper, see our article, “Don’t buy the Sun”.

It’s no wonder Steven Gerrard looked so troubled on Sunday in the game against Manchester United, he did well to even play under such circumstances. Good luck to Lexie now in her recovery and our best wishes go to Steven and Alex, along with Lexie’s sister Lily Ella.