Dudek charged for reserves clash

Further to our earlier report that Everton had been charged for their players' disorder during the recent mini-derby, the FA have confirmed that charge and also have announced the same charge has been levelled at Liverpool, and there is a further charge against Jerzy Dudek.

In the reserve game which ended in a 2-1 defeat for Liverpool, Dudek finally grew tired of being kicked by a teenage Everton striker and reacted. The referee was considered poor that night, but Dudek is a victim of the "never raise your hands" rule and got a straight red. The injustice really upset Dudek, especially as his attacker got only a yellow, and he didn't leave the pitch as quickly as the poor referee wanted him to.

The FA announcement says: "Everton FC and Liverpool FC have been charged with failing to ensure that their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion during a reserve match.
The charges follow a mass confrontation during the Premier League North Reserves fixture between the two clubs on 10 October.

"In addition, Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has been charged with improper conduct for failing to leave the field of play promptly and confronting the referee."

The FA say that all parties have until November 1st to respond. What isn't clear is whether this means the existing three-match suspension for Dudek is delayed until the FA finalise this charge. If so then Dudek will be available for the Reading Carling Cup game.