Aguero wants to join Reds, so do the blues

Liverpool are the dream club of Argentinean teenager Sergio Aguero, according to quotes attributed to the teenager this week. Independiente are said to be looking for around £10million for the 17-year-old, a skilful attacking midfielder. He’s drawn attention from Bayern Munich amongst others, but says the Reds are the team he really wants to play for: “If I had to choose a league then it would be the Premier League. I have been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember and it would be a dream to play there. I watched the Champions League final and celebrated every goal as if it was for Independiente.”

It seems unlikely that Liverpool would pay the asking price for the player, although if a deal can be struck based on appearances then maybe Liverpool would show some real interest.

Meanwhile across the park there’s still some misguided hope from Everton that they’ll be able to ground share with Liverpool. The speculation earlier in the week that investment was imminent for Liverpool seemed to give Everton’s chief executive Keith Wyness the impression that maybe his club will be allowed to join Liverpool’s plans for a new ground. Liverpool have made it patently clear that they have absolutely no intention or wish to ground-share with their bitter rivals, but according to Wyness a change of owner at Anfield could see a change of heart.

Everton like to blame Liverpool for just about anything and now Wyness
is hinting that Liverpool are causing Everton delays in making up their
own minds about their future. Until Liverpool sort out their plans and
finally tell Everton that they won’t ground-share Everton need to keep
their options open. Despite it being Liverpool’s fault, it turns out
Everton haven’t even got any serious options yet. Wyness said: “Once we
have some serious options, we’re going to put them in front of the fans
and hear what they have to say. That’s important. We’ve already held
two polls in the past and the over-whelming mandate in both was for a
move away from Goodison. However, we promise there will be further
consultation with supporters before we make any final decision.”

No doubt there’ll be a lot of polls before they do make a final
decision. They are trying to get Liverpool to buy them a stadium, yet
he says, “We’d have to do something special for Everton, and we have to
make sure the site had the right type of feeling.”

He then added a deadline, no doubt a deadline for Liverpool to let
Everton know once again what their views are on a shared stadium: “I
hope to make a decision by the end of the year, I absolutely do. There
comes a time when we have got to start taking our destiny in our own
hands and move on.” The sad thing is that Everton’s destiny is in their
own hands, and time is ticking on. In fact the truth remains, but it
won’t be admitted, that Everton are in a catch 22 situation. They can’t
afford to move stadium, but without a new ground they can’t get to a
position of being able to afford a move. Wyness explains their options:
“The first is the redevelopment of Goodison; we have a few options on
the table, but I still think that would be very hard to finance.
Rebuilding Goodison is not impossible, but with there being various
losses during the renovation it’s whether it can be financed or not.”

It’s then he admits to the fact that Everton are waiting anxiously to
see if Liverpool will change their minds and let them in on the plans
for the new Anfield. He says: “The second is the shared stadium; but
that would take a change in ownership at Liverpool for that to happen
and I think we’ll have a decision on whether it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ once
and for all in the very near future. We have had the chance to wait and
see what has happened across the park. But I hate not having my own
destiny in my own hands, so we might have to make a decision on that
ourselves soon.” Someone needs to tell him that Liverpool won’t share
with Everton. Most of the fans – of both clubs – don’t want it, and the
board and shareholders of Liverpool don’t want it. Move on Keith, admit
defeat. It would be the best option for Everton from a financial point
of view, but it’s not even an option that’s on the table.

Wyness just doesn’t like the options that are there, as he implies when
he talks of the next option: “The third is our own new stadium on
another site. We do have several options, and people do come to me with
plans on a regular basis. But if we are going to go down this third
route, we’ll have to make some decisions on that pretty quickly,
sometime during this year.”