Stevie ready to show what he can do this summer

Steven Gerrard is hoping to be big news in the English press again this summer – for the third year in a row – but for positive reasons this time. For the last two summers Chelsea’s advances for the Liverpool captain have been the subject of most headlines, but this summer Stevie wants the focus to be on his World Cup performances for England. Gerrard told the official website of the English FA about how eager he is to show what he can do on that particular stage: "Obviously the England players are focusing on our club football at the moment but, at the same time, you can’t help thinking about it. It’s so exciting."

Gerrard says that whenever he gets a break from training or playing, he’ll be trying to find out what he can about England’s opponents: "I think between now and the summer any chance we get we’ll be sticking the TV on and watching these counties play and studying them. We’ll see where they are strong and where they are weak. I’m sure the manager and coaching staff will be doing their homework too."

Gerrard is not pleased with how things have panned out in major tournaments for England. There’s no doubting he’s been an important member of squads that have got England into the tournaments, but he’s not had the best of times when the tournaments themselves have come around. In 2004 the Chelsea interference was hanging over him, in 2002 he stayed at home to undergo surgery, and as for the one before that: "The first tournament that I went to in 2000, I was just a young lad and it was about getting the experience. But I’m really looking forward to this one and I’m confident I can go there and do well. I still say the world hasn’t seen the best of me for England yet – although I have played some good games – but this is now a great stage for me to go there and do well."