Essien charged by UEFA

Michael Essien’s widely-condemned tackle on Dietmar Hamann at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday is now the subject of disciplinary proceedings by UEFA. Didi said after the game that it was the worst tackle he’d ever been on the receiving end of, Rafa Benitez was disgusted. Jose Mourinho’s eyesight let him down and he failed to see the incident take place yards in front of him.

The following statement was published tonight on UEFA’s official website:

“UEFA has today instigated disciplinary proceedings against Michael Essien, charging the Chelsea FC midfielder with gross unsporting conduct following the English club’s UEFA Champions League game against Liverpool FC on Tuesday.

The charge relates to Essien’s tackle on Liverpool’s Dietmar Hamann, which occurred out of the sight of both the referee and his assistants during the 0-0 Group G draw at Stamford Bridge. Any statement about the above, as well as any evidence, can be submitted to UEFA by 14 December 2005. The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body will decide on the matter at its next meeting on 15 December.”