Reds on the box: Leverkusen v LFC

UK-based Reds fans will be able to see Liverpool in action tomorrow night on TV.

Liverpool take on German side Bayer Leverkusen in Austria in a friendly, and Channel Five (or "five" as they prefer to be known nowadays) will be showing the whole game live.

The kick off is at 6:30pm UK time (7:30pm CET) and the TV programme starts at 6:20pm.

There are of course no restrictions for Rafa Benitez to worry about in terms of who plays. In the Champions League qualifier second leg on Tuesday he may choose to keep the likes of Jerzy Dudek and Milan Baros off the field in order to avoid them being cup-tied, and he’s also unable to play new signing Momo Sissoko due to the player not being registered in time for the competition.

Liverpool fans will recall Liverpool’s two victories against Leverkusen last season en route to the Champions League final, both of which finished 3-1 in favour of the Reds.

10 thoughts on “Reds on the box: Leverkusen v LFC”

  1. please let rafa go to madrid and have a new coach.and we might win the premier league and champions league

  2. @befrdu

    Thanks for that!

    You didn’t say who ‘we’ are? Judging by your comment may I suggest you’re either a Chelsea, United or Arsenal fan?!

    If you can magical a change in the wind – not our manager – could you ask the moderator for this site when he plans to return?!

  3. @midlands-red

    no worries mate!

    As to where Jim is no one seems to know, he moved house at the end of the summer and had problems with his Internet provider, after said move! Last posted on this sites forum on the 13th of September, nothing since! He is missed that’s for sure, just hoping all is well with him and his kin! Here’s wishing he comes back soon!

  4. It’s worse because i don’t want to sign upto the forum – it’s a time consuming business – but it’s like jim’s forcing us to choose: forum or nothing else!

    Jim, hope the family’s grand and you can spare us a few minutes of your time to post something.

    Ps Just got back from a business trip on the eurostar and came across many liverpool fans travelling back from PSV game last night. What a prat I am?! I could’ve gone, witnessed a grand game and got to my (yawning) meeting in good time! Well done Lucas, Dossena, Keane and all the other players who have had fans bleating negative things towards them. Let’s hope they continue that form in the more challenging premiership!!

  5. @midlands-red

    I don’t think Jim is trying to force people on to the forum, far from it! Your right it is time consuming, I’m sure Jim will start up again on this the main site when he’s good and ready!
    As to last night performance, it cheered me up no end I can tell you!

  6. @iskoppa

    While we’re here……….

    It’s interesting how the team/squad has gradually been built by Rafa and a very reasonable cost (when compared to United, Chelsea, Spurs, Villa if not Arsenal) and yet so many sections of the fans can’t help but have a go?!

    The fact that Babel cannot (regularly) make the first team and questions are being about Keane making the team is a sign of how much we’ve grown on the field.

    I was a little concerned that Babel would seek a return to Holland that battle for his place, particularly as all the top teams have quality players on the bench struggling to get into the side. He’ll need to understand that it’s a very long season and that no-player, however talented – and he’s good but not proven yet -, comes second to the team.

    Keane – with his maturity admittedly – has shown the way ahead. Let’s hope he gets on and sets-up and scores plenty of goals.

    Let’s hope for good points against Hull and others as we build up for a crunch game against Arsenal in 10 days time!

  7. Agreed, nobody but nobody is bigger than the team! Babel is young and a damn good player when he puts his mind to it, he’s not going anywhere. He would be mad too!!!
    Keane will come good one way or another, that’s for sure I’m convinced of that! Looking forward to the game against Hull on Sat. and like last year please let us take the arse down a peg or two!
    Sorry about the late reply midlands-red I’ve got a lot on at the mo!

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