Figo dreams of moving to Anfield

Real Madrid’s insistence on going back on their word over Luis Figo’s future have upset the Portugese international. Figo, 32, was told verbally that he could leave the Spanish side, but after letting him negotiate a deal they’ve changed their minds and are insisting on a fee.

Figo knows that a deal is close, and knows that his club gave him permission to speak to Liverpool. This eleventh hour change of heart could be due to Madrid being upset that their attempts at unsettling Steven Gerrard have failed. Figo is still hopeful, saying, "It’s close but it’s still up in the air and nothing has been finalised. It’s my dream to play for Liverpool but dreams don’t always come true, I am still waiting."

How long Liverpool will wait remains to be seen, as does whether the Reds will be prepared to pay even a nominal fee for the player.